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I just wanted to let you know how utterly amazing you are. Everything about you is just so damn cute! The way you have to hold your bangs because they never cooperate, how excited you get when we go longboarding, the sound effects you add to every day life, everything you do is super fucking adorable. I wish I could just record everything you do so I'll have proof when you debate me over how amazing and beautiful you are.

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Good laughs

Bloody hell this site gives me great entertainment when the claws come out with some of these fellas. Give me some popcorn and I'll enjoy the show =]

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Pictures from Grad

Grad bitch

Grad party

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Getting shitty.

I GRADUATED ON FRIDAY. Yeah, it's not really a big deal BUT I did, however, have an amazing graduation party.

See, it wasn't the biggest party by any means but it was all of my friends who had graduated years ago (which means current college students, which means they know how to party).

I can make a list of why it was so great:
-Mexican food (who doesn't like mexican food? especially when alcohol is involved)
- Music
-Jello shots
-Wine in a box (classy)
-Flip cup
-Vodka/wine/mixer pong (beer is gross)
- Beer shotgunning (in which I puked making the previous statement ^ true)

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So I've noticed the high level of cyber-drama on here but I'm not going to mock it because I think it's quite boring now.

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purging, opps

If any of you have a tumblr feel free to follow me:

I'm basically one of the most sarcastic people you will ever meet and half the shit I post is making fun of something.

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You know what?

Homosexuality is normal, it's found in over 400+ species.

It's just as big of a sin as wearing two different types of material (if you're religious that is)

It's definitely trendy right now ;)

It's a sense of freedom and liberation when you finally come to terms with who and what you are.


IT CAN NOT BE CURED (ex gay my ass, no pun intended)


And obviously, this site is still a lot of fun to fuck with Yamatashinaksimoto. Something like that.

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We may not go together like peanut butter and jelly, but I make you smile and you make me happy.

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So I'm thinking about killing my roomate.. Amen. Oh, wait that lines already been taken. Damn.

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Darkness be my friend.

So I haven't wrote on here in the longest time. I do however creep on everybody else's journals.

Lately all I've been doing is working, 26 hours this week and 29 last. Good times!

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Writing mood.

So it's 12:54 am and I've been writing poems. Cool, I know. I figured I'd post a few of them up here, it's been a while since I've posted poetry.


We've been snowed in for days.
I've been catching up with you.
I miss you.
I really do.

We've been snowed in for days.
I've wanted to leave.
To be freed.
I want to see more than I'm allowed.

We've been snowed in for days.
I've sat here thinking,
everything to be alright.

For just tonight,
be alright.


Shut up
nobody is listening to you
because nobody cares

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Rose are red.
Violets are blue.
Fuck you, whore.

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Well hello there.

So my last couple of days have been eventful. I broke up with Sophmore for more than one reason. I actually made a list haha.
1. She smoked.

2. She was immature.

3. She wanted to be straight with all her heart.

4. She was a whore.

5. She was moody and bipolar-like.

6. She had health anxiety and panic attacks on the daily.

7. She DID NOT think gays should be allowed to marry... makes sense right?

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Now We Can See

Does anyone else have really weird dreams that haunt the rest of their day?

It's been happening to me all week and it's creepy.

That was my random statement for the day.

My basketball season is overwhelming and leads to my lack of social life. We did, however, win the other night 98-13. Mhmm practice is helpful.

School is lame as usual.

Sophmore and I are dating.

Apparantly I'm dating two other girls too... hahaha. Anyone I talk to as a friend is automatically gay in other peoples eyes for corresponding with me. I looove it!

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Well it's been some time.

So Christmas was eventful. 'Lemme explain.

One, I got a new laptop... meaning I can get on here more often, wooo.

Two, I got the Sims 3.

Three, this girl who I've been "talking" to spent the night.

I should go into more detail about this girl. It's Sophomore from previous posts. I finally got the balls to talk to her and well things have moved way fast between us. Leading into the fact that I'm no longer a virgin haha.

Four, I've gone to practice everyday this week with a new hickey. I'm kind of really tired of having them...

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