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My mom is badgering me about Homecoming, which I am not attending since last year's sucked a little. She pushed me to go a little bit last year, but this year she's pushing me to go... with a GUY. Ummm, no. This is the same guy she called me sexist for not dating. Yes, we could go as friends, but we're not going, and it's the principle of the thing. If I were a straight guy, I very, very highly doubt my mom would try to persuade me to go with him. This bothers me.

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There was once a title, but I killed it.

Irritating Girl told the teacher all about my burning hatred for chemistry. Luckily, she left out all the parts about Old Crush since doesn't know about that. Still, I thought I was gonna die. Why would she even do that!? I mean, she IS irritating, but seriously! That's downright cruel!

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Math tests, French Class Girl, and stupidity.

I made a high A on my algebra test. Mind = blown. I NEVER make A's on math tests. In fact, I only made one A on a test in geometry last year. I didn't even know what I was doing for half of the algebra test. I BS'ed the entire graphing section. I struggle so hard in math. I couldn't even form a complete sentence when I saw my test grade.

French Class Girl was herself today! She sang Christmas songs in the middle of September and repeatedly whispered "fuck, fuck, fuck!" to herself in the hallway. Also, neither she nor Irritating Girl have a date to Homecoming, so they're going to take their pictures together. (Awww, FCG should've just gone ahead and asked IG to Homecoming... She knows she wants to! Of course, IG would horribly reject her, and if she didn't, the school would probably go Nazi Homophobes on them, but it would be such a huge accomplishment for Miss Closet Case! I'd be so proud of her!)

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I am so tired but do not want to go to bed.

There was relatively no drama today until I was alone with my mom. She didn't start any shit with my dad or his girlfriend, but damn, she was awful to me today. My mom was totally pleasant on the way there, but I guess not being able to have her cigarettes got to her, because she went into straight-up bitch mode. She screamed at me for obeying the speed limit and not running over animals, and because I was so stressed by the task of driving for an hour and a half, I screamed right back. She also basically called me a man-hating, sexist bigot because I am only attracted to girls.

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Old Crush in a swimming suit. Why, facebook? Just... WHY? That's not even fair. I wonder how mad she'd get if I went up to her on Monday and just totally felt her up. Just ONCE. I'd do it for old curiosity and, of course, great justice. Then I'd never do it again, but I wouldn't apologize because she's an evil bitchface who likes breaking pathetic little 12-year-old hearts. I wonder how hard I'd get slapped and if it would be worth it. Why does she have to be so disgusting yet so physically perfect?

Ewww, never mind, I am not in drool mode anymore! I just accidentally saw some hardcore French Class Girl cleavage. Worst picture ever. That has got to be the nastiest thing ever. That is more of the freakazoid than I ever, ever wanted to see. Wow, that is worse than when my old, wrinkly teachers wear low-cut shirts. FCG, I am a huge fan of your stupidity, and I am a huge fan of boobs, but I am not at all a fan of your boobs. For the love of puppies and rainbows, keep 'em in your shirt!

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Tomorrow is going to be sooooo boring.

I am going to get that car this weekend. My mom is in bitch mode about it. She doesn't mind that I have the car, but she does mind that my dad invited his girlfriend to ride along, and my mom wanted to go herself. I don't really want my mom to go because she will inject drama into everything, smoke in my car, and possibly throw a fit about me driving home since it's a 2 hour drive. (And it's 2 hours of pure nothingness, actually, after you leave the city limits.) She has never bothered to ride with me for more than 5 minutes in the entire time I've had my permit, so she has no idea that I actually drive pretty well. She's just being a drama queen, I guess.

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Some quick before-school ramblings...

Life has been... eventful lately, I suppose. My dad is going to buy me a car. It's not my birthday for a couple more months, and I won't even be able to drive alone on my 16th birthday anyway, but he has some money right now, and he might not still have it by then because my mom has found out about it and wants some to use for her own crap, as she is still unemployed and mooching off her ex-husband. I was stupid and waited a little while to get my permit, not realizing you had to keep it a whole year and not just until your birthday. I'm very excited about the car, but I'm not, however, excited about explaining that whole thing to everyone who hears about the car and wonders why I won't be driving it to school for a little while.

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My rant just turns silly at the end. :(

I feel all angsty tonight. I also can't stop giggling. This is a strange combination. I am angsty because girls do not like me, but they like French Class Girl. I am giggly because... I don't even know.

That brings me to my first point. Girls do not like me. Sometimes they like my shoes, makeup, and/or jewelry, but they never fawn over me, call me pet names, or post extremely suggestive things on my facebook wall like they do to FCG, who is seriously not that attractive or charming. (Maybe they think her stupidity is cute?) I almost fear that she will one day steal all the women in the world, and I will be left alone. Right as I started typing this, yet another girl posted on FCG's facebook wall. She misses her sooooo much. Gag me. How does someone who lives in a closet... No, not a closet. Not even a glass one. She's in a freaking MIME BOX. No heterosexual female wants to be touched by girls 24-freaking-7 and outright obsesses over people's mothers. Anyway, how did someone who lives in a mime box get to be so damn popular with the ladies?

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French Class Girl. Just... French Class Girl.

