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Malfunctioning Gaydar

I hate it when I can't tell if a girl is into me or not. I think it's just different because there's such a thin line between girl-friend and girlfriend. Girls that are totally straight will act flirty with eachother but they never think of it that way, and it's so confusing to me! >.<

Which brings me to my problem(s):

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English Class Quandry

My English class in school has started a poetry unit, which is nice because I like poetry. The main assignment though, is to write a poem pertaining to our "heritage, family, ethnicity, or cultural veiwpoint." The stongest cultural ties I have though are to people like all of you and I don't know if that's a proper writing topic for english class, despite the fact that my English teacher is a feminist, has a history of sympathy towards the queer students at my school, and seems to like me.

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Tegan and Sara Concert

Last ngiht I went to see Tegan and Sara live in concert when they were in my city. IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER! I have to say I went in with minimal expectations, because so many people suck live, but they were amazing. I like them even better live than on CD. :) I sang along to almost every song and by the end of the night I was losing my voice. Definately the best time I've had in a while.

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Good Evening, and I'm Neil Patrick Harris!

So pretty mcuh the Oscars last night were fantastic. All the nominees for original score were sooo good. I couldn't pick who I wanted to win. Also Neil Patrick Harris's opening schpiel (sp?) was pretty epic, although I'm not sure if it tops last year's, with Hugh Jackman. What do you think?

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So there's this guy at school that likes me. He knows I'm lesbian but he still likes me. He flirts with me sometimes and I'm fine with it and I kinda tease him sometimes. Now, I have absolutely no attraction to him, but I do like it when he flirts with me.

This leaves me feeling very confused as of late because he suggests that I'm bi, and the facts (that I don't discourage his flirting) seem to suggest that as well. I know I'm not attracted to him but I'm wondering why it is that I'm acting this way... Is it just the fact that I'm flattered? What do you think?

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end of semester, come quick

So... today was pretty good actually. I actually understand arcylic paint now which makes art class no longer a fail. :)

I have a B in 4 of my 8 classes now though so I'm thinking my parents will ground me if I don't fix that soon.

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