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In the Spirit of Giving (In)


That's an interesting viewpoint about aging: evolution selects for reproduction, but most species are more fertile when they're younger, meaning evolution has no reason to select for longer-lived organisms, although it would definitely be possible.

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I stole a page from your book, and a line from your page, and flew into a lesbian rage!

Dan Bejar makes no sense...

Really, though.
So I've been mostly absent here, and that's cause I've been on the East Coast for the past week and a half, and Internet has been spotty at best, and I've had other things to do.
No doubt, when we get back on Tuesday I will post far too much again.

Anyway, I had a question for you guys, do you guys ever want to have children?
My answer to a question such as that is usually, I have no fucking clue, I definitely don't want children now, and I have no clue what I'll be doing in my future when I might want them.

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Hot damn

it's hard to watch olympic diving unless I've jacked off first recently...
I mean look at this shit



Shit what an erotic sport.
It makes me realize part of the reason I miss swimming, no more seeing hot guys wearing next to nothing...
I need to get back into it...

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Fuck America, honsetly

I just wrote this on Facebook:
In the past few centuries, the lot of children has changed dramatically. In the 1800's, during the Industrial Revolution they were often basically full citizens who worked in factories for many hours of the day.
This under-protectiveness of children has in more recent years swung around all the way, to sometimes over-protectiveness, sometimes leading to nonsensical and strict laws and practices designed in theory to protect children but more often being inconvenient for a lot of people, laws like age of consent laws and several laws regarding porn.

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Two sips from the cup of human kindness...

... and I'm shitfaced.

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and now we're back to this

Wellie wellie wellie wellie well! I've got great news for all of you!
I'm home all alone this weekend!

Not. That actually fucking sucks. You know, before getting a driver's license, you imagine it'll be awesome, think of all the places you can go!
And where exactly are those places? I haven't seen them. Most places I ever have to go on any regular basis, I either do walk or I could and I just drive cause I can.
You don't really get the sense of freedom you imagine you'll get.

Which would be okay... except now I'm fucking lonely.

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oh fuck, that's moisture

I bet you guys have probably wondered like I have, if my life was a movie, what song would it start with, and which would it end with?

Frankly, I think it depends on what kind of movie it'd be.

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testament to youth in verse

Well, first of all...

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cuntsucking fucktards

Seriously, fuck the Supreme Court, with a rolled-up barbed wire fence, covered in lemon juice, and lubricated with nothing but rock salt and caltrops.

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i'm off to wall street, don't wait up

“If you find yourself struggling with sexual temptations, including feelings of same-gender attraction, do not give in to those temptations. Be assured that you can choose to avoid such behavior. You can receive the Lord’s help as you pray for strength and work to overcome the problem. As part of this process, you should seek counsel from your bishop or branch president. He will help you” (True to the Faith, 31).

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the cat's in the bag, and the bag's in the river, fuck me

I haven't written on here in what seem like a while. I could check exactly how long it's been, but I don't really care that much.

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To Fathers Day

I love my dad.
But it doesn't always show.

It can't, really. He's gone a lot, working. He works every weekday pretty well from 7 to 7, and he spends a lot of the time he has at home, after his shower, either up in the office, doing I dunno what, it very well might be work related, or maybe porn related, or any other kind.

The weekends are better. He still works sometimes on the weekends, and then sometimes he's off on a bike ride, but most of the weekends he's at least here for 1 whole day.
Sometimes that doesn't matter, he spends time in the office too or I'm off somewhere.

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Barnacle Goose

(Uhhhk, Jeff, Youtube don't do old embed code anymore, so yeah)

So, I figured, since my journals have recently been either nonexistent or political, I'd grace upon you all a journal about my personal homosexuality, as that's putatively the point of this site, and I rarely bother with it anymore.

That's mostly because to me, gayness and straightness has become such a non-issue, I'm always surprised whenever I hear things about like Gay marriage is now legal in wherever! and I'd kinda forgotten that that was still an issue.

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Fucked for Life

Great song.

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