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alright so my friend has headed home.
apparently she will be seeing a therapist starting in september, which is good.
(if you're wondering, read previous journal entry.)
we had alot of fun :D, which means no time for tristan to write journals and stuff. D:

anyways so yesterday we went to toys r us and we bought ourselves some chalk, and had fun with my driveway.

(i drew her on the left, she drew me on the right.)

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this post won't be as cheerful. :(

i suppose you could say i'm pretty confused...
have any of you ever been sexually abused?
my very close friend has been as a child and it's really screwed her up inside. we just spent about 30 minutes crying. she's been cutting and purging recently again... she used to be much better, but her relationship with her boyfriend are triggering... idk. memories. they love each other alot, and as they progress physically... she said : i want it to be just the two of us. i don't want there to be anyone else there...

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i felt so loved when i signed on tonight!
(i'm pretty sure i replied to everyone's comments, if i forgot you i'm really really sorry! <3)
if anyone wants advice on anything, i love helping out other people. send me your heart in a personal message. :D even if it's about something really silly. :)

(this is a long post btw, so click on that little read more thingy! :D)

i had a really good day today.

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HAIII :) <3 i'm new. // bisexuality? fake bisexuals? questions? :)

hey :)

i've sort of been stalking this site for a bit, and decided to make myself a journal. :D
soo i suppose i'll write a bit about myself :)
my name is tristan, i'm sixteen and i'm bisexual, mostly into guys. i identify mostly as male. i'm canadian and i have huge curly hair :)
I'm a really cheerful person, always super happy and hyper :D I love talking to new people.
The reason I made this journal thing is that.. i don't really know anyone lgbt, or any who are out anyways. and i'd love to talk to more people like me! :):):)

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