Gag me. FCG always has girls (and never, ever, ever any guys, of course) telling her on facebook that she is pretty, hot, awesome, etc. At any given time on her facebook page, she has at least one wall post saying something along the general lines of, "Meeting you last night was AMAZING, gorgeous! ;)" This makes me wonder where she goes and what she does there. The girls fawning over her are usually either college-age or like, eighth graders. They quite obviously haven't spent more than ten minutes with her or... actually looked at her face. I should tell every girl who says these things to her that she likes to fart during class and then giggle about it. That's what she was doing Friday. Eww, that (and a visit to the eye doctor) would sure cure them of thinking she's sexy, though!

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I managed to get my mom to cooperate, and I now have a "doctor's appointment" at 2 P.M. tomorrow. Note the quotation marks. My plan to skip the dreaded pep rally has succeeded! Now if I can just skip the next 4 or so, I'll be all good. I'm sure they'd get suspicious if I suddenly had various health issues every time we had a pep rally, though.

Why do I hate pep rallies so much? Well, the ones at my school are insufferably lame. If you've sat through one, you've sat through them all. The gym has no air conditioner, and having the entire middle school and high school packed in there does not help things. I have absolutely no school spirit, and most of our cheerleaders aren't even that cute, anyway! There is, however, one thing that makes me want to avoid them like the plague. That, my friends, is the game. (Haha, I'm sorry!) No, not that game, the pep rally game. They always have a stupid game in which someone from each grade is randomly selected to have to play. There is no fate regarded as more horrifying than being picked for the game. If you are picked, you must go and embarrass yourself in front of the entire student body. Oh, yes. I've never been picked, but there is a first time for everything.

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Aww, freakazoids!

So, there has been this lady coming to my school for the past few days. She sits in classrooms and scribbles things in her notebook. I guess she's evaluating the teachers or something. Today, she came to my French class. I thought Irritating Girl and French Class Girl would behave themselves, but I was wrong. As soon as they started being all touchy-feely with each other, the lady stared. I sooo want to see what she wrote in her notebook.

FCG wasn't even the main event of today, though. I have a friend who takes French 1. The teacher randomly decided to tell his class about mine today. This is what she apparently said:

"There are these two girls in my French 2 class who absolutely cannot keep their hands off of each other. They are constantly playing with hair, fixing each other's shirts, and whispering to one another. They're just allll over each other ALL THE TIME! It's so annoying! I try to teach, and they just won't stop... pecking at one another..."

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According to my AP Euro book, Renaissance Italians did not believe in lesbians.

I'm serious. It has this whole huge section on homosexuality. It's mostly about the men, though, because it says, "Theological and 'scientific' teaching held that women could not have erotic pleasure without a man."

Wow, and here I am wondering how on Earth heterosexual sex could possibly be any fun! Hahaha!

Please, someone put me out of my misery. I hate chemistry class. Oh, my god. I haaaate chemistry class. It's not even Old Crush or how boring it is or anything like that. No. It's what we're doing right now.

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"Our chemistry class is one big, happy family," said the teacher. "We all love each other!"

NO. NO, NO, NO, NO. I refuse to be a big, happy chemistry family with Old Crush. I REFUUUUSE! You can't make me, Mrs. Chemistry Teacher! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!

My teachers are officially Homework Nazis. I have a worksheet with 80-something questions AND vocabulary words to define. Notes for 2 classes. Lots of math. All of this was assigned today and is due tomorrow. I'm done with most of it, but seriously, what the fuck? I hate school. It can go have un-lubed anal relations with a cactus. I'm becoming a hobo or something.

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I have no life.

French Class Girl does this interesting thing with her voice. She seems to occasionally switch between a southern accent and a normal one, sometimes within the same sentence. I've known her for a year, but I just noticed that today. She says this phenomenon makes people who are ultra-redneck, for lack of a better term, call her... a Yankee. Gasp! Where have we heard that before? I was practically nicknamed "Yankee Bitch" or at least some variation of the phrase in ninth grade.

Some guys were checking her out today. Yes, FCG. Ewww, gag me! One of my friends saw them. It was a whole group of maybe juniors and seniors. They were standing in the hall, staring at her ass. Why? Just... WHY? Some called her hot! Oh, my god, really? I guess if you just saw her from the back, you could possibly be fooled into thinking that. Maybe. I will never forget my grandmother's expression when I told her this. (She knows about FCG and has seen her before.) My friend said he wanted to throw up on them.

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I'm mad. I'm not mad because I didn't get on the honor roll (The honor roll people get special privileges.) from last year's grades. I'm not mad because all my friends did. I'm mad because they keep being douches about it and telling me I'm retarded. I got the highest average in three subjects last year. >:(

Douchey Friend: No college is ever going to accept you because you suck at math. You have to be retarded to get a C in Geometry.
Me: Screw you! I got over 100 in English last year!
Douchey Friend: That doesn't matter, though. If you suck at math, you suck at everything, because it's the most important subject.
Me: If you suck at English, nobody is gonna take you seriously. My lowest non-math grade in the last quarter of last year was like, a 97.
Douchey Friend: You still suck at math and, by extension, everything.
Me: You couldn't find the "Documents" folder in computer class today.

Yes, that's right. I can't write a geometric proof, but she can't click on the little folder that says "Documents." Obviously, I am pathetically stupid, and she is an ultimate genius. Obviously.

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