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In case anybody was wondering

I'm a total masochist.


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Oasis was down D: Wanna catch up? :D

Wow.. conflicting emotes. Fail.

Yesterday... I was just in a mood that I wouldda foudn anybody attractive. Which sounds like I'm saying horny, but I highly doubt it was that... seeign as if it was that I could probably tell you what it felt like to be horny.

But like... I went to see sherlock holmes, for example, and was just like ":O Robert Downey Junior's quite attractive.... :O same with Jude Law." Which... they always were, but it was different this time around. It was more like... I dunno.

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Doing this english project... have to make a board game. It's so aggravatingg! I've done the layout... I have to fill in teh squares, outlien it all, color it all, write instructions, and make a title and tagline... fun, right?

I'm about a third of the way done with the squares... and it's flipping hard to concentrate. So I've decided to finish my mini-essay instead and get it out of the way. I only have two paragraphs left, anyways..

Tomorrow... Latin project, finish anythign english related.

Wednesday... Doctor Who party! Hooshaw! And guess who says he's coming? :D

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christmas, new york... whatever else

Yeahh, christmas was awesome. I didn't get toooo too much.. I'll give you a listof the major stuff

Boxers (Yay, more. :D)
Books... sortakinda, anywho
Food.. the annual stalking stuffer. No really, we get like... jelly and stuff. It's weird... at least I got chocolate though.

So that was the more boring stuff, all of which I knew I'd get. The interesting stuff?

Gift card to a coffee shop that I go to every day (sweeeeetness. :D)
Flipping EPIC hat... no really, coolest thing ever...a side from maybe teh dino hat... hmmmm..
Doctor who poster... YESSSS
Cameraa :D

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Senior was in school today.. it was just like.. I was on my way to sceince, I dropped something, and all of a sudden he was there. He didn't even used to walk down that hallway..

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Just in case you cared

First off, the journal about me beign pathetic was only partially serious. I mean I'm pathetic in terms of him... for hte most part, I'm qutie happy with myself. But then he comes back from califronia... now fun.

Anywho, Christmas wrapping is mostly done... just the family left to do.

Also, christmas shoppign is mostly done... just my mum left.

Free time today? About 20 minutes...

Have I seen Senior again since thursday? Absolutely not.

Do I still constantly look towards his house while we're waiting for hte bus at art school? Absolutely.

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Currently there are three people online: Me, tophat, and dracofang... I feel like I'm getting in there way. Maybe I oughtta sign off... xDDD

In other news, If eel I've devised the perfect plan to hang out with senior... the issue is pulling it off without i being obvious. Or without him getting sick of hanging out with me.. issues, issues..

I also need to find out how to mail this little present... my mum's not being particularly helpful... D:

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I'm pathetic

That's all I really have to say. Nothing new, just thoughts of... everything running through my head. And they all lead to the fact that I'm pathetic. Meh.

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Guess who had an awesome dayy? Skylar didd!!!!

Yupyup, so started off with me having a starbucks smoothie. From there I went to cambridge and met my friend at the Garage and from there just went to chill around town. That was awesomee.. ^^

She was like... crazy happy/friendly... and was wearing yellow pants. Ownage. xD

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I totally played it cool... not

So.. he was back today. He showed up at our winter concert (which sucked, btw) and... I dunno., He was there.

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I. Don't. Get it.

Out of nowhere all fo these people are telling me that either they like me or they used to... or that they can see why somebody would.

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ahaha.. sooo...

My friend misheard Senior when she thought he said he'd be back today. It probably is thursday... but he's coming to visit the art school/regular school (who knows) at a later date.

Fun stuff...

Oh! And one of my friends just go into yale! He was like.... the first transguy I knew... ahhh, the days when I didn't know what the hell he meant. So long ago...

Anywho.. it's exciting. I'll probably be able to hang out with him next year.. I haven't seen him since before he came out as trans.. craziness.

Aaaand... revels this weekend. I'm excited. :D

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Jeez... right then..

Yeah... turns out he lied to people, and he's probably sitting at home all cozy like right now, waiting until tomorrow to surprise us all. I kinda want it to be tomorrow... he's almost definitely coming into school. But wait... how do I react to seeing him? I'm not supposed to know that he's here now.. oO

I guess I can just say that I didn't actually stalk his wall and therefore wasn't sure when he was coming back.. so no date was really a surprise to me. Hm... now the question is whether or not he'd believe that...

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Kay, friday got home.. some relaxation time... went to a holiday party at which there were no kids at all.. yeah, fun. I might've already talked about this, actually.. whatever, some of the adults were cool.

Got home... heard about the fact that my sister got rejected from stanford. Not deferred... rejected. This may not seem so unbelievable to you, but trust me... Stanford is out of their freaking mind... They would've been sooo lucky to have her, it's ridiculous.. Fleh.

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Hm.. You know what?

I currently feel like an idiot. And I don't even know why. I quite literally have no reason to feel like an idiot right now. But I do.

I think I'm just in one of those "depressed for no reason" moods. It's not like I'm crazy depressed. Just enough to be mildly pissy whenever anybody's doing something that I would normally respond somewhere along the lines of "Meh... I don't really wanna, but it's still cool." Right now it's more like "Grr. Fine. Whatever."


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