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Never really on here anymore 0_o

I feel bad, yo.
Holla at my Facebook, that would be alot easier.
All my stuff is on my page.

Sorry D:
All my updates on my life are on there, haha, all of my poetry and such. Get at me.

Later yo.

p.s. ask me about gender therapyy :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

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GLBTQG-Q Rights Rap!

(9.25.09 Friday)
For Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgenders, Questionings, and Gender-queers. (Yes, I have included you :D )

why can't people love?
why the push and shove?
why can't men love men,
and women love women?
it's how we were born,
i don't see any sinnin'.
and what's the problem with transgender?
it's not like i'm a sex offender
if god made me one way
i also have free will
in my life you have no say,
so keep your tongue still.
what's the whole big fight?
what's really the issue?
let us have our rights
i'm not trying to twist you, dismiss you

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Not Your Typical Love Song.

(9.29.09 Tuesday...I was in a weird mood, lol. Just generally directed to some people.)

** This isn't your typical love song
I don't plan to sweep you off your feet
I'm not gonna whisper sweet nothings
in your ear to help you go to sleep. **

I'm just a teenager,
you expect commitment?
I can't see forever in your eyes,
I'm not even sure if I can see next week.

I just wanna take it day by day,
see how everything goes
I mean, sure, I like you
but don't expect a ring any time soon.

** This isn't your typical love song
I don't plan to sweep you off your feet

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Well, that's a lonely realization...I'm the only trans kid at my school.

I was sitting in my first meeting of the year of the GLBTQ support group at my school this morning.
We have alot of kids from 9th and 10th grades, especially, so the 11th and 12th graders and everyone are trying to figure out how we can get a manageable support group size so everyone can get their turn talking and getting help.
Now, last year, it was 9th grade and 10/11/12 by ourselves.
Now, people are offering ideas about "how about we do the gay boys, together, lesbians together, bi kids together, and questioning kids go wherever they think they go?"
Which is great.
For everyone else.

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Parents and me being trans!

My mom and stepdad are being SO great about it!!!!!!!!!!
They refer to me as Trey, use male pronouns, and talk about me saying I'm their "son."
And if they make a mistake they apologize profusely.
I'm sosososososososooooooo happy.

Dad and Stepmom, on the other hand...notsomuch.
Try to understand, but it's not really working out.

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single, holller.

i kinda really enjoy it though.
analisa and i rarely saw each other or talked,
she was busy alot.
it's whatever.
we're really good friends so it's fine.

i like being a free person :D

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I wrote this song for my girlfriend and yeah :]

i wrote this in may but yeah.

If I were a jigsaw, you'd be the missing piece
If I were a house, you'd have my heart on lease
Advertised in the "Houses For Sale" section
wishingwaitingwanting to be made your selection.

If I were the lemon, then you'd be -ade
If I were on MTV, I'd want to be made
into someone great for you, have the whole world see
that in my heart I know you are perfect for me.

**It's a small world after all,
so won't you be my neighbor?
I would go to the dark side
if you were Darth Vader.**

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FAiL? near-cheating and epiphanies and such.

alright i'm not gonna bother with typing correctly right now cause i don't give a shitt
just wanna get everything out.

here goes nothin.
[that's a nevershoutnever! songg(:!!!]
fuck adhd.


i'd never cheat on my girlfriend.

i think about it all the time.
i mean alot.
anddd i talked to this girl about it yesterday
we had a hellla risque conversation
and we planned to chill...and stufff.

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First Journal, haaaayyy. Ramblings.

Mkay soooo.
I haven't written anything for this site yet, and if there are any random people reading my shit they might want shit to read.

I'm in Vermont for three weeks, right?
Leaving Saturday.

And uhm for those of you who don't know, mainly all of you, I have this issue called crushitis right?
Just...raging teenage hormones.
I thought once I got a girlfriend that shit wouldn't go down anymore...wroooong.
I know it's just that I miss her
and I always feel the need to have a girl in my life


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