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Snow Day

We have a day off today because it snowed! It's all melted by now but it just started snowing again and it's not sticking to the pavement, but the trees and roofs are covered. Of course, half an inch around here and everything closes down, so pretty much, it was a snow day without snow. I woke up totally expecting to go to school this morning but it was around 4:00 in the morning, and there was snow in the streets, so they canceled school. And then when I finally woke up I made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast and sat in my windowseat, playing Death Cab for Cutie songs on my guitar.

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I leave and Everything Explodes... also, Valentine's Day

So, pretty much I have no idea whatthefu- is going on. I'm gone for a week, no even and there are hardcore-debates/arguments about gendered pronouns and lonewolf has left. omgidontevenknowwhatthehellugh X/

I guess I'll fill you in on what's going on in my life though, not that there's that much happening. I didn't actually do anything on Valentine's day, but Evy had a Valentine's dance at her school on Friday and we went. It was good to see her even if I don't really do dances.

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I am The Walrus

Soooo yesterday was... interesting. I went over to Evy's house to hang out and it was a little awkward at first because we didn't know what to talk about because we have seen each other face to face in 3 months, but it passed really quickly and it was almost like before, how we were talking and listening to the Beatles. And then there wasn't much talking at all...

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Final Exams: People *Like* Me?!

Done with my semester exams today! Yes! I think I did pretty well actually. Now, on to the interesting stuff!

So there's this girl I met a while ago, C, (have I mentioned her?) She

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Harry/Ron in my school assembly

My school has assemblies to announce who was voted the winter court prince and princesses, and the student officers who create them always have a skit that they weave into the nomination announcemnts. In this assembly the story followed Ron Weasly, who is looking for Harry. He spends 20 minutes looking for Harry while they announce the court, and then he finds Harry talking to Hagrid, AND THEN HE ASKS HARRY TO GO TO THE DANCE WITH HIM!!!!!
I don't even like that ship (it's so unbelievable) but the fact they included this was too cute. And in a school sponsored event. In my town!

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Wow 2011, I dislike you already

I really hate spending New Years alone. And it happens every year!

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I have returned!

I guess I haven't actually been away that long but it feels like FOREVER!Nothing even has really happened, since it's the winter hols. I haven't seen a single person from my school in like 2 weeks. I've pretty much just been sitting in my house drawing and doing an insane amount of AP American History homework and watching Les Chansons d'Amour. I really do love that movie.

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Hi Again

So I've only been absent from this site for only 3 weeks I think but already, I get back and there are at least 6 new people I don't know. So, hi everyone!

Nothing really of interest has happened while I was away, but I feel like I whould write something anyway. I rented The Kids Are Alright last night with my grandparents. I forgot to check the rating on the movie though. Bad, bad idea. >.< They had to turn it off 5 minutes in and watch Grey's Anatomy instead.

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I'm a Mess

ehhhhhhhhhh. *sigh* Just had to get that out there. I hate school, and I hate how much work there is.

I honestly don't know what compelled me to take AP United States History this year but I was delusional to think that I could handle this much work. I've been working for at least 10 hours straight on the studyguide notes for the chapter test on Monday and I'm still not done. I also have a 20 page creative writing project about myself due on Wednesday for AP English and I've got 3 pages.

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A Lack of Affection?

I spent the afternoon with Evy yesterday, which was lovely, the first time I'd seen her all week, since we go to different schools. We curled up on the couch and watched Bo Burnham on the televison and sang aloow to Glee and talked for two hours.

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S-U-C-C-E-S-S! Sort of... :)

Yes! I finally came out to my parents last night! It definitely wasn't the most graceful thing, as my dad and I kept talking over top of one another, but he took it as well as can be expected. My mum kept pretty quiet, with the exception of a few naïvely innapropriate remarks
"I balme [one of my first queer friends]for this...I'm only sort of kidding" and "Well, you never know, it could change, you're young."

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Rats! Foiled Again! (wherein my plans are a spectacular fail)

Well, last night didn't really go as planned. For starters, we went to the football game at Evy's school instead of the dance because of administration issues, but that was fine because I got to meet her friends; they all seem like decent sort. It was funny, one of them, when she introduced me to him, the first words out of his mouth were "You're right, she is hot." Heh :)

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Angst and Anticipation

I've been drowning in homework. I think I've probably gotten like 12 hours of sleep the whole week. WTH Junior year?! I was so tired yesterday I thought I was going to die, I couldn't even read the words on the page in class because they kept swimming around.

Tonight, I'm seeing Evy though! I'm so excited; I haven't seen her in two weeks. Which, is an interesting story.

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Emigrating from the Land of Single-ness, and my Future Emigration from Closet Land

So that was pretty much the longest title ever. But I've got important stuff to say.

Finally got a date! WooHoo! For the sake of anonymity, like always, I'll call her Evy here. It seems my luck has changed, because she kind of just fell into my lap (not literally) when I wasn't expecting it; we met through a mutual friend. I haven't felt this way in a long time, like there are PopRocks inside my heart. I'm seeing her again tomorrow, can't bloody wait.

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In Which my Sister is the Devil and has no Concept of Closets

This is the third day going on that my sister keeps making snide comments about me. argh. It's not the first time that she's gotten into one of these moods; periodically she'll get really moody and be all like "Well, i don't have to tell you that because you don't tell me anything", and making jabs about me hanging out with a girl, and, when she asked me what I was doing (on the computer) and I said that I was FB messaging my friend who went back to Germany (whom I used to like, but my sister doesn't know that) she was like "Ooooh!

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