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LZ Granderson: The myth of the gay agenda

Sorry...Don't know why, but the embedded video from TED that was originally in this location failed to open properly...

Consequently, the URL (which does work) is given below):


I think you'll find this to be a quite informative lecture... and, even humorous!

I would like to have been in the live audience, as LZ Granderson was very well received.

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Barney Frank vs Tony Perkins on MSNBC's Hardball!

You'll not want to miss this. Barney Frank totally trashes Perkins! :)

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A Request to Jeff:

We're all awaiting your review of Bully!


I've not seen it... and all that I've read so far tells me that if I were to attend, within minutes I'd be obliged to get up and leave with tears streaming.

I hear it's a not-to-be-missed production, but my low tolerance for witnessing the discomfort of others strongly suggests that my attendance will not be a viable likelihood... :(

Just thinking about Alex's life from just this one review, does it for me...


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Something here for everyone! :)

After you've chosen a religion, there're also some fairly nifty pics!


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This Gay and Age

This is a Must See video produced for PBS Online:

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So... Do You Understand Time?

This has absolutely nothing to do with teen LGBT issues...

But, Im confident that at least one Oasie is inherently curious about issues in addition to the currently-paramount one: How, oh how, can my libido be satisfied? Maybe... more than just one?

Anyway... there is an extremely thought-provoking discussion on the nature of time on today's Discovery (BBC):


If such topics interest you... Please listen!


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♥♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥♥♥

My personal wish for all Oasies!

♥♥♥ elph ♥♥♥

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Big Dipper: Thoughts?

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An Anthem for Equality (Gavin Creel)

Impressive... nothing more need be said!

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Do you remember Ryan White?

Probably not, he was one of the first teens to die from AIDS... a year or so before most of you were born!

Today, World AIDS Day, it is quite important that all become informed of this devastating tragedy and the many sorrows left languishing in its wake.

Here is one of the many tributes to Ryan that appear today:


And... a special tribute from the BBC:


And this from Ryan's hometown:

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Ban the Word: Homosexual!

It's very rare that I make a journal entry...

But, I figured this was a better way than posting on the Forum to draw the attention of all to a matter whose time has come!

The word "homosexual" should be banned from all media...it is encumbered with way too many derogatory connotations.



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Pro Gay-Rights: You're a Bully! :(

"Some gay-rights foes claim they now are bullied"

Read... and weep: What convoluted reasoning... and shameless audacity:


(My apology for making this a Journal... but I felt that it would receive greater attention here than in the Forum.)

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Do You Remember Endymion?

He's not posted on Oasis for nearly a year... and when he did post, they were almost always as Forum topics or comments to the journals of others.

Here is his introductory Forum post on Oasis:


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That sidebar...

That info on the right...

It's been "dragging" all day for me! Anyone else experiencing extremely long load times?

Not just my iMac... My Macbook also is just as sluggish loading that info :(

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The Indictment of Dharun Ravi

If you have been even minimally attentive to the papers over the past few days, you cannot have escaped noting that Rutgers student (now ex-student) Dharun Ravi has been indicted (charged?) for having contributed to the very tragic suicide of Tyler Clementi.

As you must be aware, Ravi secretly videotaped a gay encounter of his Rutgers' roommate (Tyler Clementi)... and posted that video on the internet for all to view.

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