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"I am a face of Pride!"

Lexington had its second annual Pride festival on Saturday, and boy, was it a sight to see! What seemed like thousands upon thousands of GLBT people and supporters descended upon Cheapside Park in the heart of downtown (though a few of them in the morning were looking for the Farmers Market - "Pride festival? You mean like GAY Pride?!")

The music was great. The design. All of the gay bars had excellent afterparties, discounts, etc.

Flowrider's Lexington Pride Highlights:

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As Fortuitous as it Might Seem...

I wrote that last entry when - Thursday?

Because I think I may have met someone.

There are so many issues that I want to discuss at another time - as in there are so many logical reasons why this might not work out. But I met someone pretty cool over the weekend, and he's pretty into me, and I think I might be pretty into him.

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A Ranty Introduction

There have been plenty of times in my life when I've just felt like I needed an outlet. This is obviously one of them. I actually had an Oasismag journal back in High School, when I was first exploring and figuring out my sexuality - the uid and password, however, are long gone (and probably "good riddance" - who knows what I was writing about back then...

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