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Day off!


Anywho, yeah, had a day off today. I went to my therapist, and we ended up having a long conversation on the merits of darkroom photography vs. digital photography. And my parents are officially gonna try to call me Skylar and he and whatnot. I mean... they weren't against it before, I was just too chicken to ask them directly.

I swear my phone is vibrating, but I know it's not cuz that'd be ridiculous. Nobody cares enough to call or text me. Aside from, apparently, Halloween. :P

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Holy Crap

Yeah... remember halloween kid? Meh, Imma shorten that to just halloween... Well, remember halloween? Yeah, he asked me to his school dance on friday.

Holy crap. Somebody actually asked me out. And called us a gay couple. Completely naturally. While knowing I'm trans. Can you even begin to realize how freaking amazing that is? Well... probably. Not the point.


I'm happy. And shaking. Although I think that has to do with the fact that it's cold. Maybe.. hm..

Yay. xD

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Hm. Absolutely nothing interesting happened today... Oh wait. I got three emails that weren't junk mail... which is really exciting for me, cuz nobody ever emails me. Ever. Evvverrr.


Otherwise I just sat there reading MLIA until I got to page 300. Noo, I didn't start it today. I was on page 250 at the beginning of the day, or something like that. Yeah, that's still really depressing. Shut up.

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Haha. No really, there was a party.

It was kind afunny, actually, at the beginning a bunch of kids decided to hide in the woods to freak everybody out. Then most of them came out, except for one, who went inside discreetly without anybody noticing. Even the people who were in on the prank started to think he was legitimately lost... the whole time I was sitting there with two other people saying "Yeahhhhh... this is so obviously a prank...."

Guess who was right? xD

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Ridiculously Awesome Morning...

Today was that trans youth group.... :D

It was awesome. The first person I saw when I got there was a guy that I was semi-stalking on youtube... I was like "DUUUUUUUDE!!!" 'Cept I didn't say that. I just mentioned youtube to him at the end. Turns out we both use the word droolworthy. xD

What elsee... I dunno. I want it to be the 28th so we can have our next meeting? Yeah, I'll stick with that. The people were awesome. Really awesome. The guy that I knew from youtube was quite sarcastic... which he's not at all in his videos. Wasn't expecting it. It was cool.

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Cuz I have no better titles. Mmmkay. I just had this whole family therapy session thing. It was interesting, I s'pose... I pretty much got told that it was gonna be a long time before hormones though. That really sucks. :P

Aaaand tonight I'm playing at a football game for band. That'll be fun... well, fun enough. By the end I'll get cold and all that, but it'll be fun at the beginning. xD

It'll be depressing though, cuz no senior... :/

Trans youth meeting tomorrow. I'm ridiculously excited... I want it to be tomorrow already. xD

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Today... nothing exciting happened. But I feel the need to post a journal anyways. Just for the sake of posting a journal..

Erm. Whelp, I have a weird vibe that my mum is against hormones. Which.. I have no idea what about them she could be against. I know she doesn't have a problem with the idea of them.. she acts like they can cause some major helath risk or something. Which... the only one she's directly mentioned ahd to do with fertility. Which I really really really really really don't give a crap about. I'm NOT about to give birth. I couldn't. Ever. EVVVVERRRR!

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Went to the mall today. It's weird going there. It's so... unlike the type of place I'd normally go. xD

I almost never go of my own accord. The only stores I actually like to shop in are hot topic and pac sun, just cuz they have cool sweatshirts and whatnot. They're so expensive though!!

I found the dinosaur hat, too... at Hot Topic. It was funny... I was tempted to send a picture to Senior, but I decided against it. He doesn't need constant reminders of how much I like him..

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No School Tomorrow...


Hm... maybe I'll bohter Senior with facebook messages... and maybe he won't actually be creeped out. :D

Anywho, I want somethign to do tonight... I'd like to have two friends over. So far I've found one... how disappointing. Ah well, she'll probably come over and we'll have a good time and it'll be all cool.

Ummm... there really hasn't been anything new. I'm still talking to that guy from halloween... I'm still also obsessing over Senior... it's still depressing to walk to fifth period.

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I'm in a good mood... whoda thunkit? Man, I need to stop with the mood swings.

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Aha... >>

Heh, remember that journal I posted last night? Yeah, I didn't stop thinking about that all night. As soon as the lights were off in my room I had like a mental breakdown. As in... worse than the one I had on monday when Senior just left and worse than the one I almost had on thursday last week... because this one actually happened. Funnnn stufffff. Jees, I dunno what's up with me. I feel perfectly fine and normal and everything until I'm alone. Then I... well... meh.

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Posted by somebody that I hate... they still kill me. Every time that somebody posts good luck on his wall I hate them because they have more courage than me... but then I realize that it's not that they have more courage, it's that they don't have a reason to -need- courage to post on his wall. They don't constantly worry that everything they send will be overkill, even if they know it won't be. What is it about him that makes me so awkward?

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I'm horrible at titles.. have you noticed yet? :D

Soo... art show yesterday. That went well. Not much else to say about it, really... my dad was the absolute last person to come. Of course... and I left my backpack there overnight. Haha... I didn't get it until after school today. Fail. Lol.

Did a project after I got home... at almost nine. A whole project. That was due today. Including an essay. Pshhhhht, I wasn't procrastinating. :D

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Yeah. I have a cough. And I'm still really really exhausted... even after two extra hours of sleep. I'll get more tonight, but if it didn't help last night I'm not convinced that it will tonight...

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Wow... Confused. oO

Lessee... I woke up today depressed. I stayed that way most of the day. In science class I almost fell asleep. Whenever anybody went to give me a hug cuz they knew I was upset I almost started crying... my lunch was inedible due to the exploded pear all over it... I was pretty much numb all day, actually.

At that art school we have a show on thursday... which means today was hectic. We were trying to mount all of our pictures and critique them.. heh, interesting stuff. I'm pretty sure I once again almost fell asleep.

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