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REAL feelings

So, I think at least SOME of you saw my post "Africa".
I posted that for a reason.
Yes, it was from Misery. Depressing book.
Anywho, I posted it because none of us can know the pain that Annie is in. Or Paul, for that matter.
You can never know how intense the feelings other people are feeling are.
The best way we have is to see their reactions and what they say about their feelings.

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He didn't see her again until late afternoon. He dry-swallowed two pills, then drifted for a while.

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I was in New England recently. On this school trip thing. We left late Saturday night, and got back late last night.
Hooray for late nights.
Anywho, I was going to post a description of it, but my computer fialed last night, and when I was almost finished, somehow I pressed the space bar and got the back button instead, and it moved me to my previous tab, and my journal was gone.
And I have decided it shall remain unposted. Re writing stuff is boring, and I think a description of my trip would just bore all of you too.

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A little something to dampen your day

I watched the finale of 6 feet under. It was amazing.

I'll give a brief explanation.
6 feet under is a show about death. It's centered around a family, the Fischers, that own a funeral home. Every episode begins by showing someone who dies, then get brought to the funeral home. The first episode, it is the father of the Fischers, Nate Fischer Sr. He has two sons, Nate Jr., and David (gay). He also has a daughter, Claire, and a wife, Ruth. And the funeral home's other partner, Federico.
A few episodes from the end, Nate Jr. dies too, from an AVM.

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Aren't birthdays fun?

I don't really put that much stock in birthdays.
Who really wants to celebrate getting older?
Not me. Weird as it may seem, I really don't want to celebrate getting older. Swimming times get harder, for one. Also, I have to get older, and being older is hard.

Also, what's special about birthdays? Every day, I am a certain age, and on my birthday, that happens to just be a nice, even number.
Well, nice, even numbers are nice and even, but I don't believe they are special.

I didn't tell anyone it was my birthday. 2 reasons.
1. I wanted to see if anyone would remember.

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That good ol' balancing act

I feel like I'm spinning plates on poles. I have to pay special attention to both each of them and all of them. I can't pay too much attention to one plate, or the others fall. I have to give special care to every one of them, but watch all of them simultaneously.
Then sometimes someone puts a cup on top of one of them, and I have to pay more attention to that one for a while.

3 plates, to be exact.
Although, sometimes there's a 4th in there. A small one.
These plates are all the things I want to accomplish in my childhood.

Plate 1: Physical achievement

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One for me, one for Lee, one for mom

We had the swim-a-thon today. It works by people pledging money for each lap we swim. Each lap is there and back. 50 yards.
It's a fund raiser, see.
The maximum we can swim is 100 laps, or 5000 yards. About 3 1/2 miles.
Quite a ways.

I have mixed reactions about how I did. I did the 5000 in 1 hour, 15 minutes. I was 2nd, behind Blake. So I beat Nolan, and Carl, and other guys at LEAST 4 years older than me.
But, I think I could have gone faster. I wasn't dead at the end. And I needed to be REALLY REALLY tired. I don't think I was.

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My state is better than yours!

Washington is the beastliest state in the US. I have visited or lived in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, California, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Hawaii, and Florida.
Which, if I'm not wrong on, is 15 states. Over Spring Break, I'm going on a trip to the East Coast, which I've never been to (You may have noticed these are mostly Western states).
But I don't imagie it's better that Washington.
Why is Washington so great?
Several things.

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Go Free Drinks!

Today, I went to State, for Mathcounts.

We went to the Microsoft campus in Seattle, where the competition was being held. It was pretty damn cool.
There were probably 200 people there.

It was HARDHARDHARD. At the School Competition, I got 2nd. At Regionals, I got 4th place. At State, I got a lofty 96th. Well, still, I guess it's State.
They start with the Sprint round, 30 problems in 40 minutes. 1 point a problem. They start out easy. Then they get harder.
If this website had a square root symbol, I could demonstrate, but it doesn't. Those problems were RADICAL! :D

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Well, you know you've made it when

So, this weekend, I'm going to both state for Math Counts, and Sectionals for Swimming.
In a few weeks, I have the Seattle Spelling Bee to go to.

Sectionals is 6 states. The Mathcounts thing is obvioiusly just 1. The spelling bee is for the whole Puget Sound. PNS champs, which I've already been to, covers all of Washington.

I know that the moment that going to some state competition loses it's sense of novelty, I have obviously broken some kind of talent barrier.

Well, I haven't gone to any National competitions yet.

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Bang bang, Maxwell's Silver Hammer

"Bang Bang, Maxwell's Silver Hammer came down, upon his head!
Bang Bang, Maxwell's Silver Hammer made sure that he was dead!"
- The Beatles

That has a point. I had a HORRID migraine the whole day today. Still have it. In 1st period, I felt compelled to say "Aggggg. I've just been crushed by Maxwell's Silver Hammer!"

Anyway, my parents are gone. They left to go to Orlando for a meeting at my dad's company. Me and my brother have the house to ourselves for today, tommorow, and almost all of Saturday. They come back late at night.

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A bit too far

My swim coach, Patty, cares a lot about what us swimmers do.
She doesn't MAKE us do stuff at home, I guess, but she wants us to.
She wants us to eat right, and do dryland.

For example, we were at a a three day swim meet, and it was after the day's events, so we had retired to the hotel. Most of the swim team, including me, decided to go to Safeway.
I bought a HUGE carton of goldfish crackers.
Then, we went back to one of the coaches rooms, named Lee. We played cards, and then we decided to use my goldfish crackers as betting chips.

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The eyes are the gate of the soul

and the groin of the face!

What job would you least like to have, and most like to have?

My mom has a degree in chemical engineering, and had a job with the government for a while. Something like that would be the job I'd most like to have.

And least favorite job?
Gynecologist. Definitely. If some of you don't know what that is, it's the vagina doctor. A doctor that specializes in women. Ewwwwwwww....

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My sexuality, and a completely unrelated question

I generally define myself as gay, and I have for a while. It's a little too convenient though.
It's that I'm never attracted to girls BECAUSE they're girls.

There is a girl at school, the only one I ever asked out, a few years ago. Her name is Hannah. She was my first of three girlfriends. I can definitely see why I asked her out. She is just so amazing in her own little way, and would probably be one of the most popular girls, if anyone cared to notice her, or she cared to give herself special attention.

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Ugh. So unfair.

Well, in case you didn't notice, my computer was taken away again. I left another empty yogurt cup in my room. They gave my laptop back on Thursday, with no Internet, so I could write a report. Now they've reconnected the Internet. Now all I need is my desktop computer so I can play Civilization III (All my Civ files are on there!)

But that's not what's unfair.

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