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So.. Anyone know how to turn a straight girl?

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Poem for Samantha

Debris, flotsam, jetsam,
All the pieces
I am left to pick up.
The world is sleeping,
I am cleaning the shattered glass
Within my head.
From fights for you
Taint my face.
My war paint,
My battle wounds.
The silk memory of your skin
Turned to calloused wool.
But for your taunts,
I will feel

Man, this girl has killed me. I thought I'd be over her already, but it seems that I'm not.
This was written on the spot. I'm rly tired.

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Nothing But a Nightmare (Sorta)

First off, gf turned out to be a dead loss. I told her a bunch of stuff that was really depressing, then she went and cheated on me.

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Before the Hangman's Noose

Alright, so I've been going out with my lady friend for less than a week, and she's already trying to pressure me into sex.

She's trying to do the whole guilt trip thing, and it's really annoying me. I mean.. I'm a pretty non-sexual person. I feel regret afterwards, and I hate the feeling of being naked.

Do I have to dump her, or d'you reckon she'll back off and take things slowly?

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Monosyllabic Girl

Good news; I found someone!

The other day I was walking around town, and I ran into this quirky and gorgeous girl I know, so I hung out with her and her mates for a while, then she pulled me aside and told me she'd been crushing on me for about a year. I told her I thought she was bloody amazing, and next thing I know she's breaking up with her boyfriend and I'm asking her out!


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Gin And Juice

You remember the girl I posted about? Whom I wasted two years of my life on? Well, I told her about a week ago. I thought "ah, fuck it. If I tell her now, I've a better chance of getting over her sometime soon."

So I wrote her a letter.. A letter which a mate of mine found. That mate of mine and that girl of my dreams have been going out for the past two months.. So goodbye mate.

-_-" Why does everything have to fuck up so often?

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oh wow. this is really confusing..

Oh god, I'm really fuckin' confused with this.

I am ghey. FO DIZZLE! And that's the way that I like it!

but recently, I've found myself really falling for a boy that I know, and i definitely know that he really likes me back. But all i can think is.. What the fuck's going on???

Now I'm back to square one of doubting my sexuality. -_-"

Is this normal? Like, has anyone else found one person that they'd turn straight for?

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What I Really Learned in Study Hall

Just a quick update on the girl I asked advice about..

She's going out with my old bassist again.
How could I be so fucking stupid, to think that I even had a remote chance?! I mean, she's god damn amazing! and Ash, her gf, she's flawlessly cool and so talented!
I'm such a dumbass. What would she do with a loser like me? She's a fucking heavenly being. She's an amazing musician, effortlessly beautiful, infinitely perfect in every stupid way possible.
I hate her.
I hate life.
Stupid girls.

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She Makes Dirty Words Sound Pretty

time for the infinite question..

how do you get a girl's attention?

I've been in love with the same girl for two yrs, and she hardly knows I exist. yeah, I know how cliche that sounds, but it's true. the most we've talked is one conversation.. in which I made a complete fucktard of myself and made a dumbass remark about her bassist who'd died a month prior. *facepalms*

so what am I supposed to do to get her attention without making a fool of myself? every time she walks past, I swoon and lose balance. no exaggeration. what can I do to get past that and sweep her off her feet?

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My First Entry

Hey everyone, my name is Julia. Or Salvatore, which ever one's easier. I'm 14 and I live in New Zealand.

Well I'm gay, I know that fo dizzle. Some people are accepting, others find it a little weird. It doesn't help that i go to an all girls school, either.

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