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oh my god XD

My cousin and I have just had the most insane, disturbing conversation EVER. Holy shit. It's hilarious, though.

(WARNING: Disturbingness ensues.)

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My cousin and I are babysitting my sister. I want to rip my face off and flush it down a toilet. She screams over EVERYTHING. We can't have any help, either. :( It was suggested that his friend (surely you can gather which I'm talking about) come help us, but she can't because my aunt thinks we've "had enough of her." Noooo we haven't! :(

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NOOO! I have to leave from here soon! :( NOOOOOO /dies

I'm not ready to leave from my vacation! Nooo! I have to go Thursday or Friday. D: I don't wanna! /super-glues self to floor

Ahhhhfkadfjlkjdsd, I want my cousin's friend to come back one more time before I leave. XD She's so cute! I just realized that in the face, she kinda looks like the first girl I liked. Haha. Anyway, my cousin was going to call his other hot friend (Oh yes, he has more!), who I met two years ago, but she couldn't come. :(

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More ramblings about my "vacation."

Hmm, maybe I'll just post pointless updates everyday on what I'm doing while at my cousin's house. XD Writing recaps of my days is kinda fun...

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4th of July :D

I'm having fun at my cousin's house! We went to downtown New Orleans. It is LOVE there. I need to come back when I'm a little older, so I can fully enjoy all it has to offer, if you catch my drift. x3 Hehe. The only bad part is how hot it is here. I really, really don't like Southern weather. Never have. It's even hotter here than it is at my home. So sweaty...

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I don't want a title ;__;

So, I've been gone for a few days. I'm miserable. My mom came home from her Las Vegas trip. She and my dad are already arguing like three year olds. My sister is blasting Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers, so I want to shoot myself in the ear. .__. My mom seems to have a stick up her ass because my dad took me to the doctor.

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massive brain fart x(

I have not had any social interaction in three days. :| I am such a loser. I guess it's because I have horrible problems with being social within the past few years. I am not a "loner" or anti-social, but I have social anxiety. ( It was really bad in sixth and seventh grade, but it nearly disappeared completely by the middle of eighth, and unfortunately came back once that ended.

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Stupid, stupid mother. [petty rant]

My mother is the most ridiculous, immature, and controlling person I've ever met in my life. She only really got this way in the past five years or so. I'm afraid of her because I don't like angry people, and she gives off this constantly angry vibe that just freaks me out. Our personalities clash SO badly it's insane. I can barely stand her these days. Some days she'll treat me like I'm five, and some days she'll treat me as her "equal."

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So, my first post is angsty and over 9000 miles long. x( Oh dear.

So, this is the first time I posted here and stuff... I decided to come here because I need some advice and to vent or something. I tend to ramble a lot, so this is probably going to end up being the longest post in the history of the internet. I apologize. I also probably sound so dumb in this, but it's late at night, I'm extremely frustrated by my Nintendo DS, and teen angst ahoy! (I am a high school student. ...Unfortunately. I hope everyone else isn't like, twice my age. x_x)

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