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Catholic organist: I was forced to resign for being gay

Watch this video from today's USA Today!


If you are not outraged by this travesty... I can't imagine what would do so!

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A Brother's Pledge: Standing Up for Love

What a wonderful article from the brother of Tyler Clementi! Please read:


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Believe me!

This performance is well worth your time... believe me!

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The Language of Love...

A gay 17-year-old Australian teen describes in very poignant terms his feelings of love for his best friend.

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Great Advice Offered to His Gay 14-Year-Old Self

Gay soccer star Robbie Rogers has written a heartbreaking letter to his 14-year-old self.

"Dear Robbie,

You’re walking around with a cramp in your stomach. You feel trapped within yourself. The pressure of being a high school freshman and playing for the W-ko national team is stressful enough.

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Gay 11-Year-Old's Petition Against Homophobic Politician Succeeds

Reference is to Jeff's comment (down 4 posts):

Our petition votes succeeded! It's just been announced!


Further update and interview (06 June):


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For the latest update on the Taylor-Meehan saga (down 2 posts)...

...both are 4.0 GPA and headed for NY University. A pre-prom video/interview:


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Not only encouraging... it's heartwarming!

Brad Taylor And Dylan Meehan, The 'Cutest Couple' This High School Didn't Expect


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For your amusement...

...but a little salt taken at the same time is obligatory! :)

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Tomorrow, May 17: International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO)

View and listen to what a group of young gays and their supporters have done in South Korea:

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The Language of Love...

This will likely "strike home" for more than just a few Oasies™. The longing to be important in the life of another is well portrayed!

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Jeremiah Eck, 17 Years Old: His Story

This gay teen's very moving story of initial family rejection and ultimate salvation appears in today's Reno News & Review. His is just one of many other personal stories contributed by teens for the full article; but his is the only one telling of his family's rejection... but followed with love and acceptance expressed by an understanding grandparent!:


I have taken the liberty of extracting his story below...

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Alabama Schools Teach that Being Gay is Criminal!


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Especially for anarchist...

Now... this is the type of "modern" music that I'll put up to compete with virtually any of your recent choices! :) Whadya think?

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Have you set your Oasis clock?

For those Oasies™ who've recently changed to daylight saving(s) time... first, make sure that your computer's clock shows the correct time... then, after you're logged in to Oasis, go to:

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and at bottom of page, adjust "Time zone" to your currently correct time.

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