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When a man lies, he murders a part of the world

Now, this is something that's a little weird.
My general philosophy on sexuality is don't worry about it, if you like someone, you like someone, take it person by person and don't worry about labels.
And that's still my philosophy.

But something interesting that I've noticed, for quite a while, and has become a little more poignant just recently.

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It's almost like having a brother again


Well, the exchange student of the last week and a half left today.
First thing's first, I'm sure you're all wondering, yes, he was hot, gorgeous, all the Austrian exchange guys were gorgeous.
Another thing, they were all taller than me. Now, I know I'm like short, like 5'8", but they every one were inches higher.
One was 6'6".

What was it like?
Well, today, he left, and that ended up leaving me about 10X as depressed as I thought I'd be.

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Marais la Nuit

Shit, with this exchange I've been busier than a one-legged ass-kicker.

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Big Dumb Sex

Ah, Big Dumb Sex.
Well, I waited for a while to tell you guys something, cause I wanted to be able to say what I'm going to say now: I'm fine.

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Oh my GOD, it's like a full page jizz

I'm sorry, but this guy is really, really hot.

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Sexuality journal

It was so clear to me,
that it was almost invisible,
I lie across the path waiting...
A spiderweb, trapped in your lashes,
for that,
I would trade you my empire for ashes

So usually I don't talk about sexuality that much, but I figured I'd go for it, since this is, after all, a LGBT site.

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Cloud Prayer Mary, Come On Already

I'm going to be hosting an Austrian student for about 2 weeks in a couple here. From the 18th to the 30th, this month, I'll have some Austrian guy at my disposal, and I don't know much about him, but I chose him cause he looked sorta cute, and his profile I got to choose from said he especially likes soccer and ultimate, and I just happen to be on a soccer team, and an ultimate team.
I hope we'll get along.

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Just posted this on Facebook...

It's amazing, sometimes, how circumstances can just come together to screw humanity.

Diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, and other protozoans, worms, flukes, etc. have plagued humanity since the beginning of our history, since before our history. They do for all species, because being a parasite, something that lives at the expense of another, is an incredibly easy and evolutionarily successful way to live.

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holy fuck

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But We Always End Up Together

I was reading in the newspaper today about 2 opinion pieces, since gay marriage here in Washington was recently passed by the legislature, and then a referendum to overturn it, and one of the pieces was in support of the referendum, and the other against it.

See, I just don't understand this shit.
That one that was for the referendum was saying like how it affects everyone, because the definition of marriage would be redefined for everyone as not "husband and wife" but "Spouse 1 and Spouse 2".

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3 years

I'll probably even write a journal when I'm not up to my asshole buried in homework.

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See this Tornado, it Loves You

A very sad, beautiful song.

Oh, and you guys have to listen to the new Dirty Projectors album!

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This might be the greatest thing in history

Enviro Bear 2000.

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Look out upon that Myriad Harbour!

Just wrote this on Facebook:

Back when we were in New York, we visited the new 9/11 memorial.
The Empire State Building, that craziest of tall buildings, was built in the 30's and was the tallest building in New York until the 70's, when the twin towers were built, each being taller than the Empire.
But, after 9/11 attacks, it was again made the tallest in the city, until just a few months ago, when the new World Trade Center One, also known as freedom tower, (going to be 1,776 feet tall, for the signing of the Declaration of Independence), surpassed it.

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I didn't want to hurt you, baby, but you're pretty when you cry

So, watching 6 Feet Under all over, once again, like the 3rd time.
God, it's really so, kinda pathetic, I don't connect all that much to the people in my boring, same old same old life, but I actually feel so much more, from a fucking TV show.
Like I watched it once, felt nothing, didn't even like it much.
Watched it again, and this time I felt a little more, and even cried at the finale, where they have that beautiful ending montage.

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