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List of things I saw today

My algebra teacher from eighth grade
My fifth grade teacher
My biology teacher in Walmart (She made the evilest exam ever!)
A big fat "A" as my geometry exam grade!!!
A tenth grader I know
A girl from my English class
A guy sagging his pants way, way more than should be allowed. DX
Legions of old women wearing tacky holiday vests
The Duck Man
A little toddler with the same name as my friend
These freaking badass Super Mario pj pants. (And oh yes, I got them, even though they were too big. :D)

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Have an interesting title!

I saw my eighth grade science teacher today. I really, really miss that class. I can't say I was overly fond of the way the teacher wanted us to do our notes or of the way she sometimes messed up our schedules, but I loved the class itself! Well, okay, maybe not... Maybe I just loved where I sat. :B I sat by my friend, and we did anything but science. This generally included drawing weird little pictures, sharing answers, and trying to take over the world.

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FML. :(

I am SO sick. My throat is killing me, and I am able to taste and feel the icky sinus drainage. I thought I had a fever during biology, but I now think that really the classroom was just hot, because I felt better when I left. Still, I feel like shit. I was on the verge of tears during geometry because I just feel so bad. And there's not a damn thing I can do about it. I have to take these exams.

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So, I've just felt crappy this entire weekend. Today, I woke up with a sore throat, but only on the left side and only when I swallow or drink something. It has gotten a little better, though.

On Friday night, or technically, Saturday morning, I couldn't sleep. At about 2 A.M. I just started crying, and I don't even know why I was doing it, but I couldn't stop. That's a pretty common occurrence for me, but I still hate it every time it happens. I finally went to sleep at about 4.

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So, today my biology teacher made a gigantic failure. A guy was joking with one of his friends and said he was gay. (He isn't.) The teacher looked disgustedly at him and said, "Ew, I hope not."

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I seem to have disappeared. :(

I'm sure you all want the latest French Class Girl story, right? Of course you do! Well, it starts off like this...

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Haha, wow!

OH MY GOD! French Class Girl's mom asked her was she gay! She was super offended and was telling Irritating Girl about it today. I didn't hear all of it, just the greatest part.

Apparently, French Class Girl told her mom that a really, really, REALLY feminine guy was hot. Her mom said, "He looks like a girl... OH MY GOD YOU'RE GAY, AREN'T YOU?"

I really, really want to know what she said to her mom! Haha, I would pay a thousand dollars just to see her expression at that very moment!

That was so totally the highlight of my day. Poor French Class Girl... Her closet is so transparent.

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So, I just might be insane.

I went bowling with my mom, my sister, my mom's boyfriend, and his kids, and they had the little dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets at the snack bar thingy! I USED TO LOVE THOSE! My cousin and I would bite them, dip them in ketchup, and pretend they were gushing blood. I stole one from my sister, and it tasted like my early childhood. :D

And then there was this really delicious girl there! She was right next to us, and ummm, she had a really nice ass. Okay, I won't go into my pervy thoughts.

Now, in case you're wondering about the title...

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In which I make zero sense.

I really want to go home... Right now I am feeling so awkward, lying here in the room I "stole" from my mom's friend's daughter, who is at her dad's house tonight. Last night I was on the couch at my mom's boyfriend's apartment, and it was awful. Nooo sleep. It's a pretty badass room, though, not gonna lie. Part of me wants to steal her The Kinks poster. :p I think I finally get to meet her tomorrow, and maybe then I won't feel so bad about invading her house. But she's coming back here tomorrow, so I'll probably be crashing on the floor somewhere. Blahhh, floor.

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All that whiny little fucker lives for is getting me in trouble, and I am SICK of it. She whines that I ignore her, but if I freaking touch the kid, it's "WAAAH MOMMY SUPER DUCK BROKE MY FACE" followed by fifteen minutes of fake, exaggerated crying. I refuse to ever go anywhere with my mother and sister ever again. They suck at life.

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Titles = boring.

So, I'm feeling a lot better today, even though I currently feel a little lightheaded. I've only felt vomit-tastic once today, and I haven't had to eat as much as I had to yesterday. Still not looking forward to the whole Louisiana trip, though. And my mom is definitely dumping me with one of her friends. The one with the seventeen-year-old. God, it's going to be so awkward.

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oh noes

Blah... I think I mentioned it before, but my mom is forcing me to go with her and my sister to her boyfriend's house for Thanksgiving. Normally, that would not be a problem, since I really like her boyfriend and his kids, BUT... She's bringing my sister. I cannot stand to be anywhere near that kid for more than five minutes without wanting to violently attack something. That child makes me feel absolutely AWFUL. My mom's boyfriend won't like me very much anymore if he sees my sister and me together... I WILL be a mega-bitch, and about 80% of it won't even be my fault.

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I'm feeling much better today. There has been little to no pain, but the right side of my face is puffed up and swollen. I'm sick of holding the ice pack on it. >:C And I'm also sad 'cause I can't go see my younger cousin, who is one of the few little kids I actually like. Maybe later today...

Also, I'm out of food ideas. I never want to see another cup of Jello ever again.

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I hate you, wisdom teeth. I hate you so much.

Just got back from getting the little fuckers out... all four of them. My throat's on fire, and the numbing stuff is slowly wearing off, so I'm starting to hurt. I'm just got done attempting to eat a potato, a melted candy bar, and a scrambled egg. I had moderate success. Sure is good to finally have food again. God, I'm such a pig. Eating is no fun right now, though. Maybe I'll finally lose those 10 pounds I've wanted gone!

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Oh, look. Generic teenage angst.

Today after school, I saw a strange bus. I saw the name on the side and it made me feel like I had swallowed a huge bubble of sad. I forgot that my friend's school was having a basketball game at mine. I couldn't have gone anyway due to the time it started. Sigh... I didn't really get to see the people on that bus in detail; I wonder if I had just imagined the blonde girl wearing the pink jacket... just like the one my friend has.

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