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Things have been going pretty well. Last week we got to play with human brains in anatomy, and it was uh-mazing. They were brought in by college students who did a presentation with them. They had two kinds: plasticized and wet. The plasticized ones were slightly shrunken, while the wet ones were sliced into layers and were set in containers of shallow water. :) We were able to touch both (while wearing gloves). A few girls were complaining about the smell, but I can honestly say I didn't smell a thing. At least not until I had taken off the gloves.

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I've realized that most of my journals have been packed with rants and drama, and for that I apologize. I used this site to write about the bad things going on in my life instead of the good. That kind of drama is meant for a private journal, not a public site. So again, you all have my deepest apologies. I just want to thank you all for putting up with me, and I hope we can start again on a lighter note. :)

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Coming Out

Well... I came out to my mom today. She was taken by surprise, to say the least. I don't quite think she believes me. She said she was hoping it was just a phase. And then she asked if I was sexually active with another girl. Coming from her, that really, really hurt. When she thought I was straight she never asked me about that. And of course, I'm not, but... Ouch. Why would she expect that I wasn't a virgin, just because I told her I was gay? I'm really beginning to think of this as a mistake. I really screwed myself over.

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Another Monday has come and even though it's only noon, I'm already packed with homework. I really need to train myself to stay up later. That way I have time to study, do homework, and most importantly, have a little 'me-time'. I'm entering two contests this week (on a site that I will not mention) and I couldn't be happier. One is a haiku contest, the other is for art. On top of that, my friend and I have decided to make our own deck of tarot cards. Yes, I realize those things aren't real, but hey, they're fun to use and they're fun to make. Anyway, it's going to be really fun.

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Over the weekend a boy from my school committed suicide.

I really don't know what to say. So many of my friends and classmates were close to him, yet they say they never saw it coming. He never seemed to be depressed... He was a good student, was a part of the school's sports team; he was your average teamage boy. It's horrible that things like this can happen. He will definately be missed.

Rest in Peace.
My prayers go out to the family and friends.

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Questions, Comments, Lyrics :)

"The colors of the rainbow shine so bright,
Every time I look into your eyes~
It's the colors of the rainbow that feed my soul,
Over and over just like you do~"
-Colours of the Rainbow, by Tune Up!

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Hey, I'm new here. This is my first LGBT site, so I'm pretty excited... I'm a bisexual, and unfortunately, I'm still in the closet. I guess I just wanted to take the time to say hello to you all. c: So hello.

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