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I'm trapped on this planet

I was born here, I shall die here, and I'll almost certainly never leave :P
Is it big enough? We'll find out.
I'm fucking depressing, aren't I? ;)

Ugh, Spring Break needs to end. I mean, high school sucks, as usual, but at least it sucks with friends. This sucks and I'm all alone.
Well, because ever since I got back Tuesday this has been, what, my 5th day here, hardly leaving. Although I guess I had a sleepover a few nights ago, I dunno how much that counts.

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I was going to post something interesting...

I forget what it was about, I really can't remember.
And the reason for that is I'm a little shaken up. I think my computer got virused or something. Because NOTHING is working, it's asking what program I want to open it with, like I open Internet Explorer, and it asks me what I want to open it with, and there's only one option, Internet Explorer, so I say that, but then it asks me with the same message what I want to open that with.

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My kind of place: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3pmwrtlDaY&feature=related&safe_search=o...

So, there was this one poll on fb, and it was "do you support gay rights/marijuana legalization?" So there were 4 answers, support gay rights, don't support gay rights, support marijuana legalization, and don't support marijuana legalization. So you could only answer one question, basically.

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My piano teacher had a book of Joplin's original ragtime pieces.
I'm working on his 2 most famous songs, The Entertainer, which is more popular now, and Maple Leaf Rag, which was his most famous work in his lifetime, first sheet music piano to sell over a million copies. I've been working on The Entertainer for a few weeks now, and I have it down pretty well.

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Multiculturalism, and internalized homophobia

So, I've been skiing for the past few days, which means no swimming :P
Sad day for Chad.
And the weather wasn't ah mazing, it was snowing and windy and foggy and everything bad incarnate. You couldn't see beautiful Mt. Rainier, which is right next to the resort, tallest mountain in Washington, 14,410 feet, BEAUTIFUL, SEXY hunk of rock.
It's perhaps sexier than a Bugatti Veyron, the sexiest car, and maybe less sexy than a Madrone, the sexiest tree.

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Before I go

I'm going skiing at Crystal from tomorrow until Tuesday morning I think, so I'll be gone.
I thought I'd explain that, I don't know why.

And that's be a waste of a journal, so I have to say something else.
Not that I know what :P

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I'm trying to decide...

Which picture I like more.

I have 2 right now, one is a guy from facebook, who is a swimmer (wearing jammers of course) who is a delicious hunk of boy in any circumstance, but he looks even better in this picure, even taking into account the sexy circumstances. I would link it, but I'd feel obligated to ask him, and no way am I going to do that, because I barely know the guy in any case, and that'd be a weird question to ask him... :P

And then the second one is this: http://www2.diariomotor.com/imagenes/2010/07/bugatti_veyron_super_sport_...

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Dear Environmentalists:

If you really, really, truly, deeply care about the environment as much as you say you do, the best thing any human being could do for the environment is to take all your clothes off, go into the wilderness, plant a tree, and die somewhere where a wild animal will be able to sustain itself with your corpse.
Just a suggestion.

Warm Regards,
Chad Z.

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Liberal vs Conservative (according to Hal Lindsey)

I've decided I want a new journal, because I liked that old one, but I'll post it tomorrow, I want to try something at this very second, and I didn't want to post tomorrow. I'll write it now.

*Edit*: See, after I posted that, I was looking for a liberal vs. conservative quiz I might put in the forum later, as I tend to be extremely liberal in certain issues, and in a few I'm mildly conservative, though I lean heavily liberal (of course). But I found something more interesting, and I wanted to do an experiment, with annotations. I'll probably fail... :P
We'll see how I do.

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I'll be old before I know it

I felt so old today. Yesterday while gocart racing, I did something where I hit my back into the seat, and I have 2 injured vertebrae. At least think tha's what happened, and when it happened. I didn't notice any pain until yesterday night coming back from my birhday dinner.
And so I just assumed it happened while racing, because that was intense.

And, anyway, I hope that I just like hit my back on the seat, and so I just like bruised the skin or bone or something, and I was hoping that I didn't do anything to my spine itself, like get myself a bulging disc or something.

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If that thing in Japan starts getting people freaked out about nuclear power, I'm gona be pissed

Seriously. Because radiation just scares people. Like knives. I heard this one girl, an honors student, got suspended because she had a butter knife on the floor of her car parked in her school parking lot. For some reason any relaxation on weapon rules at schools will give several people heart attacks.
And radiation is scary too.

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Why am I so bleh?

I don't even know. Well, I'm 15. And all day, people have been wishing me happy birthday.
I think FB is to blame. That's why everyone remembers this year.
But the thing is, I don't really believe in berfdais, because my birthday is not a holiday. It's just in our method of keeping time, as of today, my age comes out as the next whole number. Which is something to be remarked about, but if no one knew when my birthday was, today would be just a day as usual for me, although it is a Friday, and a half day, which is amazing.

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I'm sorry for posting twice, but this is IMPORTANT

Look, look at this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ldomfk4AUk&feature=player_embedded&safe_...

Do you see that guy in lane 4? THAT'S HIM, that's that BASTARD, who's actually very nice by the way, but he's a BASTARD, because he's WAY TOO FAST, he's a FRESHMAN, he has the NATIONAL RECORD for this swim, AND HE'S THE REASON I WILL NEVER WIN STATE EVER.
Stupid ripped, nice guy, who I can't hold anything against except that he's so fast.

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