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Tell your dog tell your friends tell your mom
We've been singing this song
Since we first showed up
With our pirate hats on

x) Love that commercial.

So, I haven't posted in forever, and my old posts mean absolutely nothing. I went through a very very very bad depression for a few months. I wasn't going to school at all, and I was getting stressed way over my head.

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Sooo.....totally different scenario.

So I have known this girl Sarah for about 5 months now, I met her when i started going to North High. She has known that I liked her, and I knew she liked me, but we were always with different people. Long story short, she ended up with a total ass, and we got together we she found out he was going to Texas for the summer.

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So I'm new here!

I just re-joined oasis after three years! Go me! I just wanted to introduce myself, please call me Geniveve, nothing else. I'm 14, I'm saving up to buy a horse (crazy? Yeah. That's me!). I have been with my girlfriend for two years, she is 14 too, but she is pregnant. :/ Not sure if I'm happy or sad about that. She is bi, I'm a lesbian. So hi everyone! Message me to get to know me!

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