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I gotta go to the dentist :(

French Class Girl is so mean! I went to her ice cream store solely to bug the shit outta her since she's supposed to be there today, and she wasn't even there! FAIL!

She hates me right now 'cause her crush didn't wanna do group work with her (because "she's weird") and made me work with her instead. Then, Irritating Girl forgot her book and shared with me, which, according to Miss Closet Case, makes my face "horribly disgusting." But then, Irritating Girl touched her hair, so she was content. Until today when she pretty much snapped my head off because I said she was being a little dramatic.

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Phone internet ramblings...

So, I'm typing this on my phone, so I'll try not to make this obnoxiously long. I'm upset right now 'cause my friend is upset-- she was on facebook crying about unreprociated love. Crap...

I'm REALLY excited to be seeing her on Friday, though. This week is going by so slow. :(

My English teacher is an EPIC failure. She didn't know what an adverb was! Hahaha!

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Stupidstupidstupid French Class Girl.

So, I am back to being the French class loner! :( How fun... except not.

Today, we were doing group work, and French Class Girl had a massive fit and DEMANDED to work with her crush Irritating Girl. (LOL!) So that left me alone with the class asshole. He is very negative and hates everything, so you can tell that I had lots of fun in class today! e_e

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Stupid Homecoming...

My mom is really pressuring me into going, and now she's getting her boyfriend to do the same. It's next Friday. (I thought it was last week for some reason, but it's not.) Today my mom started insisting that I should go, and then she started having her boyfriend back her up. I don't want to; I really, really don't. But, as I've stated before, my friend is gonna be there, and she makes me so unbelievably happy... I just fucking don't know what to do. I'm 87.3% sure I'll probably end up going, if only to cast my unworthy gaze upon her epic beauty. Yes, I like to sound dramatic.

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So, I feel like shit right now.

I didn't get the swine flu, but my mom brought home some medicine for everyone (except my sister because she's under 12) to take in order to prevent us from getting it. Mine made me sick, but I can't not take it. I'm dizzy, and I came home right before French (NOOO! I missed the stupid!) class today because I had a massive stomachache. Now I'm just dizzy, and she won't STFU about her freaking camera issues... I can't think to help her fix them right now.

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My mom has that. Dammit, if she decides to share it, I'm going to be PISSED.

My geography teacher is being a fuckhead. We have a massive project due tomorrow, and if it's not there tomorrow, you're fucked. She says it doesn't even matter if you're sick or someone died or ANYTHING. Someone asked, "But what if you DO get sick?"

She said, "Well, you should've turned it in early."

But she never said we were allowed turn it in early before today, which is one day before it's due. >:(

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Poor French Class Girl :(

What do I do for her? She might hate herself... I'll explain after I tell what all happened in French today. The teacher was absent, but she will be back tomorrow, so we were still in the gym.

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Mom, you have no fucking idea what you're talking about, so just STOP. You made me feel so much worse than the school assholes ever did.

I got into a huge-ass debate with a bitch from my school today. I'll talk about that later.

Mother says the only way to get annoying idiots to shut up is to become a Christan. HAHAHA, WHAT? Me changing something isn't going to change them.

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I feel icky.

My school has a football game tonight, but I'm not going... You'll never guess what school we're playing. Well, now that I said that, you probably will. Yeah, we're playing my friend's school at their, um, place? Field? Satanic death pit? I dunno what exactly to call it.

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I update too much, don't I?

It's not like I have anything better to do. XD

This morning I was talking with a guy in my geometry class, and he made an interesting observation. The super homophobic guys in our grade are generally the ones that grab each other's asses and stuff like that.

Remember that violent kid? Today in English class, he was being a douche. According to him, "no one gives a shit about gay people's opinions." I just want to punch him. >:(

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The worst kind of stupid people is the kind that gets to make the rules.

Okay, so some girl's backpack fell off of her locker, and apparently you can get detention for that. :| What the hell? Who made up that stupid-ass rule? They need a swift kick to the face.

Her reaction was legendary. She looked the teacher dead in the face and said, "Fuck that."


Somebody needed to say it.

My friends who went off to college randomly visited school today. After lunch, I just turned around at my locker, and they were there, on their way to see their least favorite teacher. xP

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The French class girl, who STILL cannot comprehend "no," won't stop bringing up the gay subject. I don't know why, but she takes every opportunity she can to mention it. Today, I got tired of it and said, "Are you?"

She answered, "What? NOOOOO!" and made some ridiculous, over-the-top expression. I don't... understand... What do you all think she's doing?

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It's Friday night, and I am sitting in my house watching the Food Network. D:

I have the entire house all to myself. My dad is spending the night at his girlfriend's house (Go dad~! XD That's not something I wanna think about...) while my mom is visiting her boyfriend. AGAIN.

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DAD. :|

My dad and I just got into a huge fight over something stupid. D:

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Uhh... help? D:

I doubt we have any doctors in the house, but I'm pretty freaked out. I've got some sort of... abscess or something on the right side of my face. I can't really tell what it is because it's under a freckle. And it hurts if I touch it. (And sometimes it's very slightly sore if even if I don't touch it because I've been obsessively messing with it all day.) But it's not like a horrible, agonizing pain. It's just slightly sore, I guess. It's not a weird color or shape. Hell, it's not even red or irritated-looking.

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