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What an awesome young gay student!

"Princeton student attempts to be 1st openly gay climber to reach Seven Summits"


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Coming Out... or not... should always remain your choice!

But... if you choose to do so, here's some good --- and very light-hearted --- advice: :)

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I Seem Like an Average Straight Guy

This coming out story --- together with its expressed uncertainties --- is posted in today's The Link ( student newspaper at Concordia University):


I found his story quite moving and eloquently expressed... very much reminiscent of what I might have expected from one of our one-time quite prolific Oasies™ who, if my memory serves me right, is (was?) also a student at Concordia...

And... as long as you have today's The Link open, you might as well take a look at this article:

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Is there anyone who's not heard about the infamous Anoka-Hennepin school system?

After 7 deaths of students in one and a half years, a fanatically determined clutch of school board members who were "doing God's will" very begrudgingly relented after much kicking and screaming in the wake of public opinion and court orders.

Take heart! This is what can happen if sanity is allowed to prevail:

"Anoka-Hennepin schools: Gay bullying has eased after lawsuit settlement"


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Singapore gays "confess" on Facebook!

Gay SG Confessions has been around on Facebook for only two weeks... and is proving to be an extremely popular venue for gay teens and up:


The FB link to Gay SG Confessions is:

https://www.facebook.com/GaySgConfessions (Then log in to read.)

Just a quick perusal of the comments suggests that many could find a most hearty welcome here on Oasis!

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So tragic when a gay teen's mom can't love her son...

This is such a powerful video... just posted today!

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iO Tillett Wright: Fifty shades of gay

Since activity here has been below low... maybe a few Oasies™ may find inspiration in this TED lecture:

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This video has got to be super great...

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Wishing all Oasies™ a very Happy New Year!

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Harry Styles: Just for Jeff :)

Yeah... hope may yet exist!

Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran sing gay classic


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When did you first realize...

...that you might be gay?

Here's an article that should be quite uplifting... as well as calling forth not just a few smiles:

HuffPost Gay Voices Readers Share When They First Realized They Were Not Straight


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Time Zone Correction!

For Oasies who moved their clocks back last night, you may find that the time stamp associated with Oasis Journals has not changed accordingly!

Do the following:

(1) Click on "My account"
(2) Click "Edit"
(3) At bottom of the page, select your correct current time under "Time Zone"
(4) Click on "Submit" (bottom of page)


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Welcome back Oasies!

It's not clear as yet how well Oasis has been restored. It certainly has had one very long week to rest!!!

Hopefully Jeff will duck in soon (if he's survived Sandy) and update us all on the status.

Anyway... get to work on all those neglected Journals that you've been keeping in abeyance. :)


Many in NYC are currently without power. It's quite likely that this is the situation facing Jeff... dunno!

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The ducks are gonna get you...

This is just too precious to not be shared.

This, the product of a 14-year-old's mind that has been totally "corrupted" by homeschooling (New Zealand):


Are you worried yet?

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Born This Way!

What a great collection!!!

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