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If my feet could talk

They'd be calling me an asshole right now. And rightfully so.
Because, first yesterday we used fins at swimming, which is the first time we've used them in a long time, and I dread them because they tear up my feet. But I didn't notice until after that set and several others that this time the fins were worse than they'd ever been, and ripped blisters so deep I bled.
Which my feet weren't too happy about.

Then, today we ran the mile.
Here is the bottom 2 from my list of "things I'd rather not do"

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Avatar, and appearance

Hmmm, I've wondered about my icon here... Because, it looks to me like it is boring and wears on my eyes... :P
But it's kinda weird and interesting, it's a picture of a bakery, with a bunch of bread rolls, all in black and white, with 1 roll in color.
And I wonder if it just seems boring because I look at it so often, more often than you guys do probably, considering I see EVERYTHING I post.
So what do you guys think?
I think I like it :P

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Clothes (or lack thereof)

Well, I've been at home, and haven't posted for 3 days, which is unusual. I just haven't felt motivated :P
Anyway, on clothes:

Well, first, what kind of clothes do you wear, and why?
Recently, I've started liking darker and darker clothes, like blacks and greys, and I've thought of expanding on that.
Mainly for 3 reasons.

1, because I think it looks amazing.

2, kinda just to make fun of goths, hipsters, and douchers.

3, because I'm the Whitest Kid U Know, and swimming has made my hair get lighter and lighter until some peeps have said it looks almost white.

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Ugh, I got tighter braces today. I try not to complain about it, because it'd be like a girl, complaining incessantly about her period every month from age 10 to 45. This is just regular pain every 6 weeks, for only as long as it takes for either the orthodontist to tire of taking my parents money, or when I turn 18 and tell him to stop.
I mean, I think braces are hot and all, but I really don't care.

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If you give me a phrase in any language, I PROMISE YOU I will be able to.... tell you what language it is.
With no help. I swear.

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What am I always complaining about?

I think it was last week on 60 minutes, they had this thing on kids during the recession. And they had a bunch of like 10 year old kids at a school that they were talking to, and when they asked like more than half of them raised their hand to going to bed hungry in the past week.
And they profiled other things, which was sad.

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That's so gay!

Do any of you care when people say "That's so gay"?

Because, I don't. At all.
It's kinda like in this video, another cool one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nv__-6OPJqo&feature=related&safe_search=o...

Yeah, people could possibly take offense to it, but I don't think they should. Because the people who made it obviously aren't actually racist.
If people who don't really hate gay people call things gay just from habit, I don't care about it.

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It needs no introduction, nor any explanation. It's just amazing.
Make sure you watch all of it though. Otherwise you won't understand the sophistication of the whole thing.

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Deutsch ist sehr komisch...

So, after what is admittedly a very inadequate education in German, still like 6 months into German 1, I've started thinking about things it does better and worse than English.
Ideally, I think languages should be as uncomplicated as possible, so that communication is never impeded, but they didn't evolve perfectly, and that's never going to change just because it makes more sense.

So, I've thought of things about German I both like and dislike. I'll start with what I dislike.

3 things I dislike about German:

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Passing time

There was once a time in elementary school, we were in either kindergarten or 1st grade, I'm not sure. But we had 5th grade buddies, and we had them for a while. I don't remember the name of my "buddy", except that he had red hair. GINGER!
Anyway, I still remember when we were having like our last day of 5th grade buddies and the teachers were all saying "one day, all of you (my class) will all be in their shoes, and you'll be the 5th graders"
And I remember thinking at that moment "Wow, that's like, forever. That's going to be a LONG TIME"

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Feelings (not depressing, I promise)

So, I'm sorry for posting depressing stuff.
I'm feeling better today, partially. Part of it was that AHMAZING House last night. I loved that creepy little musical "get happy".

Still feeling, pretty damn crappy though.

But, sometimes I've wondered what it would be like to feel real emotions.
Have I felt REAL happiness? Well, almost every day, I am totally happy, without worry whatever. Has there ever been just one day that was totally amazing in every regard, and where at the end I've just been left without care of any kind? I don't think so.

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COCK (sorry, pessimistic as all crap)

I wish I could tell and stop myself when I was wallowing... Because I really don't want to, that's just dickish, but I can't help myself right now.

Well, first, I have general malaise, from just mood shifts through the months, and being in a trough right now.
Which, ruins my work ethic, which in turn makes me more hateful of myself, which in turn makes me want to work even less.
So, there's that vicious circle. But that's been going on for a while.

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I've been feeling political tonight

So, I was posting about my day, and then about the title general politics stuff, but then, my brother walked into my room.

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Vigilanteism and the Death Penalty

I don't know why so often there are movies I love and movies I despise with a passion.
But, prompted by the Horror Movies forum, I found Hard Candy on On Demand and watched it today.
And I despised it with a passion.

If you're really planning on watching it, and don't want it to be spoiled, then don't read this, but I have to mention it to get to my point, and really, if I'd told my past self the plot and then not to watch it, I would've thanked myself anyway.

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Sometimes I wonder how I look like from the outside?

I don't remember what I was doing... I've searched back through my earliest PM's (by the way, I didn't realize I had 187 pages of 10 PM's each, which means approaching 2000 PM's. Wow, didn't know I'd ever used this site that often).

Well, and I realize that I would fit into one of the general 4 categories of people I tend not to like: Hipsters, Douchers, Tense People, and Drama Whores.
(Hipsters and Douchers are in many ways similar but are by no means the same)

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