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Inquiring on a book

Hello ya'll. Long time. I have a question for those who loves to read. Has anyone read a book "Eragon" by Christopher Paolini? Is it any good? Worth reading? Please let me know, thanks.


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House Defeats amendment on gay marriage

The vote was 227-186, 49 votes shy of the two-thirds needed for approval of an amendment that President Bush backed but the Senate had previously scuttled.

Read the rest!

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Trans Comic check it out wicked trans comic

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Bush's an Ass

Vote against him! Down with Bush!

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Ashamed to be an American

Dear America and President Bush,

I am not afraid to say that I am ashamed to be an American. We have gone to war only to witness more and more military and innocent bystanders shot down or beheaded. The pictures of the American soldiers burial with flags hits so many people at home whom are crying for their loss one. The beheading on broadcast Internet depicting an American man being beheaded for revenge for abusing the Iraq prisoners. It really hurt us to feel hatred and anger over the issue for Oil!!

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Transgender bender

Well you know I have given this transgender issue a deep thought and came to a conclusion. I just met an MtF transsexual from San Diego, California online and proceeded to chat about the gender issue and if it was worth it. In a long run she ended up losing all of her family, and her friends based on the dislike differ gender. Though she agreed it was all worth it because she was finally able to feel comfortable with her skin. Though she went though a very difficult stage in life where money became an issue and struggle with public places such as dress codes and assigned bathrooms.

The very good advice I’ve gotten was “You know you are a girl, just do.

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Transexual 2

Yesterday I had a good cry and grew very uncomfortable. I re-read my forum I posted previously about transsexual and I felt pretty dumb for posting it. Though I know it was courageous of me to post something based on different gender. It’s a step closer to revealing the true self.

I had a good discussion in another gay youth website which has a web chat. This fellow was very interested to converse genders based on the culture today. I quickly pointed out that you are automatically scanned for your gender at birth. Then I included about asexual babies whom were born with both sex. They are quick to choose the sex correction operation, which can and forever scar the baby’s future if you choose the wrong gender. He mentioned the EBE Theory about genders in cultures. Parents are always concerned on the outlook of their kids. If a boy plays with girls or play with girl toys in general would make them gay and so on.

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Transgender Thoughts

It is really difficult for me to express myself with clarity but I will do my best.

I have boggled my mind with the emotion of being two different genders. You know, for a while I thought I had ended a chapter of my life, my spiritual search was over. But I was wrong. Gravely wrong. Not only it ended, a new chapter opened and now I find myself thinking about what gender I am. I was born a male with a male genital, but I realize that I have a brain of a girl. Most of my friends noticed and commented that I have a feminist personality, which I was unaware of.

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Boys in Eyeliner

I think boys in eye liners are sexy. Boys def should start wearing them.

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Straight people and their misconception of HIV

Recently I am dealing with straight people and their misconception of HIV and AIDS. It really disappoints me how they can be so ignorant. OH ONLY FAGGOT GETS AIDS. That really set me off.

As I quote from this person.

“4 Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful; 5 it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; 6 IT DOES NOT REJOICE AT WRONG, BUT REJOICES IN THE RIGHT. 7 Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. (1Corinthians 13)

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Ban Gay Marriage in Michigan

Im engaged to a wonderful fiance and I love him deathly. . Michigan is now under debate rather they should ban gay marriage or not.

Triangle Foundation, American Friends Service Committee and other GLBT organizations are calling for an emergency lobby day at the Michigan Capitol.

On Wed., February 11 beginning at 9:30 AM folks from around the state should come to Lansing to lobby
their State Representatives and State Senators to oppose Senate Joint Resolution E and House Joint Resolution U.

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My little problem

I know im a bit to old to post since being 22 and dont say I am not heh. Aye. Okay theres the agenda. I love my fiance very much and he's very imporantant to me. The thing is that I some doubts about him and everybody says its normal. I trust him, I swear I do. If I didnt trust him I wouldnt love him. Its just the fact that I dont really know him that much becuase I just met him through and he lives like 2 hours from where I am. We often see each other and enjoy making passionate love every time we're both together. He makes me very happy. He has and still often stays I am his world and proposed to me after being together for 8 months. We wont get married till after a year or so. Anyway, the question is that is it normal to have some doubts?

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What would you do if your g/f or b/f of 7 months proposed to you?

Now I am against marriage for one, but I am for commitment.

I sorta avoided answering him and just tried to get his attention veered away from proposing. Hes my world and my everything. He really makes me happy and keeps me company. Hes hispanic in his 28's working as an assistant at Rehabilitation center. I love him with my whole heart.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving for those natives of America. My boyfriend will be joining me for the feast with my family, im stoked. 7 months and counting. I love him

Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving.

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My Honey

Well I dont want to brag that I have a wonderful boyfriend, but I do. In spite of my appearnce he still loves me. Being obese is not what makes you, its the personality that makes a person. Athough I look cute, but my body isnt. Often I thought why does a beautiful ex stripper want with me? He often proved that he loves me and never never never said anything otherwise. To him I am beautiful. We had met sometimes between May or June I am not sure, but it was sweet and lovely date. It has been now 5 months (I think) we have been together. ALthough he had 2 months emercency leave to NY to his grandmothers funeral and his brother being in the hospital with kidney problems. Our love stood strong in spite of the distant.

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