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Oh... Oh, shit. ;__;

About twice a year, my grandmother hosts these stupid-ass family reunions. I've never enjoyed these things. I really, REALLY don't like my dad's side of the family. Holy shit. I'm sorry, grandmother, but my idea of a good time is NOT a house full of busybody rednecks.

I just found out today that there's going to be one tomorrow. SHIT. I usually get about a week's notice...

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My grandpa made my shirt smell like bacon.

So, I met my dad's girlfriend today. She seems nice. She's quite tall. Taller than my dad, in fact. XD I find that to be strangely awesome. Anyway, she has two little children, and... they both go to my friend's school. (I guess that school does the elementary and then middle school/high school too.) She and my dad want to take all of us bowling tomorrow, but I don't really like the idea of going bowling with a bunch of little kids. ;__; I'll seem like a bitch if I don't go, though, so I definitely have a dilemma here.

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Geometry rant. >:(

Okay, I just have to rage about my freaking geometry class for a while. It's driving me insane. What's wrong with it? EVERYTHING. The book, the teacher, the tests... all of it! It's so frustrating! It shouldn't even be this hard! Geometry itself cannot possibly be this hard!

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"But I'm just a little child!"

^ The guy who said this is going to be a legal adult in three years. He has his driving permit. He will vote in the next election. That's a scary thought. He was acting like a fucking two-year-old during biology class today, so I told him to grow up, and that was his response. Yeah, if he keeps that attitude, he'll be the 46-year-old man-child having his mother cook him grilled cheese sandwiches while he watches Nickelodeon in her basement.

ACT FIFTEEN, NOT FIVE. :| No one said you had to act like an adult, but don't be a freaking toddler.

Everything is pissing me off today, in case you can't tell.

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Awkward situations aren't fun when I'm not the one creating them. :c

Yeah, the girl from French class keeps adamantly insisting I do a lot of things I don't really feel comfortable doing. D: I don't mind helping her get answers, but I don't like it when she grabs my paper and just copies it... And then she keeps insisting I touch her! Like all the freaking time! And I don't want to! D: Today, she kept telling me to pet her hair and stuff, so I decided to humor her and do it for about ten seconds before going back to attempting to listen to the teacher. She got all mad at me, and I told her how touching people I don't know very well kind of freaks me out.

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Every year, about two or three weeks into the school year, my school has a thing where the parents can come meet the teachers and stuff. I don't really know what purpose it serves, but whatever. I also don't understand why they do it AFTER school starts. But whatever, I don't understand anything they do.

SOOO... My dad met my geography teacher, who is evil. And she told him I did awful on my first test, along with everyone else.

I... I made a 92 out of 100... That was one of the highest grades in the class! :(

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Remember that extremely violent kid I posted about a few days ago? Well, at the end of art class, he and his friends were being douchebags. Again. :| They were discussing how much they hate gay people. AGAIN.

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I just... I can't even describe...


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Overheard in geography class. (EXCITEMENT.)


So I know I shouldn't listen to other people's conversations and stuff, but this chick was sitting like right next to me, and she was loud.

There is a football game at my school tonight. AND GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT.

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Lunchtime discussions.

So, this one girl I sit with brought up an interesting topic today during lunch. (I think I should probably start calling people by their initials because this is getting way confusing... This girl is E.) She is in my geography class, and the teacher always has us look up current events and stuff. She and her cousin, N, who is also a friend of mine, were doing that when they came across a Prop 8 article.

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Super Duck angry. SUPER DUCK SMAAAASH!

I am sick to death of this little fucker in my English class. HOLY CRAP. He's a sick fuck to the highest degree. I just can't even... UGH. He's awful. I can't believe he has any friends at all.

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My brain crapped out on a title.

So, my dad is finally open about dating that woman. (I think last night was their third date?) I'm glad for him; he seems to REALLY like her. :) He was telling us about her. She has children... Two little girls, who are much younger than me; I think they're 5 and 9. Holy crap, I hope they aren't anything like my sister. We don't need three of her running around. x_x My mom's boyfriend's sons are younger than me too. One's 9 and one's 11, although 11 isn't too bad because I actually have a friend who's 11. It's like I'm destined to be the oldest child no matter what. XD

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You know that girl I mentioned from French class? (It's not what you're probably thinking, I promise. XD She's too tall for me!) We always sit together and talk, so we've kinda become acquaintance-type-things... So, I added her on facebook, and I noticed this thing that could potentially be really, really, really, REALLY bad.

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Why must Super Duck be so impatient?

I decided to try and talk to her (my friend) today for the first time in quite a while. Holy crap, waiting for her messages is AGONIZING. ;__; Why must she take so long? WTF is she doing? It makes my anxious mind think she hates me, even though I know that's not the case. Ugh, I am so ridiculous. At least I got two back, so it's not like she's refusing to talk to me or anything. Why does time always seem to slow down when it's most inconvenient? That, and she actually is taking a long time... I miss her so freaking much, I'm glad she at least replied back those two times.

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I had a disturbing dream. D:

Yeah, I have lots of crazy dreams, but last night's was just downright sick. I wonder why I dreamed it. Does it have a hidden meaning or something?

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