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Yesterday I finished my LGBT civics project (didn't have to be about LGBT, just about a Canadian protest. I stand by my choice :)) and I had it sitting on my floor so I'd remember to bring it in to school today. My mom came in to say good night and saw it on the floor. She always wants to know what's going on in my/my brother's lives (in a weird amount of detail) so she got all excited and asked if she could look at it. I said yes (no real choice) even though I didn't really want to.

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I'm not drooling, I swear

Oh. My. God.

I have this friend (let's call her G :)) that I kinda like in a more-than-friends way. Of course, she doesn't notice, but I'm head-over-heels for her or anything so it doesn't bother me that much
but because the universe is a jerk that likes to mess with people, it did this: her new fb profile pic is her at our school's Athletic Banquet (as a non-athlete I didn't go) looking all fancy. Make-up, straightened hair, prom dress the works

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Well this isn't good

I have to do a Big End Of Year Project for Civics class on either a protest song, a protest that occured in Canada (I am Canadian in case you haven't guessed), or a Canadian historical figure. I've already started doing research on LGBT stuff for the project (pretty much the only thing I've decided about what I want to do it on) and am thinking of doing a protest song. Anyone know one?

(I know asking you guys for homework help in my first entry is a little jerky of me. Sorry :( )

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