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I don't get myself...

I spend so much time saying I wish I had more tiem to relax, and Is till honestly want to have mroe tiem to relax...

But then today I had plenty of time to relax and.. I didn't want to do any fo the things tha tI would normally consider relaxing. I couldn't sit still long enough to watch tv or be on the computer, and I didn't feel like playing any of my video games.. or at least, by the time I got to playing video games my dad came and picked me up and brought me to the house that doesn't have zelda.

And then... I dunno, I watched tv for a bit but not too long, and..

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Contrasts in School

It's amazing, really, how big of a difference youc an see in how people were brought up or whatever just by listening to the people around you.

Yesterday, before it turned into the most amazing day ever, I was sitting in science class. We had a mini project sort of thing about genetic disorders, and what can cause them. Somebody had a karyotype of chromosomes that had Turner's Syndrome.. if you don't know what that is, it's when a woman only has one X chromosome - she never goes through puberty. No breasts, no period, not hips... pretty much it's a naturally induced hormone blocker.

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Epic night of total epicness. Hell yes.

Soo... first off, art school... always fun. We didn't really do much, but that was half the fun, cuz we had the good teacher back... he has the most awesome stories ever. Cute guy came back to see the show... I managed to hit him in the eye with a flying plastic cup.. without actually talking to him. I rule, right? xD

Umm... I'm getting wayy ahead of myself... Woww

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Hm.. These things are getting less frequent

Today... school... asked my teacher about the whole not honors thing. Well.. first you shoudl know they made reccomendations really early this year. Anywho, he pretty much told me "I was more conservative than usual this year (He's TONS conservative with recommendations usually) and I'm sure you can take it, there are other people in the class that I think could be in honors, but it's only halfway throught he year and blahblahblahblah."

So pretty much I think he feels bad now cuz he realizes I could do it pretty damned easily.

Art school... teh good teacher was back! Huzzah! xD

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I don't want halloween back anymore... it probably helps that he never actually got aroudn to talkign to me, really... ah well.

I had group today... I love it there. Everybody's just awesome. Afterwards I went out to lunch with two of the people and the people that drove them (respectively). There this one girl, who I'll call J cuz I've gotten boring like that, who's came to the group and -never- talked. Now she still doesn't much, but she's definitely more comfortable there, and it's really awesome to see.

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So I'm sitting here mad at my english teacher... cuz he reccomended me for Level 1. I should be in honors.. I'll waive up and do fine but that'll just make me more mad at him, cuz it means that he thinks he's so good at telling what people are like and he somehow managed to screw up with just me. And it's annoying... even if I do love him as a teacher. Like... his class is easy for me. I don't get how the hell people think A Tale of Two Cities is hard to read... or how they think it's over descriptive or how people have freakouts over the fact that there were nights when we had... what...

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I texted halloween last night... cuz he's always hidden on IM and i was on the computer that doesn't let me IM someone that shows as offline. He said we would talk tonight.. I dunno. Should be interesting. xD

Group saturday.. I'm excited. Very much so. :D

Nopthign else exciting. No homework tonight... fun stuff.


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I want halloween back... thing is, I do right this moment. I've only been thinking about it for... a week? I dunno, not long enough to be sure...

And I don't wanna tell him that and get his hopes up (cuz he's not completely over me) and then realize I was wrong... but I don't wanna miss my chance either.

And I just feel like a horrible person.. I just... ugh.

I dunno. We'll see, I guess..

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Yummm. -And- he's cute... always a plus. ^^

Umm... OH! I remember what else I was gonna say.

This morning... well, first off my sister has a drivers license but hasn't for logn enough to drive me to school. so I was standing at the buss top alone freezing my bum off and wondering where my other bus-mate was... when he drove up with his dad. I don't know his dad, and I'm not sure of this kid's name. Nonetheless, his dad says "Do you want a ride? It's like 17 degrees out..."

So I got a ride... just randomly. ^^

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Hahaha, New Phonnee...

Yeah, I got one. Just now...

It's fancy... qwerty keyboard... all that. Honestly, I don't care -too- much about that... even though it'll be fun. don't worry though, I didn't waste my dad's money... it was only 20 bucks. xD

Nono, what I care about is the fact that I got it back! It's all mine again!!! YESSSSSSS.

My doctor who ringtone, that is. xD

I had it but then I got a razr... which don't accept personalized ringtones. It was depressing to a new extreme. ><

But now I have it back. And my life is once again complete. :DDD

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I don't care about how ridiculous the rest of the episode was, I can tell Matt Smith's gonna be brilliant just from those first few seconds... And.. do I smell a new TARDIS design coming on?

I dunno about you all, but I'm hella excited.

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I probably sound crazy for saying this..

But I honestly think that it's over. I dunno, I'll probably be proved wrong on monday if he comes into school, but..

I still think about him... but it's not the same. It's not pining... it's.. I can't even describe it. It's I s'pose there are remnants of feelings but really I'm just thinking of you as an acquaintance right now. Even that doesn't describe it. He just feels off right now... and has for the past few days. Just... off

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Happy new years. ^^

/New decade. >>

Wow... tonight... I started thinking about how much I wanted a boyfriend when I was cuddling with my other friend. That passed. We went upstairs and two of my friends and one of their brothers almost started smokign weed. I went downstairs to get a cookie. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with them doign that. I just have no desire to do it myself. What my friends do is hardly my business, just... don't make me get high off of secondhand weed. Mmkaythanks.

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I think it might be working... if you don't know what I'm referring to... nevermind. xD

anywho, I'm pretty much done with my homework. I have one tiny thing to do for my Latin, I have to write out the trivia questions for mhy english on index cards and make pieces.. as well as talk to my teacher about something, and... well, I still have to do photography. Damn. >>

That shouldn't be so hard though. I have an idea... and an idea is forming around the snow that just came down. Hmmmm..

Yyyaaaaannnnywho. I'm happy... extremely. Happy.

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What if I just decide to not like him anymore? Tell myself I don't, whenever I think about him chagne the subject in my mind? Would that work?

Well, I don't care. I'm trying it.

I don't like him any more. Period.

I hope..

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