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I like all-caps titles. 8D

Right now, I'm just writing for the sake of making a post. I'm BORED.

So, the other day, I went on to facebook, and this random cute girl added me! Naturally, I was all excited and stuff, but I wondered why we had so many friends in common because I had totally never met her before. And then... after a few moments of clicking around on her profile page, I remembered I went to fourth grade with her back when I was a little nerdling. D: So I guess cute strangers don't want to talk to me after all, just random kids I barely talked to five years ago...

And she's a raging homophobe. >:( Blahhhh. Not cool. Oh, well, whatever.

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The universe, it hates me. D8

How have I reached this conclusion? Well, there are many reasons... In no particular order:

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You cannot ignore my attention-getting title! >:)

Super Duck had to go to school today! :(

I'm angry and upset, and I don't want to be there, but there are a few redeeming features, but I'll go in order of my schedule.

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Hush, children. >:(

I swear, my sister has a different little friend over every day this week, each one more annoying than the last. This one's a little smart-ass who thinks she can steal the jellybeans.

Mother got a boyfriend. :| Yes, there is really someone out there crazy enough to be her boyfriend. He lives in Louisiana, so maybe that will give us excuses to go there... He seems like an okay guy; I wonder what he's doing dating HER. Apparently, they dated in high school or some shit like that.

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No sleep for Super Duck. :(

I've had problems sleeping since I was ten years old or so. It's something I've just grudgingly come to accept, but, damn, does it drive me crazy! >:( Usually, I'm able to fall asleep within an hour or so, and if I can't, I take allergy medicine (Bad Super Duck is bad!), and all is well.

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I'm not even sure what this is supposed to be about anymore. D: Long post is long!

(I'm sorry my posts always end up so horrendously long. ^^' I ended up kind of just rambling at the end of this one, though. I like to describe things...)

So there's this really annoying chick I know. (She's bugging me right now, actually.) You know those really dumb girls who think they're so goddamn awesome, despite being bitches, and flirt with every guy they see, despite not being attractive, intelligent, nice, or any other desirable quality in a female, and will probably have six different STDs and three kids by the time they're eighteen? She's like that.

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Oh jeeze. XD

Now, I love my friends and all, but there are something I just don't need to hear them say. Descriptions of their skinny-dipping adventures with other random people I don't know DEFINITELY fall under that category. XD

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Sixteen years ago today, my parents made the biggest mistake of their lives. They married each other. :| Now they're in the middle of a divorce and hate each other. They don't like to admit that they hate each other, but it's so obvious. She treats my dad like shit, and he always tells me he can't stand her.

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I wish I were a pirate. Arrrg.

Talking to my cousin's friend... we both like those Asian restaurants where they make the food in front of you, all skillful and awesome-like. :D But then she got offline suddenly, having read but not replied to my message, so naturally, I fear I've done something wrong somehow. :c And I'm all alone again. How joyous. :| Well, she did say something about going to bed like an hour before she stopped talking... God, she goes to bed EARLY! D: It was like 11:00, and we are in the same timezone. Hmm, or maybe I just go to bed late. I really like talking to her, though. I always have this stupid smile on my face when I read one of her messages. XD She's so frickin' adorable, even when she makes bad spelling errors.

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They say you are what you eat, right?

Well, I believe "them." Today, I've had nothing but CRAP (nutrition-wise) to eat, and I'm sure feeling it! It's not helping that my dad wanted to go for pizza, but hey, at least the girl at the pizza parlor was cute...

I saw Harry Potter today! YEAH! :D I loooove the Harry Potter series. I have ever since fourth grade. Oh, and whoever it was here that said that Hermione was hot in this movie was TOTALLY right!

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My mom is a ten year old girl on the inside.

Yeah, tonight while the power was out, I taught her how to text. BIIIG MISTAKE. x__x Now, however, she all of a sudden hates it, yet is still using my phone...

Apart from having a crappy morning and eating some crackers that tasted like outside, I've had a pretty good day except for a few things. :) I made my grandpa take me grocery shopping, so I could finally get delicious food in this house. That improved my day sooo much.

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Ok... so one more. XD

I lied; I've got another update about my cousin's friend. XD It's small, but it makes me really happy.

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So, my friend's wedding!

I just got back from it. :) I am happy for her. But I noticed that her husband is only like, two inches taller than her. XD

I loved how at the end of their quiet, serious ceremony, they blasted loud rock music as they left. Haha, that was amazing! EPIC PLOT TWIST!

I wore a dress. :/ I never, ever, EVER wear dresses. It's such a weird feeling, but apparently I looked good in it.

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I had soooo much fun... And guess who was there! My cousin's friend! Pssst, here's a secret-- I mixed up mine and my cousin's tickets so I could sit by her. XD The first thing she did when she got there was hug me! YEAHHH! My cousin didn't get a hug. :P

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Everyone is pissing me off today.

It's my last day here. :( I'm so sad! I don't want to go home! NOOO!

I have to go to a play tonight. It's of one of my cousin's OTHER friends, this one's a dude, so nothing to report. XD My mom and aunt were trying to get me to dress "nicely," but I don't like dressing nicely. :< Especially when all of the shirts they were trying to offer me show my shoulders, and I hate my shoulders. That's an issue because I figure that maybe his friend whom I'm all weird about will be there. AND SHE CAN'T SEE MY SHOULDERS. EVERRRR. :(

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