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Oh gosh I am so tired today.

So today, good ol' French Class Girl, empress of all closet cases, made fun of me for being a lesbian. Oh, the irony... She also announced to the entire class that she thinks I actually like it when she bothers me, and that I only tell her to stop so she'll do it more. Um, how about no? Then she decided that this super homophobic girl was my girlfriend because she has a "gay name."

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Good news, bad news.

Good: I went an entire French class without being touched or poked! :D Yaaay!

Great-grandmother lived.

We might actually do something fun for art class at school tomorrow. Wow. (Although I'm sure my classmates will manage to fuck it up with their collective stupidity...)

Bad: There are many tests. Tomorrow I have 2, and my entire class failed one today because our idiot teacher did not prepare us properly. :D

Today was not long enough to accomplish all the crap I needed to get done.

I am thirsty, although that is easily remedied. I just don't feel like getting up.

And now the main thing...

Does anyone else have this awful fear that they are going to be alone forever and that no one will ever love them?

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A bunch of unrelated things

I feel so icky right now. :( I ate too much. My dad, my sister, and I went to this restaurant, and there was this waitress there that used to know us when I was like, 11. She's in her early 20s, and oh my god she is so delicious. I can't believe I forgot her name.

Also, my sister was being particularly bratty tonight. Ew.

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This title is the best one ever.

Violent Kid is so fucking stupid. You all remember him, right? The guy who wanted to kill all gays? He talked about it ALL day today. In a rare moment of competence, the art teacher told him to shut up, but it had no effect.

Today alone, I probably heard "Gay people can't ______ 'cause they're gay" (fill in the blank with pretty much anything positive) and "You stupid fag" (to any guy in the vicinity) about 59.42 times.

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I misread my friend's facebook status as her saying she was going to come back. And I was so ridiculously hopeful and excited for like two seconds until I reread it... :( Aww, turns out she just went to the basketball game, which I can't go to.

I am never, ever going to see her again, am I? No, she is always with somebody and therefore busy. Sigh... How can I be that somebody?

Anyway, I am displeased with the ignorance of my geometry classmates.

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First day back to school = FAIL

WHY is she always with some random person? D: I can never talk to her; she is always so busy! UGH ! I miss her...

In other news, today it snowed. That absolutely does not happen where I live. Sadly, it didn't stick, so we still had to go to school. There's another chance of snow later this week, though. I hope it closes school.

Irritating Girl copied my shoes, and I am displeased. They are the EXACT same color as mine, and I have worn those shoes to school every day since October. It was fine until one of our teachers thought it was "interesting." Then we were like >:|

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So, I only got 4 hours of sleep. I woke up about an hour ago after having this majorly weird dream. I had the exact same thing happen last night too, only that dream isn't as clear.

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Happy 2010

My sleeping patterns are still so fucked up, and school starts on Monday. Lovely.

I wonder what I'm going to do when school starts... Crap. I just cannot sleep at all lately unless I take medicine, and even then, it's really late when I finally am able to sleep. It's so frustrating.

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I can't believe 2009 is practically over... I've got to say, it has probably been the most eventful year of my entire life. I am an entirely different Super Duck than I was at the beginning of '09. I'm not sure that's really all a good thing, though.

'09 started out pretty good. From May onwards, however, it was mostly shit. Here's to hoping '10 will be better...

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Oh, my god. Haha. I am feeling so much better.

I am having a big laugh right now. French Class Girl is on facebook, currently trying to trick people into believing she's straight.

HAHAHA! Oh, French Class Girl... Don't you know that you are COMPLETELY unable to fool anyone who has been around you for more than five seconds? There's even a picture of you being distracted by some chick's boobs! Hell, I bet you're HAVING LOTS OF FUN with your senior friends right now. ;D

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ljkfsd :C

Today I just feel like shit... Haha, well, I did until I got a massive dose of French Class Girl-themed LOL on facebook. She has apparently made ANOTHER senior friend who teases her. XD See, she has this one friend who's a senior, and she leaves her suggestive facebook posts and is basically just a gigantic tease, and all of a sudden this other senior girl is super obsessed with her too, and apparently they all hang out together. ;D Haha, French Class Girl is so popular with senior girls lately!

Crap, why did I feel bad? Oh, that's right...

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Christmas ramblings...

I met my dad's girlfriend's kids. They're... spazzy. D: The older one totally hijacked the computer I use for storing all my crap. I really hope she doesn't get into all my music and such. That would be crazy awkward.

Also, a 9-year-old is as tall as me. :( FML. Well, I suppose it isn't a huge FML; I'm short (think: 5'2" - 5'3" ish) and my dad's girlfriend is very, very tall, so I guess her kids got tall genes. Still... a 9-year-old is as tall as me. :(

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Season's greetings!

So, I am currently wearing my insanely badass Super Mario pajama pants. They drag the floor because I am so short, and they were already too big anyway. And yet I refuse to take them off. Ever. Even if Walmart happens to magically get them in a smaller size.

I learned today that I absolutely, positively suck at Guitar Hero. However, it is still great fun.

I also learned a very horrible lesson today... There IS such a thing as too much sprinkles. Oh, how it pains me to say it! But it's true. Sweets with too many sprinkles on them are indeed a very real problem.

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Catty bitches are fail...

So, uh, I did indeed end up getting shit for calling my friend pretty. This random chick, who usually sits near me at lunch, comes out of nowhere and starts making sarcastic comments about how Irritating Girl thinks I'm in love with her and a bunch of other stuff like that.

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Random crap is random!

So, I was just talking to a guy I know and ended up coming out. He's always very accepting, so it went well. I told him about ol' French Class Girl, and we had a good laugh over that. Haha.

I'm at my cousin's house. We are going home tomorrow, though, I think. My sister has been a huge brat the whole time, and my mom thinks it's all my fault. Bitch... At least my aunt can see through it.

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