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How would others describe you?

A lot of the time, I imagine my life, like unconsciously, I'm not trying, but I imagine it as like a documentary or something. And I wonder if they did that thing where they have someone sitting somewhere after the fact narrating about what was happening.
I wonder if there was like a documentary about me, what would people say?

It depends on the person. Someone like Coach Lee would probably describe me as a good guy, who works hard, but thinks and talks more than is better for him. He spends all his time in his head, and doesn't just let himself go. And the boy can talk, jeez.

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Julian Assange: The Untouchable Asshole

So, just watched 60 Minutes. (Just thought, they should make a sexy version of 60 Minutes called 69 minutes. Just sayin.)

And they made a double segment story about Julian Assange. I've never had any stimulating conversations about him, so I'll just write a stimulating journal about him.

He's an asshole. I'll say that right off the bat, because I think that is the word that embodies him. Not that it's original, he's like 5-10% of the Earth's population, but he's more of a dangerous asshole than most.

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Saw the Exorcist tonight.
In a house with nobody else in it.
With not a single light save the tv on in the entire house.

It was intense.
For the past few months, I've been looking at a bunch of horror movies.
Why? I didn't really know why I started, I just did.
I was trying to find one that would really scare me, not just some bloody corpse coming out of a wall and startling me, but something that bona fide scares me, as in makes it hard for me to walk a dark hallway alone.
I've watched countless indie movies, Creep, House on Haunted Hill, Are You Scared Yet?.

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So, important question, should I trust karma?

So, today, I was walking home after school swimming, and on my way back I was stopped by this guy carrying a gas can.
Through much swearing, he aked if I had any change or anything, because he was out of gas, and didn't have anything to buy anything more, and needed to be somewhere but was stuck.
So, I took out my wallet and gave him a 10.
He was very thankful, and gave me his number, telling me to call him tomorrow night, and that he would meet me somewhere and pay me back, because I was doing him a big favor.

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Okay, spam filter, have it your way

So I was going to post a poll "What's your favorite color?", because I'm interested to see if there's colors like blue that a lot of people have as their favorite color, as that's just what I've noticed whenever I've happened to ask.
However, as I pressed the preview button to add some more choices, it decided that my poll was spam and wouldn't be accepted...

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Hmmm too much to hope?

So, weirdness.
I think, I hope, I have enough of what it takes to make Sectionals. If I don't, I'll kill myself.
No, I won't, but I'll be sad, because it'll be even harder to make it next year.
Part of the reason I want to go is so I can actually talk to some of the really fast people I hardly ever see. Like Yoshi, who's 13 and the fastest guy in our side of the country for boy 13 year olds, sadly enough. He's also pretty small and pretty hot, actually.

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Am I reasonable?

I can never tell. I won't bother to explain what happened or why I'm wondering this, it'd take too long.
But, sometimes I just feel that my brother can be such an asshole, because whenever I do something stupid, and know it, and are unhappy about it, if I tell him, the first thing he does is just start telling me how incredibly stupid I am and what a mediocre person for doing that.

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So, two completely random and unrelated questions:

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Little Better

Totally blanked. I totally just can't remember anything about what I wanted to say. I remember it was all neatly planned out, and now it's gone.
Well, anyway, I'm a little better than yesterday if you looked at my whiny journal with little spelling mistakes in it, as we had Saturday morning practice this morning at 7:30, which is the greatest thing in the WORLD, because you get up early, but not TOO early, then go do a swim workout which is hard, but not TOO hard, just a perfect workout in water that is cold but not TOO cold, the perfect water temperature for workouts.

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WOAH emotional roller coaster

So do you ever have times where you're just like feeling like crap for absolutely no reason?
Well, story of at least my past few days.

Usually, I'm pretty happy. Almost all the time, I'm cruising pretty well.
But, sometimes, I have either long slow descents that last a few weeks where I'm not quite as happy as usual for no reason, or I just have a few days where I feel like crap for no reason. Or a combination.

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The sustaining variable, t

I've decided there's tons of variables, so I want one of my own.
I decided to make the sustaining variable, t.
Why t? t has always been one of my favorite letters, partly because it's the 2nd most used letter in the English language (e is of course first, but I thought like o would be second), and j is never used anyway.

t is a measure of your sustainability.
If you completely sustain yourself, but don't sustain anyone else at all, you have a t value of 1. That's what jungle hermits would have.

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Tolerating the intolerant

The way I see it, gays were once a minority (well, still are of course) that made a lot of people uncomfortable and therefore were hated and squelched.
Now, society has shifted in some places, and it is the homophobes that get the hate.

Well, hating homophobes, that seems to me, indistinguishable from being a homophobe. You're instead a homophobephobe.
I think that being a homophobe is not necessarily voluntary. If you're born in Wisconsin, you're less likely to hate gays than if you're born into Texas. Also, being born into a Christian family doesn't help, and strict parents, etc.

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Do you have homophobic friends?

Well, I had usual political discussion with coach Lee today, about drugs first, but then it switched into other things.
And, what luck, in comes Uber Christian, and for some reason the conversation switches to gay rights.

I've wanted to know his views on the subject for a long time. I've known him a long time, and he's one of my best friends.

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What makes people lgbt?

That's one thing I've been wondering recently.
I don't know why I thought of it, maybe because I was watching From Dusk till Dawn a HILARIOUS and random movie, VERY much Quentin Tarentino-ish, kinda like Pulp Fiction, except even more random, plotless, and fucked up.
And still very entertaining.

Anyway, while the characters show up into the Titty Twister bar, there are a bunch of topless women dancing around.

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Dirty mind!


There once was a farmer
who lived on a rock
he sat in the meadow
just shaking his

(COCK) fist at some boys
who were down by the crick
their feet in the water
their hands on their

(DICK) marbles and playthings
and at half past four,
there came a young lady
she looked like a

(WHORE) pretty young creature
she sat on the grass
she pulled up her dress
and she showed them her

(ASS) ruffles and laces
and white fluffy duck,
she said she was

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