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talk about neglect

i'm sorry again. you can blame it on tumblr.
i haven't been around and it's probably time i updated you all, no?

well, there's tumlr:
and deviantart:

i don't really know what to say...
oh! i'm now the president of my school's gsa :)
it's scary and there's so much to do, but i like it.
and there's this girl that i really really really really really really
really really really really like. lolscrewitimmasaylove.
the feelings are mutual, but she doesn't feel comfortable or

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I do not think I quite belong anywhere but in the void of my empty mind. Everyone but me has their friends and their memories and their past. Perhaps it is my own fault that I stand in the background and watch them make their memories. Perhaps I make myself afraid that I will never have what everyone else has, thus I remain without the companionship I crave and the memories I need. I wait and see if anyone would take pity upon the poor soul, lonely and alone, just as I would. But alas, no results and I return to my lonely mind, alone and full of nothing.

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I never said love

I just want to rest my hands on your waist, maybe the small of your back or your shoulders where wings would be. I’d caress your hands and your neck and face. I wouldn’t touch you in those places people consider sexual. Only because I feel no need to. To me, sensual places are what I mentioned. The neck. I’d kiss you there. I’d nuzzle you there. I’d kiss you on the forehead and the head and the cheeks. I’d Eskimo kiss you. But not on the lips because I feel no need to. My idea of sexy time is cuddling and kissing on the neck.

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I miss you Oasis

I have no excuse for being away for so long. Tumblr has basically taken my soul. There's a lot to catch up on and a lot to tell you. I start with where o left you last: the girl.

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Friday the 13th was no so unlucky

So this girl. This freshman. She likes me. And I like her. So what happens after that's been cleared up? We both want to cuddle each other. Guess who's not forever alone anymore. That's right. Me. Holy shit. Anyway. Just thought I'd update.

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We all sing as you leave.

We all sing as you depart.
So she’s dropping out of school and going back to Taiwan for a month on the 29th. I hope I get to see her at prom.

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Awkwardly uncomfortable

This one girl in my chem class accidentally smacked my boob and after she apologized, she kept smacking it because she was explaining how she always accidentally smacks her other friends’ boobs. Kinda just scooted away from her before she smacked me again.

I’m now the president of the GSA next year. Exciting shit yo. Ali will be vp, Diana secretary and Christina treasurer. We’ve a great team and I really look

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Heart strings

When we were running through the repretoir, I could hear you at times and your voice reached my ears, they reached my heart. When they reached my heart, my heart pumped harder and there was a weight on my chest. There were tears lodged in my tear ducts.
You don’t know what you do to me.
Stop it.

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It's all May showers.

You probably don’t care, but I like you a lot. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve given you flowers that I made with care along with notes that I hoped would win your heart. It didn’t win your heart. You said thank you when I let you know it was I who was giving these to you. I’m just a friend to you and I wish we’d be more. That won’t happen. I’m goin to try to forget you. I always fall, fail and linger too long. This time, I’m going to force myself to forget. I’m going to stick my heart in a freezer and I’ll be numb numb numb.

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Finn Frankie Fish the Fifth

it’s a good thing johnny appleseed didn’t eat those seeds when he got hungry!

i wish it was even day everyday. why? so that i could have choir everyday.

but mostly because she’s there too. it’s so i actually have an excuse to talk to her. even though there’s a 99.999999% chance that i have absolutely no chance with her, i can’t stop thinking about her, liking her, seeing her in my mind, hearing her voice, wishing everyday that i could rest my head on her shoulder and bury my face in the nape of her neck, to caress her hands and ask her to sing me to sleep.

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The Real Housewives of Salem

I'm not sure what I wanna write here.

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Ah ma goin tuh prom y'all

With one of my neighbors. As a friend. I'm gonna go to her at lunch with a bunch of signs. This was completely last minute. We decided to go together before we went jogging. I really hope my parents let me wear a tux. Boy my thoughts are really choppy. I'm excited.

The signs say:

1 thing
2 do
3 words
4 you

Stole the idea from my cousin's ex whe n he asked her to prom her junior year. I know, I'm so creative.

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Him and her. What?

I love this boy so much. He means the world to me and more. He makes me feel loved, which is very difficult to do. I even don't mind his fetishes of over-sized breasts, ass and muscle. He's just wonderfully kind and loving.


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Your birds are fat and your trees are dying!

Should I just keep asking her if she wants to hang out, even if I know her answer will be "maybe next time~" ?

Ugh his girl. You guys are probably tired of reading about her. I'll stop, I'm sorry.

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I texted her this:

I think you're absolutely amazing in just about every way. You already know this, but I like you. A lot. You don't need coloured contacts because your eyes are already gorgeous. It's an amazing shade of amber brown that's practically clear. Your smile just about melts my heart everytime.

And she said nothing.

She's always dodging my attempts at flirting and things like that. :I

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