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Wear Purple on Spirit Day: Thursday, October 17

Show your support for LGBT youth and oppose bullying by wearing purple on Spirit Day! More info here: http://www.glaad.org/spiritday

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Levithan's "Two Boys Kissing"

Two weeks ago I mentioned what a great "read" this new book from David Levithan is: Two Boys Kissing:


I'm confident that there exist other reviews of this fine LGBT book (primarily YA)... but, I just came across this great comment in today's The Boston Globe:


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Harvey Milk... his LGBT legacy being truly honored...

by no less than the U. S. Postal Service! I hope the forthcoming stamp will be for regular first class letters...


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Posting this for no reason other...

than the sheer amazingness of Sean Lew! Have a great weekend!

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No one finds "coming out" to be a cakewalk!

Here's just one excerpt from You Can Tell Just by Looking… And 20 Other Myths about LGBT Life and People: book published today, October 01.

To summarize: It's never easy to come out…


Let's hope that a review by Jeff will be forthcoming soon!

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Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan

What a great "read" this most recent book is from David Levithan: Two Boys Kissing!

I received it just yesterday… and it's already finished.

I've never before read a story told quite like this. First… there are no chapters! Second… it is subtly interwoven with a ghostly running commentary delivered by the collective observers from a now-distant, tragic era of gay history. The main story, however, is far from tragic!

You are assured of finding it exceedingly uplifting… and there is no doubt that you will find in it much that touches very close to home.

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The Language of Love

In a monologue, a 17-year-old Australian boy struggles with himself on how to tell his best friend he's in love with him. Beautiful!

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Catholic organist: I was forced to resign for being gay

Watch this video from today's USA Today!


If you are not outraged by this travesty... I can't imagine what would do so!

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A Brother's Pledge: Standing Up for Love

What a wonderful article from the brother of Tyler Clementi! Please read:


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Believe me!

This performance is well worth your time... believe me!

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The Language of Love...

A gay 17-year-old Australian teen describes in very poignant terms his feelings of love for his best friend.

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Great Advice Offered to His Gay 14-Year-Old Self

Gay soccer star Robbie Rogers has written a heartbreaking letter to his 14-year-old self.

"Dear Robbie,

You’re walking around with a cramp in your stomach. You feel trapped within yourself. The pressure of being a high school freshman and playing for the W-ko national team is stressful enough.

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Gay 11-Year-Old's Petition Against Homophobic Politician Succeeds

Reference is to Jeff's comment (down 4 posts):

Our petition votes succeeded! It's just been announced!


Further update and interview (06 June):


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