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What is the most homophobic thing anyone has ever said to you?

I ask because lately I have experienced much homophobia at school. Honestly, I've heard it all and can't even pick out an absolute worst thing. If I had to pick an absolute worst, though, it would probably be the time ol' Violent Kid said he was going to kill all the gays. The second worst would probably be the time in eighth grade when my history teacher said that families were only acceptable if they had one mom and one dad. (But my friend completely and totally shut her down. Bahaha! It was great; the teacher couldn't do anything but repeat, "One husband and one wife" over and over again after she challenged her authority. Oh, how I miss that girl...)

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I almost fell asleep 3 times while writing this. D:

I had a crappy day, really... I'm still sick. At least I'm not as sick as French Class Girl. I would definitely rather be having nose issues than throat issues! Sure does suck to be her! (Well, doesn't it always? Poor French Class Girl. She's so... well... French Class Girl.) Damn, everyone on facebook is complaining about how sick they are...

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So, my mom made some soup.

"If you keep pissing me off, I AM GOING TO HUG YOU."

French Class Girl makes no sense. Well, actually, she does. I told her that only my friends may touch me. That excludes my entire French class because they're all stupid. Unfortunately, she has taken this as an invitation to touch, prod, and slap me whenever she feels like bugging me.

You know what I did to piss her off? I answered a question correctly. GASP! I'm such a horrible person! How dare you, Super Duck? How DARE you? OH, THE HUMANITY!

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The Super Duck is getting sick yet again. :( She also may have done badly on her French test, and that is unacceptable because her average is only two points ahead of French Class Girl's. Super Duck must beat French Class Girl, who is making a big deal out of it, or the world just might explode.

At least I'm amazing at English tests... And no, it has absolutely nothing to do with the attractiveness of my teacher's daughter, whom I would greatly enjoy meeting! It has been like this since way before the teacher foolishly showed my class the picture of the daughter. But seriously, though, I get extra credit on like, every test ever. It's insane. Today was no exception. I don't understand why she likes my answers to the essay questions. I slop a bunch of bullshit down in the answer blank and make it sound poetic. It works every single time.

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Super Duck's list of awesome things and bad things that happened recently!

Awesome things:

French Class Girl is ridiculous, but you all already knew that. I got another nonsense note from her today. Apparently I am a skanky rockstar, and she and her loooover are my crackhead managers. Um, wow. I said something about her "relationship" with Irritating Girl in my reply, and she didn't even deny it! Bahaha! Well, that's good; someone's making progress!

Although my English teacher probably got her degree from a cereal box, she is now officially awesome. Why? Well...

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When my mom and I got home from Walmart tonight, she switched on the TV while I tried unsuccessfully to cook some Canadian bacon.

Me: WHAT /runs into living room

On the TV, there was this softcore lesbian porno thing, and it was AWESOME. I don't even know what it was called or anything, but damn. Haha. We just kind of stood there staring at it, and then I burst out laughing because I realized how I was standing in the living room, watching porn... with my mother.

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Today, my rival said I was stupid. Alright, fine. But what she said NEXT just boiled my blood. Apparently, being gay makes someone stupid. Well, you know what, rival? Being predjudiced makes someone a bitch!

Irritating Girl and French Class Girl left the classroom together. Alone. And the teacher just let them. Oh my god.

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Ah, the stench of idiocy...

I had an interesting day, I suppose. Irritating Girl has decided it's cool to eavesdrop on my conversations, and she showed how horribly concieted she is today. One of her friends has taken to calling me an "it" because I'm gay. What the fuck? I am not an it. I am quite clearly a she. I am displeased with this ignorance!

French Class Girl was sooo bitchy today. Nobody even did anything to her. She flipped me the middle finger because I asked her to stop making dying-cat-on-opium noises... She even got mad at her lover Irritating Girl. Oh, and they both told me today that they "don't talk to homosexuals." HAHAHAHA! OH GOD, THE IRONY! Words cannot describe how horrifically stupid these two are.

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My rival is an asshole.

I have a rival. She is friends with Irritating Girl and her ilk. Some days, my rival and I are friends, and some days, we are practically killing each other. Currently, we are enemies.

My rival thinks it's totally possible and acceptable to "beat the gay" out of someone.

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fgsfds part 2

Wow, I am way too negative. All my entries lately have been so negative; that's why I deleted that last one. It was like, the fifth negative one in a row. So far the visit has only been a little awkward, not really bad or anything, but I kind of want the house to be empty again already.

I feel extremely awkward whenever we watch movies and that girl comments on every guy. I have nothing to say, so I just sort of stare blankly ahead.

The little kids are being hellions, though. Hellions, I say!

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My school seems to be a gathering place for nincompoops.

Super Duck got into soooo many arguments today with her asshole classmates and one total douche of a teacher who has been out to get her since eighth grade anyway. :( This has lots of like really strong language and stuff, so... yeah.

I hate this guy at school. He and his buddies (which includes Violent Kid, of course) are always making fun of gay people, and today I told them to stop.

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French class WIN

Best French class ever? How about YES!

French Class Girl decided it was her personal mission to bother me as much as possible. Normally, that would be bad, but she carried it out in the most hilarious ways imaginable.

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Oh gosh I am so tired today.

So today, good ol' French Class Girl, empress of all closet cases, made fun of me for being a lesbian. Oh, the irony... She also announced to the entire class that she thinks I actually like it when she bothers me, and that I only tell her to stop so she'll do it more. Um, how about no? Then she decided that this super homophobic girl was my girlfriend because she has a "gay name."

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Good news, bad news.

Good: I went an entire French class without being touched or poked! :D Yaaay!

Great-grandmother lived.

We might actually do something fun for art class at school tomorrow. Wow. (Although I'm sure my classmates will manage to fuck it up with their collective stupidity...)

Bad: There are many tests. Tomorrow I have 2, and my entire class failed one today because our idiot teacher did not prepare us properly. :D

Today was not long enough to accomplish all the crap I needed to get done.

I am thirsty, although that is easily remedied. I just don't feel like getting up.

And now the main thing...

Does anyone else have this awful fear that they are going to be alone forever and that no one will ever love them?

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A bunch of unrelated things

I feel so icky right now. :( I ate too much. My dad, my sister, and I went to this restaurant, and there was this waitress there that used to know us when I was like, 11. She's in her early 20s, and oh my god she is so delicious. I can't believe I forgot her name.

Also, my sister was being particularly bratty tonight. Ew.

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