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Because Riku asked for it... xD

Yeah, so... my english teacher has us do these journal entry things in a composition notebook. On the front of mine I wrote "Hello, my name is Inigio Montoya, you killed my father... prepare to die."

I also wrote a tic-tac-toe board on a random page and under it wrote "You know you wanna."

He made his move in tic-tac-toe and wrote under my little blurb "As you wish." On a random page he also wrote "I don't suppose you could speed things up?" and asked for the next line.

So yeah. He's epic.

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The 17th

That's when he be back. Imma guess he comes to school on that friday and chills with us at study hall. Cuz he loves all of us art school kids. :D

Um... other stuff... my english teacher is freaking AMAZING.

I'd explain why but I'm too lazy. Let's just say it involves the princess bride. :D

No, we're not watching it... unfortunately.. that probably leaves all of you very confused. Oh well. xDD

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Huzzah For Snowdays!

Things I accomplished today:

Finished my English essay
Watched Will and Grace
Watched a Movie
Was a Lazy Blob
Convinced my sister I'm psychic
Finished a roll of film... okay, so that was yesterday. Shush.
I feel like there's more, but I can't think of it..

Things I don't have to worry about for tomorrow:

My English Essay

Things that didn't happen today that I'm mildly disappointed about but I can live with:

I didn't get to wear my converse... I only just foudn them after wayyyy too long without htem. ;-;

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Oh yeah, one more thing...

I dreamed about him last night. Fricking dreamed about him.. I was over him. So, so over him..

But last night I dreamed that he was back, and texted me askign if he was having dinner tonight. I was extremely confused, so I called him and he seemed all excited to hear from me. So I was like "Um.. I shoudl think you're having dinner. You are a cook, aren't you?" And he started talkign about how he had absolutely nothing to do today, and he wouldn't tomorrow...

I don't think I ever invited him over. I was too thoroughly confused... jees, even my subconscious is pathetic..

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Two Stories.. fun stuff

Mmkay, one.. this is the one that annoys me. That way you can be amused after the pissy rant. :D

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Barack Obama

Yeah, he's still an amazing guy. Maybe he hasn't done as much as he promised, and people are pissed at himf or that, but don't you get it? You elect this guy and ask for chagne and then refuse to let it happen! You elect him asking him to allow gay marriage, and then half of the states that it's been allowed in have voted it down again. You ask him to reform healthcare, and then don't do anything to help him do that. You ask him to fix the economy, and then do nothing yourself to help it along... I even see ads on tv saying now is the best time to buy a house!

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Saved by popcorn!

Yeah, If elt like I was gonna be sick earlier and I couldn't tell whether it was because I was hungry or something else. So I forced my dad to buy me kettle corn and figured that if I wasn't hungry the eating could distract me, anyways. It worked. xD

So I managed not to look sick even though I felt it. And now I feel better. Popcorn saved me. Haha...

Just thought you oughtta know that. In other news... I have one out of two christmas trees picked out. Yay! Lol..

I really should be doing homework..

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So... I dunno why, but I was thinking about this today...

I think that a lot of my problem with my body has to do with clothing. Not all of it, of course. I hate my chest, but I can flatten that down and wear the shirts that I want to. I also rather dislike my voice, and that has almost nothing to do with clothing...

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Stupid, stupid, stupid freaking thing. I wake up today feeling like absolute crap, like.... moreso than most people on this site would understand, I should think, and certainly not bio guys... I considered not going to school because of it. Really... I get it bad enough that I almost faint anytime that I stand up for too long. Yeah... it's bad.

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I think...

I may have found another trans person at my school...

I'm talking to her about gender and she's talking about how it never mattered much to her, but how she used to get teased for it so she tried to be more "normal" and at first it made her really depressed but now she tries no to think about it..


Needless to say, I'm showing her all of the good youtube channels. xD

Hmm.. we'll see where this leads, I s'pose. ^^

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New York rejected the gay marriage bill.

So much for that win...

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Hmm... so, I finished another roll of film today in darkroom. Yay! And processed it... yay! I get to see the negatives tomorrow.. I'm kinda excited to see these ones.. I had a reallly pretty model and I'm honestly quite proud of my idea.

Nothing really interesting from regular school...

But youtube's probably getting his chest surgery in january! I'm ridiculously happy for him! Slightly jealous, but it's still awesome. :D

Would it be weird if I asked him to see it? Probably. xD

Ah well. I hope he gets that therapist's letter so that it's all set.

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Thank freaking Gods...

I finished my photo project. I got soooo freaked out... ><

Um... my stepbrothers are jerks. They were completely controlling the computer and watching the world's most stupid show on tv. In the other room, where my mum stepdad and sister were, there was no talking, but music on. Music means I can't read or do homework or anything.. it distracts me too easily. So.. thanks to my stepbrothers I had nowhere to go that I could enjoy myself.

Meh, whatever.

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I hafta do my photography assignment today... one of my models had a family emergency and one won't be here until 1 or 2, if then, because her mum is a bitch.

I'm so. freaking. screwed. I don't suppose anybody lives in connecticut? And would be willing to model? Yeah, I'm -that- screwed. xP

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I Have Nothing to Say

Other than that I got boxers.. at youth group.

Teh fact that I went to youth group today should be enough to tell you my mood.

Mmkay, night.

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