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Soo... news.

Midterms were supposed to start tuesday.. they got pushed back two days because of snow days. I had the perfect midterm schedule - I was done on Thursday, I had an art show for my art school, I could just relax and have massive amounts of fun at that knowing I was done with any work for the next four days (midterms continued the day after thursday for other people, not me because of art school.. no period seven. Win. Also, we were gonna have the monday off).

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Volunteering, GLSEN

I applied for a volunteer spot at this place that actually allows under-16s AND is in my state AND is lgbtq oriented. I'm excitedd. :D

Also, I think I might become part of the GLSEN board. Imma try to go to a meeting on Monday.

Should be awesome. :)

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I disappeared

I don't even know why.. I just did. Probably something along the lines of laziness. I dunno.

But I'm at least back for right now. So those that don't know me, hi, I'm Skylar, your friendly neighborhood geek. No, really. In every way imagineable. Food? Yup. Scifi? Yup. Books? Yup. Philosophy? Yup. Music? Yup. Politics? Well.. moreso than most kids my age, at least.

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Duuude.. I need to get back here. I've just been so busyyyyy recently.. it's insane. ><

For those of you that are curious, Skunk and I broke up but are friends now.. I got asked out again. I said yes. Am I desireable now or something? ><

T-wise.. well, I don't even wanna get into that.. I can't do the situation justice. I'm just sick of waiting for other people to stop controlling my life.. screw youth. You can't get anything that you need to get done done.. it's like.. it'll be easier for me to act young once I'm already legally an adult. What's the good in that?

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Oh that's good

Now his parents are using his mental well being as a bargaining chip for homrones. If they ever have any idea that any of that is happening, he doesn't get them. Period. Until he's 18.

(see my previous journal..)

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I got back from camp. Skunk was depressed. Like.. really depressed.. like.. he cut his chest while I was gone depressed. We got in our first argument depressed. Really, really depressed.

We hardly talked for a few days.. well, we did, but when we did it wasn't for long and it usually ended up on a depressed note.

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1 year, 4 weeks

I guess I missed the anniversary. Still, I had it. 4 weeks ago. Yayyy, oasis birthday! xD

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I have almost a physical feeling of sickness because I'm not at camp anymore.. that's what it was like with the iland too. I hate loving places like they're my home when they're not my home.. and then coming back, and having to deal with all of the drama of home, all of the 'friends' that are more like acquaintances to me because I barely have a real connection with them any more.. all of my real friends are usually distracted with other people, their boyfriends or girlfriends or friends who have the ability to hang out with groups..

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Trans camp..

Was more amazing than I could have ever imagined.

I miss it.

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Facebook is trying to convince the world that there's only one sentece that's a palindrome! Wthhhh?

Es mad annoyingggg...

That's all.


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I kind of just want support right now..

I'm in a polyamorous relationship in which my boyfriend's girlfriend is abusive. I can't deal with only one other person knowing any more.

He tried to break up with her but she convinced him to stay..

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Riku's here! ;D

He's playing guitar next to me. He has no idea I'm writing about him. Teehee.

I feel totally stealth right now. Like when I took a picture of poetry guy shirtless.. mmmm, he's gorgeous. Nobody even knew I had my phone with me.

Aha, I'm so ninja.

I'm done now. >>

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Too much shittttt

Soo.. skunk's mum refuses to let me see him. He was literally ten minutes away from leaving to sleepover at my house last thursday, she had said yes earlier that day, and she was just like "I want you home. No."

She doesn't even know we're together. What the helll?

I went to that place again... it was mentioned in like my second journal ever. I hate leaving there... it's so perfect. It's just... everything I want in life, except that skunk wasn't there..

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Those rare moments when I absolutely -despise- the fact that I'm trans

I'm at a family reunion right now for my stepdad.. I love his family and all, but tonight everybody went to a hot tub. I mean -everybody-. Well, anybody I could hang out with.

I have to wear a shirt in the hot tub. All of the other guys get to take off their shirts and just chill. That in itself is really freaking dysphoria inducing.. but I can deal.

What's worse is the whole.. mantime.. thing.. what the fuck am I supposed to do? I'm not fricking asking my family for anything, that would just.. I guess it's just something you can't understand unless you're trans too..

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I'm really not cut out for relationships..

One day I'm perfectly happy and I know that he likes me and it's all good. But then as soon as I get a bit overtired I start freaking out and getting paranoid and depressed and.. fleh.

It doesn't help that I doubt I'll be able to see him tomorrow, and I'm leaving for two weeks on monday. I haven't seen him since tuesday. And I dunno how much that counted.. I mean.. I dunno. But that means it'll have been three weeks by the next time I see him. And I hate it.. I freaking hate it. So much.

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