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I have become, comfortably numb

Ok, so first, what I just did.

Well, background, I came out to many people in 8th grade, my entire close friends circle, at least.
But, when I got into high school, I made a lot of new friends, and I lacked the courage to come out to them outright, considering especially most of them were guys.
And so, I've slowly become more and more open about it, but I'm pretty sure not everyone's getting the message. And I was getting sick of it...

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Respect for America's Fallen Heroes Act

What do you think of it?

If you're not familiar with it, which you're probably not, it is a law saying that protesters are not allowed to picket military funerals within 300 feet of them from 60 minutes before the funeral to 60 minutes after.

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Well well, another hopeless day, my friends

So, today.

Uh, had a headache all day, not too much fun, I say. Had a terrible neck crick too, damn tits that hurt.

Then, afterward. It was mostly my fault. Today was the first day of practice for school swimming. The practice started at 2:15, with a talking bit for about 15 or 20 minutes then the swimming. I had a doctor's appointment at 2:40, to figure out why I've been so tired and morose recently. So I figured I'd just not bring swim stuff, go to the talking portion, then have my mom pick me up so we could go to the doctor's afterward.

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I have such a fothermucking headache.
I really hate these days, when I'm just like all headachey and tired as fucking ass all day.

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Very nice

Fuck a duck, they disabled embedding... Anyway, great video.
Now a lot of you might be asking
How could women possibly enjoy porn?
To those people we say:
Have you seen porn?
How could we not enjoy it?
I mean, c'mon, it's great.
It's 2 people having awesome sex

Story of my life bro.

Uh, not much this weekend so far, of probably real interest to you guys.
I've been so fucking tired recently, I mean Jesus.
We'll see about that on Monday.

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So, today.
Not a whole lot interesting. Slept in. Went to Shelby's house however much later in the day, and we did shit.
After that, went back home, did not much, practiced the piano, and then did not much else.

By far most importantly, which brings me to my major topic for this journal, I got my nails painted rainbow! Fucking awesome.
My 4 fingers on each hand are painted, from left pinky to right pinky, red, orange, yellow, light green, then other hand dark green, light blue, dark blue, violet. All of those have sparkles.

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Holy shit...

Just reading good old Wikipedia.
If you've ever heard of John D. Rockefeller, yeah.
It says that he was the first person to ever have more than 1 billion dollars personally. And he died in the 1930's...
So, adjusting for inflation, it's estimated that his fortune equaled 392 to 663 billion dollars...
It says his fortune was equal to 1.5% of the entire US economy of his day.

Holy motherfucking shit.
That is all.

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awkwardest coming out ever...

the dad handled it pretty well, if it is indeed real:

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Hmmm, things are looking a bit up...

Well, I'm quite 99% sure now that the cute Asian kid in English is into me...
Evidence, well, the same original things, first, I have lunch in East Campus, and I've never seen him there, but then all of a sudden, a few weeks ago, he picks me out, and has a quick awkward conversation with me, about nothing really except seeing me at my soccer practice the previous day, and I haven't seen him in East Campus for lunch since, I assume he eats at Main Campus... Suspicious...

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Uh, guys, advice/help?

So, my mom has suggested that I possibly see a doctor, mostly because I've been so fothermucking tired recently, and because I've most of the time felt, well, not so good.
I ain't quite what I used to be, it seems.

Anyway, she's making an appointment for me to see a doctor.
Well, I guess I'll tell you how I feel.

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Motherfucker I'm tired

Hehe look at this quote from this guy's Mormon blog:
Have you ever wondered what a BYU Fraternity would be like? Well, BYU’s comedy club Divine Comedy put together a skit a while ago with their interpretation. Check it out below.

I remember doing crazy things like chugging root beer and staying up all night (no girls in apartment though). My roommates slept on the balcony and in an igloo they built in the snow. Yeah, crazy times. BYU students really know how to live on the edge.

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A clarification on previous journal, and others

Well, a few people appeared to misunderstand my intent in my last journal...
So I'll clarify here.

My goal is not to eradicate religious faith. Nor to bag on religious people of any kind. My goal is to eradicate religious bias of all kinds.
For example, Mormons. I know a few, and they're mostly awesome people. And I don't disrespect them at all, they're really awesome, really. And one guy is quite cute...
Anyway, I view their decision to abstain from alcohol, (not so much tobacco), all drugs, and especially caffeine, as quite foolish.

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I love feeling educated now...

Learning a buncha shit from The God Delusion. I love it.

First of all, you guys should read Judges 19:22-29. It's some fucked up shit, right out of the fucking Bible...
Dawkins pointed it out, it's basically about this guy who remains unnamed, traveling around with his concubine, basically fuck-buddy.
And so they stop at this guy's house, and he welcomes them in, and they have a ball and a buncha fun.

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Who needs love when you can have Vodka???

Fuckin right!

I saw that first on Jamie Hubley's blog (which they've taken down, fuck it, it was fucking funny), and I was like STORY OF MY LIFE BRO.

Anyway, not much interesting besides reading The God Delusion, I had something interesting to say, but I don't think I'll have time before my computer shuts off at 11, so I'll put it up tomorrow, when we have a concert, so I won't have swimming, so I'll only be fuckin tired, not mothefucking assraping tired, like usual...
G'night Oasies...

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Hmmm, fuck you Zeno

So, a few paradoxes I've been thinking about and trying to solve from The God Delusion, still going through it.

First, there was this guy who said that if m=any real number, then, wouldn't it be right to say m/0=infinity? And, so, if you times both sides by 0, then you get m=infinity times 0.
Well, now, that's interesting. But I'm not sure that m/0 does equal infinity, right?
Cause, that's different from saying, like, you can make an infinite amount of points on a line, or that the amount of prime numbers possible is infinite.

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