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asdfkjl; :(

My cousin has a bunch of friends over... I was in there with them for about thirty minutes. Large groups intimidate me, so I'm hiding. D: One was pretty cute. She smelled nice. But I think she left... His friend from last time isn't here. :c She was mentioned, though. Apparently, she was mad because someone asked her if she was bi. Huh, I wish. Haha.

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I'm... scared.

So, my aunt and uncle had a Halloween party. I am to stay hidden in the guest room because it's a bunch of middle-aged people. My cousin was going to keep me company, but he had a gigantic fight with his dad and drove off. :p

My mom is absolutely wasted and keeps bringing her equally drunk friends in to meet me. Each one later returns with a heaping plate of chocolate/other food for me. Yes, you read that right; a bunch of drunk forty-somethings keep feeding me chocolate. I am just as confused as you are.

Also, no one should ever have to hear their mother yell, "Don't grope my ass!"

...Ever. I wouldn't even wish that on French Class Girl.

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It's raining like CRAZY!

I'm on my way to Louisiana! (Using my phone to type this...) I had a crazy day at school. My English teacher proved herself to be STUPID, and French Class Girl pitched a bitch-fit of epic proportions and is stewing in it on facebook. LOL!

The English teacher not only doesn't know about adverbs, but she also thinks the Titanic sunk in the 1880s. Yes, REALLY.

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Irritating Girl thinks I want to have hot, nasty sex with her! Ahahaha, I'd sooner jump off of Mt. Everest! If I talk to her, she freaks out and asks me if I am going to rape her. Haha, wow!

Today, she got in trouble for touching French Class Girl's hair! It was amazing beyond all belief. French Class Girl was devastated and begged the teacher to tell her why! Also, French Class Girl said something was "the gayest thing she's ever seen." Uh, has she never looked into a mirror?

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This girl from my homeroom is officially my hero. Today, we were talking to each other and somehow got on to the subject of my friend. She talks to her more than I do, so I asked her how she was when she last talked to her.

"Oh, she was fine... She wants to come back. She can't this year, but she's going to try to in tenth grade."


I can't wait for tenth grade, then! It's not set in stone, but the very idea just fills me with joy and rainbows and unicorns and gleeee!

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Because everyone loves French Class Girl.

ROFL I JUST SAW FRENCH CLASS GIRL GO INTO A TANNING SALON! Enjoy your skin cancer, French Class Girl!

She would. Haha, she WOULD! Her car is really dirty. Also, she SUCKS at turning.

Today, she was mad because she made a D on her French test. I told her to stop being negative and that it was great that she passed, but she screamed, "UGH SUPER DUCK STOP TALKINGGGGG!"

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Attention, Wisconsin people!

I don't know what you guys have possibly done wrong, but the universe has apparently selected you to recieve your very own French Class Girl in a couple months!

Yeah, she's moving. It actually kinda makes me sad. Between wanting to rip her guts out and wanting to beat some sense into her head, I actually kinda like having her around. Her stupidity brightens my day, which is definitely something I need these days.

I hope her new school has a GSA. That way, a whole group of people can help her stop denying things. She needs that...

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Granny, we do NOT converse with escaped mental patients... ever.

My sister: Mommyyyy, why can't we only buy what I like? /whinewhinewhine


Anyway, now that I've got that off my chest, I had a great dream last night.

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Dear French Class Girl,

You wanna use my umbrella? Well, you should've thought about that before you flipped me off in class this morning! >:(

By the way, I think you're weird and definitely need to stop living in denial.

-Super Duck

Even the boys in our French class have started noticing her raging hair fetish and her obsession with Irritating Girl! Today they kept teasing Irritating Girl over it. They suggested that French Class Girl return the favor and touch Irritating Girl's hair. Irritating Girl had a fit and screamed, "EWW! GOD NO!"

They are soooo entertaining. XD

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I am deathly afraid of my mother.

No, really. I can't stand to even be in the same house as her when my sister is around. The kid always tries to get me in SO much trouble. A few days ago, I asked my sister if she was watching the TV. She said no, so I asked if I could change the channel, and she handed me the remote. I put it on Comedy Central, and my sister was reading a book. All was well for about ten minutes. Then, my mom came in, and my sister started to become upset. She said in her whiny, irritating way, "Mommyyyy, I wanna watch the Jonas Brothers, but Super Duck is hogging the TV!"

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Do you ever have one of those days where you just want to rip the intestines out of everything you encounter?

'Cause I'm having one of those days...

Some of my teachers are currently failing at life. The geography teacher blew up at us today and said that if this one guy (the one who took my friend to the dance, coincidentally) didn't stop making strange noises, we would all write 250 paragraphs. :|

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I'm really sick today. I can't breathe through my nose, my throat feels strange and scratchy when I swallow, and my stomach was killing me earlier this morning. I stayed home from school, but I feel bad about it because I will fail my geometry test without the review today. :(

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Me = fail

Today, I just feel really bad. I don't even know why. Nothing bad has happened to me, but I stayed in bed most of the day. It's pretty weird 'cause I felt good Friday. I felt amazing when I woke up Saturday, but my mood started slowly declining after spilling a crappy frozen dinner thing all over my leg (while wearing shorts) right after it came out of the microwave, and everything just sort of fell from there.

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Homecoming, part 2

Back from the dance! Nothing too great happened. I was bored a lot. There were a few great things, though.

CRAZY PEOPLE! No, seriously. A normally boring person went insane. Some of my enemies managed to hide their ugliness and actually look nice.

There was a delicious 10th grader. I somehow ended up taking a picture with her.

Some people got caught drinking in the bathroom. I'm not totally sure what happened to them.

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Homecoming, part 1

I'm about to go to the dance! Just got back from the football game, and MY FRIEND WAS THERE! I got to hug her, and we took a picture together. It came out kinda bad 'cause I'm ugly, but I'm gonna try and get another one at the dance.

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