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Fuck, I hate people.

My classmates are so mean to me, and no one will even tell me what the fuck I DID! I am so pissed right now. At lunch, these girls started giggling, and one called to me. I went over there, and one, who already has a notoriously bitchy reputation, kept asking me over and over was I a lesbian. I asked her why she was so intent on knowing, and Irritating Girl chimes in, "So I can know if you're gonna fucking rape me!" I told her that I would never even look at her that way in a million years.

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WTF mom

I'm trying to make just a quick post before school, so it won't be all long and whiny like my normal ones. :p

Last night, my mom irritated me. She pulled that "oh but are you suuuure you're gay" crap, which annoys me because it makes her seem like she doesn't actually believe me.

Me: Yes.
Mom: How? Are you sure you don't secretly like boys even a little?
Me: I am sure. I can't begin to even fathom seeing myself with a guy; just thinking about it makes me feel a little repulsed, actually.
Mom: But are you sexually attracted to girls?

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Brain puke, aka LOTS of rambling and whining.

You know what's really awkward? It's really awkward when your parents hire some random stranger to come and clean the house while you are alone there, and no one tells you until they arrive. The cherry atop the sundae of awkwardness, however, is when they walk in on you while you are cooking spaghetti while still wearing your pajamas. Yeah, that happened to me today.

Anyway, I'm kinda sad tonight.

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French Class Girl is going to dye her hair dark soon. It's like, bright blonde. Yeah, I can't really imagine it.

I pissed off Irritating Girl sooo much today! :D She had gotten ink on her hand and thought it was appropriate to wipe it on my face... So I said hi to her. She hates being greeted by me SO MUCH. She flipped the fuck out and said something like, "I know you like me, but you are rejected!"

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Haha, oh noooo!

French Class Girl "cheated" on Irritating Girl with a senior! GASP! But they had something speeecial! o: In French, her hair was down, but after school, it was braided, and she mentioned some senior chick's hair touching skills on facebook. Tsk, tsk, I guess she just couldn't control that raging hair fetish. Their facebook conversation is nearly as hilarious as the ones she has with Irritating Girl. She's constantly telling the senior girl she loves her and calling her baby and pretty much saying everything she says to Irritating Girl plus more! I'm shocked because the senior girl is actually very pretty, and she seems totally normal... She's even in a nice pro-gay facebook group. How could French Class Girl manage to charm her into indulging in her fetish? XD

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This conversation was the highlight of my day.

French Class Girl: Well... Irritating Girl has AIDS!
Me: Wait, did you just say she has AIDS?
French Class Girl: Yes.
Me: Would you... Well, know this?
French Class Girl: Yes, I would.
Me: Uh, wow... Um, did you give it to her or something?
Me: Uh, okay...
French Class Girl: YOU HAVE AIDS FROM THAT GUY ((points to a guy across the room))

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When I was 13 years old and in the 7th grade, I had a really, really shitty excuse for a best friend. (This would be the annoying girl who has phone sex and obsessed over my cousin.) One morning, I didn't let her copy from my English homework, so she outed me to the entire seventh grade. Only a few people remember (or even care) now, but for a while, she had the really mean kids all over me every day. They would call me names and steal my stuff. I also carried the nickname "Stupid Gay Athiest" all the way until the middle of the 8th grade.

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A tired Super Duck rambles on about stupid crap

So, who here remembers my obnoxious, rambling posts about my cousin's friend back in July? Well, guess who I just saw? And she actually remembered me too! Wow. No one ever remembers me, so that was kind of surprising. She hugged me twice. :D Right now, my cousin and a large group of his friends are going to the movies, but I didn't go because I am super, super tired, am picky about movies, and there are still about three of them that I don't know.

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I don't even live in Maine, and I'm still pissed off.

I'm sure we've heard enough about Maine and their colossal failure today, so I'm not going to go into that.

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My family = fail

This post is going to be really, really angry. Just a warning in advance, I guess. This crap has been going on ever since I was about ten, so it's been a few years, and I just can't put up with it any longer.

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Titles annoy me.

I hate biology tests. I hate them soooo much. She barely teaches us anything; we take a few notes, then color little pictures like a damn second grader. Then, we have these CRAZY hard tests.

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MY SISTER. I hate that fucking kid. She's gonna make me late for school because she made us turn around to get a fucking SPARKLY PENCIL. And my grandma let the little brat! Ugh, she is so ridiculously spoiled. I wasn't even that spoiled at her age, and I was an only child back then!

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Sorry I made two random updates today :(

I was feeling bad when I started writing this, so that's why I wrote it, but I'm alright now... I just sent her the text and got an immediate response. She wanted to know who this was. x( This happens all the time; her phone is stupid and periodically dies/deletes everything. This time, it apparently died for good, and she had to get a new one. I told her who I am, and she said she figured it was me. Haha, I'm sure no one else sends her the same kind of awkward, wordy text messages that I do...

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The stupid, it's staying!

French Class Girl is NOT moving! Haha, now she gets to keep annoying ol' Irritating Girl! On facebook last night, she said "I love you" to her. Seriously. She randomly tacked it onto the end of an unrelated wall post and proceeded to mention the post first thing in class today. Somehow, this doesn't seem to bother Irritating Girl at all. French Class Girl then tried to cover it up by suggesting Irritating Girl date this one guy who used to be in my English class last year.

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Irritating Girl is being a complete and total asswipe about me. She refuses to be talked to by "weirdo lesbians." (Then WHY does she sit with French Class Girl?!) It irks me. According to her and her annoying friend, all LGBT people have to be like their stereotypes. I hate that sort of thinking. Stereotypes don't apply to EVERYONE. Take me for example: the only thing I have in common with a stereotypical lesbian is that we both like girls. French Class Girl is also nonstereotypical.

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