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School is coming soon. :(

I've always wanted to ask you all this: What do you think French Class Girl looks like? If you know, don't tell anyone. x) I want to see if anyone answers.

So... Summer is ending. This depresses me horribly. There is one good thing, though. School doesn't start on a Friday this year! For some reason, it used to always start on a freaking Friday, which everyone hated, but now it doesn't! Ahaha! YES! It's the 2nd week of August, though... Ugh, too soon.

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This Week

So, I totally didn't have an eventful week. Nope. All I did was frolic in a kitten wonderland, find a bunch of old drawings full of embarrassing memories, and unintentionally meet the Grammatically Challenged Girl's mother. Yeah, I didn't really do anything that interesting... Oh, don't worry, that last one won't sound nearly as creepy when I explain. I'm sure you're probably thinking "What the hell!?" but trust me, it's not bad. Haha.

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For some reason, I keep listening to Lady Gaga.

My internet was broken all day, so I called tech support. The lady who helped me had a Swedish-sounding accent. Also, I think my grandma saw my embarrassing internet history. Lovely. Fortunately, her vision sucks, so she may not have seen everything. She didn't say anything, at least, so maybe she didn't see it. I'm pretty sure most grandmothers would definitely react to seeing a website called "Fuck Yeah Lipstick Lesbians" in their granddaughter's internet history.

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Crazy Teeth and Old People Homes

I'm not sure if I should start this post out with who I saw in Walmart today or if I should start it out with a depressing rant about old people homes. I think instead I'll rant about how I was woken up this morning, then talk about Walmart and the old people home.

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I am so hungry right now.

My dad's girlfriend's bad children are coming over. :( I hate it when they come over! SHIT! They're here now! Noooo! They're so loud and irritating. They're already screeching like monkeys being disemboweled, and they haven't even been here for 30 seconds.

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Purple puppies play pretty pianos.

My mom is just... afkdsfs. I needed a ride to go see my friends yesterday, so I had to ask her. On the way, she whined about money problems. "When you graduate, your dad is going to stop letting me borrow money," she said. So I suggested the sensible solution. Get a job before then. I mean, I'm only going into sophomore year; she still has some time.

"But that's TOO HARD! I go to school for soooo long every day. If I got a job, how would I do my homework?"

She goes to college until like, lunch time each day. :| She would have one day where she had to stay later last semester, and it was only until 2. Also, maybe she would save money if she stopped going on roadtrips every 3.543 seconds, buying everything she sees, and running up her phone bill to obscene amounts. Oh, and she never does her homework until either super late at night or before she leaves the next morning. That's why she failed one of her classes last semester.

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This starts out intelligible. The key phrase here is "starts out."

School is approaching way too quickly... It starts in a month for me. I am currently trying to cram in my assigned summer reading books, but right now, my brain just isn't feeling much like Shakespeare. Or anything else school-related, really.

I don't want to think about the ill-fitting uniforms or having to get up stupidly early or the fact that, according to everyone from school who is older than me, I am going to have all of the strictest and bitchiest teachers. I heard from one of my friends that my new history teacher has made many, many people, even huge, tough guys, cry because she is just that damned mean. Lovely.

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I hate it when my mom tries to make me come home by saying she's changed. She's still all crazy super fundie Christian. She says that even if she becomes a preacher or something (NO.) she "still won't ever hate gays." This totally explains the unliking of the pro-gay facebook pages, right? :| Ugh, I don't understand her.

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I embarrass myself so much in this post. XD

So, I was at the grocery store with my sister, my dad, and his girlfriend. We were buying supplies for a cookout tomorrow to celebrate July 4. We were in the meat department, minding our own business, when one of the last people I ever want to see came down one of the adjacent aisles and walked past us.

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My mom is being a stupid bitch. AGAIN. She just got back from a week-long trip to Louisiana, broke up with her boyfriend, and is going back in a couple of days to stir up more shit. What is she, a 12-year-old attention whore?

Oh, and you know what else she did? She removed/unliked /whatever'd all the pro-gay pages she was ever a fan of or whatever on facebook. I wonder what this means. :| I noticed it recently, and it has been bothering me a bit ever since.

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Oh, French Class Girl... D:

FCG: Hey... You know, you're really sexy.
FCG's Friend: Not as sexy as you!
FCG: I left you some videos on your computer. Did you like them?
FCG's Friend: Oh, yeah, I did. They were pretty hot... I'm so excited for our date, by the way!
FCG: Me too! I love you!
FCG's Friend: I bet I love you more!

WHY? Just... WHY?

What in the hell did she leave on this chick's computer? No, I don't think I want to know. Barf. This is the girl she was "going on a date with" before it got canceled a few weeks ago. Haha! Of course, that only makes one wonder even more what those videos were. I don't want to think about it anymore. Please, someone pass the brain bleach.

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Stupid mom. :|

The amount of people that look like French Class Girl is seriously disturbing to me. Today, I was in Walmart, and there was this girl there who had the exact same hair and eyes as her, and I almost thought she was her from a distance. This, combined with the fact that one of my friends saw a French Class Girl lookalike at a restaurant last week and the fact that I once saw one at a restaurant too, leads me to believe that there may be a French Class Girl convention soon. I'm pretty sure I don't want to know what happens there. D:

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French Class Girl is stupid, part 3252413

I have such a headache right now. (They seem to be really common lately. I am also occasionally having pains in my neck, so maybe that's related.) Still, I am laughing my ass off at French Class Girl. She had "If you like this status, I'll tell you why I hate you" as her facebook status, and one of the girls she is OBSESSED with liked it. I am contemplating liking it. I wonder what she would say to me? x3 Probably something along the lines of "I hate you because you always told me it's okay to be gay! Also, you are a dirty liberal, and your mom is hot!"

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Once upon a time, there was a cute little asldkjflkj. I ate it for breakfast.

Before I get to my usual nonsense post, I want to tell you guys something bad... My friend is sick. Like, REALLY sick. Her facebook status earlier was that she is going to the hospital, which is where she is right now. I said I hoped she felt better, but I am so, so worried about her. I just wanted to share that. :'(

She finally got her phone, but obviously right now I can't talk to her. I am worrying myself to death, though. I wish there was something I could do.

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It's the 11th, I think. Which is in 12 minutes! YAAAY!

I've had a headache all day. :c Ughhh. I had some interesting adventures today, though. Like the fact that I found medicine in my grandma's house that is as old as I am. I wish I was kidding... It expired in January 1995. I was born in November 1994. It seems like she never throws anything away.

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