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65-question thing

1. Initials:
EMW (which is the name of some furniture company apparently haha)

2. Name someone with the same birthday as you:
don't know the name, but the son of one of my 6th-grade teachers...

3. Favorite fruit?
strawberries...or canteloupe

4. For or against same sex marriage?
hm, let me think about that one...

5. Are you allergic to anything?
cold (for real, it's called cold urticaria), something in the air in CO in spring, pineapples and bananas a little bit

6. Are you bisexual?
if we must have labels, i suppose that's one that fits me...

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Sexuality Scale (aka me with insomnia)

So, perhaps everybody else here has already figured this out, but I had a revelation last night: When it comes to sexuality, there are two "categories": gender identification (what gender you feel like) and gender attraction (what gender you are attracted to). Like this:

Gender Identification

Gender Attraction

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(this is a story i wrote in like february but i wanted to post it)

the train rattled clumsily down the track. she stared at the window, but the torrential rain outside ran down the dingy glass in rivulets, obscuring any landscape there might have been. the train swayed slightly from side to side and the dim light on the ceiling swayed with it, casting sickening, moving shadows throughout. the train car smelled musty and damp, and most of the torn seats were stained dark—it was anyone’s guess what color they’d originally been.

i waited.

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holy frick!!!

[Um, this is an uber-long journal that you prolly don't want to read unless you've got lots of time and are good at understanding senseless babble. XD]

I had a very interesting day today, at least where K is concerned. (K is my probably-straight crush, for anyone who hasn't read my previous journals.) I was stuck at my mom's office sick, texting her, and as I've been reading Lord of the Rings recently, her favorite series, we were asking each other questions about the characters: "Who would you want to meet?", "Whose powers would you want?", etc. Then it came to this...

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Weird Dream

I'm thinking about this weird dream I had last night that in retrospect is making me sort of sad. I won't go too into it, but there were two major events in the dream. Firstly, the girl who I like (who is straight so far as I know) said (not in so many words) that she was bi. The other big thing was, I cut off all my hair (something I've been wanting to do for ages in real life) and I totally freaked about it--like, had a tantrum at my mom, who did the cutting, for not doing it right.

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Ugh. So me and a bunch of my girlfriends had a party last night for a foreign exchange student friend of ours who's leaving soon. It was a really fun party, we went to Jumpstreet (giant wall-to-wall trampoline place XD) and watched Twilight and made fun of Robert Pattinson and I secretly swooned over Alice, but--well, there's always a but isn't there?

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sorry if i'm rubbing it in anyone's face who isn't out yet, but i was getting to the end of my tether as far as school's concerned. XD

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OK, gonna try to make this make sense, without making it insanely long. So...well I've been up in the mountains for the first half of the weekend with K, at her family's timeshare house in Keystone. So that was freakin' awesome.

Then I get home today and kinda settle in for a bit.

Then my mom's like "Hey Emily can I talk to you?" So we go up to my room and she sits on my bed and I kinda stand and look at her like "OK what?" and she goes "You can sit down" and I'm thinking like "Holy shit what terrible news are you about to share??"

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so that debate on same-sex marriage i mentioned before (http://www.oasisjournals.com/2009/05/class-debate) was today. and i honestly tried my best to come up with arguments that would mean something to me and my liberal classmates. so i talked about adoption cases and health issues and the american family and all that shit (see i cursed that's how upset i am), and the messed-up part is, while i was debating i actually kinda believed what i was saying!

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hm...what does the z in zomg stand for anyway? ...

Anywhoo, that's beside the point.

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PM me!

Hey peeps feeling a little lonely over here PM me! I have better things to do but I'd rather not do them (homework, hamster maintenance, chores, etc.). =)

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I've been feeling bipolar recently. Or detached. Or something. Like, my eyes feel tired as hell, I'm sore from doing a 5k, but I want to like, skip around or sing to some song playing really loud or something. I feel like one of those little kids in a home video, sitting there playing quietly with fascinated eyes before suddenly crying...then being comforted and squealing happily and throwing their arms around. Especially the throwing arms around part. I'm kinda rambling aren't I?

What are you doing this summer?

going to camp!
17% (3 votes)
33% (6 votes)
0% (0 votes)
road trip! woot woot
11% (2 votes)
11% (2 votes)
28% (5 votes)
Total votes: 18
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class debate

OK, is this messed up or what? As an end-of-the-year project for my American History class, we're doing a debate. And guess what my debate topic is? Same-sex marriage. But that's not the problem, the problem is I'm being made to argue *against* it. I tried to switch but nobody wanted to, and if I make too big a deal people will start questioning me. Meh! Sometimes I hate school.

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Coming Out...to Myself

It's been a year since I really began to realize I wasn't straight. It's been utter chaos since then. I've called myself bi, questioning, pansexual, and everything in between. Sometimes I'm sure I'm lesbian, sometimes I know I'm straight, when I think about it I think I must be bi.

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