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Up up and away

I enjoy stopping in every now and then and giving a brief update. So I'm pretty sure I have mentioned that I'm spending three months in Hawaii starting in three days. I'm excited, and nervous all in one. I'm excited for the unique experience I will surely gain and the only reason I am nervous is because I have never flown. I am very apprehensive about a six, nearly seven hour flight over the ocean; but let us be honest, I'm not taking a boat to get there- I'd get flying it is.

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Hawaii in 18 days!

As the subject section suggests, I will be leaving for Hawaii in 18 days. I can't recall if I updated about this experience on here. Anyway, I will be working on an organic fruit and coffee farm for three months, along with a good friend of mine. Why am I telling you this? Well just in case anyone is interested, feel free to check out my blog and follow me there...and here as well:)

Peace kids,

Chels with

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What makes you happy?

Seriously, what makes you happy?

Is it the company of another?
A good book?
A calm and relaxing evening alone?
A walk?
Social networking?

Chels with =)

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Going to Hawaii

One day I literally decided it was time to start living my life for me and not for anyone else. Yesterday I bought a one way ticket to Hawaii. I plan to leave May 25th and stay for at least three months, if not longer. It is funny how this random event seems crazy to some, but to me it seems to be the most realistic decision I could have made. I don't look at this as a vacation or running away, I am finally living life!

As soon as the trip starts I will hopefully be able to post somewhat regularly on my site including photos.


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Just a few simple questions on the above mentioned topic.

How long in your opinion should a couple be together before marriage, does time really matter if the feelings are true?

Does what society think play a role in your idea of marriage? For example, issues of gay marriage or only knowing someone a month and getting engaged.

What are your thoughts?

-Chels with

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5 Monkeys

I am not sure how many of you are fans of social experiments, but I came across one the other day that I believe is truthful and interesting. The basic idea demonstrated is that humans will continue to do things over and over again not because they know or understand why they are doing certain things, but because it is what they have always done. For a better example please watch the video at the following isn't long.


-Chels @

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Teaching Tolerance

It is very rare that I have the opportunity to read a piece of writing that sticks with me, that makes me think well beyond the initial reading and well into the future. Tonight I have been fortunate enough to do just that. The piece of writing I read is from a gay gentleman, who has lived a pretty rewarding and satisfying life where he has had ample opportunities, yet the one thing he truly has his heart set on he cannot complete and that is marriage.

I recommend that anyone within the LGBT community and beyond read the words this man has to share.

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Hello =)

Hello world!

Hopefully the holidays went well for all and for those who spent time with family got the best out of it. I recently discovered a new movie over the holiday season called "Save Me." I am willing to suggest that most have not heard of this movie. First of all this movie is by no means and comedy, in fact I would go as far as to compare the emotional pull of this film to "Brokeback Mountain."

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When the World Ends

If the world were to end within the next 24 hours, who would you want by your side? I know without a doubt who I would want by my side, but tell me who would you select? Friends, family or a significant other?

-Chels @

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Think about it

I am easily amused. What will happen today will in no way shape the fact that the world will still turn tomorrow. Think about it, my problems will not be your problems. What I do today may not have any influence on you, but may alter me in many ways. We are strangely independent, yet similarly intertwined. I guess that is the magic in being abstract.

-Chelsea @

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Ready? Ok! Movie

I posted this video on my site a week or so ago, but I am fairly certain not too many people have heard of it. It seems like a coming of age story that might be of interest to some. Check it out if you'd like.

-Chels @

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Amusing little video

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On my site I just posted a blog about how in Washington D.C. the Catholic Church has proclaimed that if same-sex marriage becomes legal they will stop serving the District, which would include the large homeless population and children. This is crazy to think that in order to gain political means the church would turn away those who rely on it so heavily. I guess that is reality. Makes me wonder if the Church ever cared in the first place. Of course legalizing same-sex marriage in D.C.

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Going to college or in in college anyone?

For some reason when I logged into this site today I started to wonder how many other members are either in college or plan to attend college soon. I am a full time college student myself. Just curious is all ;)


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Halloween Plans?

What, if anything, are you crazy cats planning to do for Halloween? And I of course mean "crazy cats" in a respectful way :) I will be hosting a costume party, getting my drink on and playing excellent music. Just wondering if anyone has plans or what you plan to be.


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