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I can remember blood on my skin

I can remember blood on my skin a thousand times over.

Mistake, tripped, stumbled, licking blood off a cut ‘cause I don’t have a band aid. Sucking on my scraped knee. The most benign form of blood.

Broken glass, crying, oh my god I didn’t mean to break it fucking hell I didn’t mean to, shouting “Mom! Help!” Crying and she doesn’t come, she’s on the phone, “just a minute sweetie I’m talking to Richard,” “mom please help me I’m bleeding” crying screaming sobbing hysterical.

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I'm still alive! Surprise!

Hi. I kind of disappeared for a while, but I'm back now. Maybe even to stay this time.

That's actually not the entire point of this post, though.

I'm crushing on one of my friends -- well, she's really kind of my only friend. Or one of two.

She's eight years older than me, I've never met her in real life, and she's told me casually that despite her best efforts as a teenager, she's straight. (Though at least not homophobic.)

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Getting Published, And Why I Don't Care

As you may have seen in my profile, I have writing listed as an interest. I am a writer. I'm not published; this won't surprise anyone, since I'm a teenager. I've only finished one novel, and it barely had a plot.

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Busy. But Not Like a Bee.

I have too much to do, but a lot is not the kind of thing normal people would think of as too much to do, I suspect.

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There has been a lot of shouting today. My throat is starting to hurt.

You're probably wondering, why the shouting? Well, okay, I have no idea what you're thinking about, but I'm going to tell you anyway. I mentioned my violin group in my first post. In this violin group, there is a highly annoying person I shall refer to as D, whom I should probably consider beyond annoying considering he once tried to hit me up with a heavy, metal music stand.

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I'm Supposed to Talk About How Little I Have To Say Here, Right?

So, hello. This is my first journal entry on this site- hell, it's my first journal entry anywhere online. (Oh, and my first time using html tags. Hope you can't tell.)

This being the obligatory introductory post, I should probably introduce myself. I'm- well, I'm not going to tell you my name for the usual reasons, but feel free to call me Leo. Or dykedancer; I chose it, after all.

Right. My username; I might as well tell you about it. I'm a belly dancer, and I'm a dyke. Pretty simple, right?

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