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Not much exciting

Tired as hell though.

Jesus I hate freeway driving. I mean, I almost never get as much sleep as I probably should, so I'm usually tired all the time during the day, only it can be hidden if I'm active and I don't feel like I immediately want to sleep...

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So, what do you guys think of it?
Cause it can be one of the most evil activities humans have ever conspired to commit.
But it could also help people, right?

I mention this because I've told several lies, and one of those was today.
I feel fucking great today, by the way, I bullshitted my way through 2 tests and got out of being yelled at, which I'll talk about, and I thought my parents knew something bad about me, but it turns out they didn't, and all that on very little sleep and a slight hangover this morning to boot :P

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So, I guess, 2 years, and a few questions

2 years on this site now. Woot...

Anyway, I have a few questions for you guys...
First, what is your favorite song?
My favorite song right now is probably One by Metallica, (although anything by Rise Against rates pretty high) I don't often listen to it but I wake up to it now every morning... Very soothing... At least at the beginning. But I like it all :P
Fuckin beast song :P

Next, what is your favorite ever TV show?

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Fuck, well my brother knows now

So, today, random call from my brother on the other side of the country, and basically, among other things he said he creeped on my fb page, and saw that it said I was gay, and he asked if I was gay. I dunno why I even considered lying, but I did, but I didn't even come close to, I just said "ya", and then he was like "that's excellent" and then he likened us to Nate and David in Six Feet Under, best show ever! But, in the show, Nate dies at like 40, which isn't good... Anyway...

So, yeah.

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Infuriating parents are infuriating

Driving a standard is pretty fucking awesome, if I may say so myself.
I mean, I'm not really good yet, and I still have real nail-biters when there's cars like 6 inches behind me on a hill and I have to start from a dead stop.
And it'd be good to get good, cause I'll have to be if I ever wanna drive to Seattle, cause it's not easy to drive anything there.
There's all sorts of REALLY steep hills right at intersections, some of which aren't easy even with automatics, you have to use the gas and the brake at the same time to stop the car from rolling back into the car behind you.

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The end of the world

We are learning some interesting fucking shit in WHAP, actually. Still don't really like the class, but damn.
We were learning about Hinduism and Buddhism, and the differences between Western and Eastern Religions.

What some people didn't seem to think was so cool was that apparently Hinduism is older than not only Christianity but the Judaism it sprang out of.
Although, I guess, being a Christian, you probably don't believe in evolution and you believe the world started with God creating it and therefore there can't be an older religion than Christianity.

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My head fucking hurts... :P

I don't know why I'm so fucking tired recently. I mean, last year I routinely got this much sleep or less, and this year if I ain't doing more work, I certainly ain't doing less.

I mean, I also got a lot of sleep last night. Over 8 hours, which is rare for me, I generally am VERY lucky to get more than 7, but very unlucky if less than 6...

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Should polygamy be outlawed?

First of all, today, in German class, the teacher was explaining something that I've been thinking about all day...
There's like this oppurtunity where you can apply for a scholarship program and go live in Germany for a year, and go to a German school and do all that German shit and speak the language, probably by the end becoming utterly fluent.

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It really brings out the kid in you :P

I don't really like WHAP. The amount of unintelligence displayed each and every day is enough to give me a headache.
Although that's probably my lack of sleep that does that :P
Sleep is good. But I haven't been getting enough... I've had headaches like all day that sometimes turn into migraines and all sorts of thorny shit.

I wonder if I'm idealizing when I'll be able to drive...

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How have you changed recently?

So, my Jesus Fuck.
I was reading the Student Handbook they passed out, and I found something odd...
The consequence for a first offence of being found to illegally use or possess tobacco is a one day In School Suspension.
The consequence for a first offence of the same, but with alcohol, is a 45 day Long Term Suspension...

I don't understand why tobacco is something that's just like a "meh, just a little tobacco" while the punishment is the same with alcohol and say, cocaine...

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Another generic journal, on religion this time

So, I found out today that next Tuesday a guy from the swim team (the Mormon coach's son) that I've known for a while will be leaving for Brazil to go on a 2-year Mormon mission...
The schedule goes like this: wake up, have 2-3 hours studying Mormon scriptures and shit, then go hit the streets attempting to convert people to the true church of God.
That's basically what they do all day.
They can't masturbate, or use profanity, or have any drinks with caffeine, or alcohol or tobacco, or of course illegal drugs...

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Well, here it is again, 9/11

Well, I thought I'd give mah thoughts on the whole 9/11 business:

9/11 in itself wasn't actually that bad in most respects.
As for death toll and people killed, it killed what, almost 3,000 people?

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A journal on swearing

I wanted to do a journal on swearing.
First of all, what do you guys think is the worst word in the world?

I always remember in like 3rd grade, there's always be the cool kids who would be like 'I know the worst word in the world!!!'
I was of course enamored with that, 'what is it?'
Then they refuse to say it aloud, only whispering it in your ear... 'BULLSHIT'

That awed me of course. Although I didn't understand why it was worse than shit, or even if it was.

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Memorizing things is a bitch

and by "things", I mean what the really hot guy in Math class looks like.

I mean, my memory kinda blows, what with the minimal amount of sleep I get, which gives me a hard times sometimes.
I like English teacher, cause he's like this really philisophical guy who connects every single assignment to some totally different concept somehow, and we spend most of class listening to him basically think aloud about it.
Well, the subject today was short and long term memory, and how there are some things that are just etched in your memory and you don't forget them.

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WHAP blows penis

World History AP sucks...
The teacher's pretty cool.
I mean, half of it's my fault, here I've been working on a summer assignment that I had no way of knowing wasn't due yesterday, but is actually due tomorrow, and that I've put off to the very last day.
To make that a more happy prospect, I had a lot of tea, mixed with...certain other drinks.
And part of the reason I'm so miserable now is it's all worn off, I'm not done, and I have to drink shit tons of water to avoid hangover tomorrow, and it makes me feel sick.

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