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Life is amazing, in case you haven't noticed.

Most people have about 100 trillion cells in their bodies. That's a lot of cells. 100,000,000,000. Big number.

And, most cells perform thousands, if not millions of chemical reactions every second. I shall assume about 100 thousand. 100,000. Another big number.

If you multiply the number of cells times the number of chemical reactions in every one, you get 10 quintillion, or 10,000,000,000,000,000. That is the number of chemical reactions that go on every second to sustain your body.

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Apparently my dad was installing Norton onto my computer. Anywho, I was making cider downstairs.
I come back up, and guess what website he was looking at? My favorite LGBT site. Here.

He was stressing out about figuring it out, I guess. He was acting overly chipper, which is never a good sign. He does that when he stresses out.

I don't know if he'll tell my mom, although I have a feeling she'll stress about it.

What should I think of to motivate myself?

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I seriously don't think being gay is THAT big a deal

I like many things.

I like vanilla.
I like MJ.
I like Bach.
I like classical music.
I like swimming.
I like my friends.
I like broccoli.
I like boys.
I like playing the piano.
I like dancing.
I like caramel.
I like blue.
I like Sprite.

If I recited that list to most people I know, most of them would stop me right where I said "I like boys". It's just one of the other things I like.
If I told E that I prefered caramel to toffee, or vanilla to chocolate, she wouldn't give a flying fuck.
But if I told her I prefered boys to girls, she freaks out.

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Skiing day

So, yesterday I went skiing with uber Christian.
It was pretty cool.
The unfortunate part was that my family apparently goes skiing a lot more, so I wasn't really challenged at all by the runs we went on.
It was still fun. We played skiing tag with our poles, trying to catch the other person, and tag them. That was actually kinda dangerous, because we were going so fast.
And then, one time, he fell down, and his skis came off, and he sunk into deep powder. I started laughing, so he ran out and then tackled me, and we had a snowball fight/wrestling match on and off for a half hour.

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When I broke up with girlfriend #1, she HATED me. No wonder. I had no idea how to deal with having a girlfriend.
But she was so NICE. That she could hate anyone that much, and that that person was me, saddened me.
But I didn't sink into despondency. I did all I could do. Just let her cool off a while, and slowly slowly slowly reassert myself.
It took almost 2 years. But now we're EXTREMELY good friends again.

When something bad happens, brooding about it is pretty well the worst thing you can do.
If you regret doing something, so what? It's not going to change anything.

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A corrupted mind, goals, and the meaning of life

A corrupted mind.
I was talking to a girl I shall just refer to as E, whom is very religious.
Me: So you don't support gay marriage?
E: Yeah.
Me: Why?
E: Because it's unnatural.
Me: How so? There are gay penguins.
E: I don't know. It just is.
Me: Okkkkk... I don't think the purpose of religion is to use it to hate on people. I really don't think that people should be wasting time trying to suppress other people.
E: Why do you care what we do?
Me: Why do you care if we marry?
E: Go away. You're weird.

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Why does it appear gays are the last to be "accepted"?

In general, most things are accepted today.
Remember, I'm not saying everything is totally, but at least in the United States there are laws for pretty well every kind of discrimination.

Women now have the right to vote (quick side question: if women are considered totally equal, why do they still say guys can't hit them? That would imply inferiority) , Blacks can use the same drinking fountains, there is no more persecution of Jews...

However, it seems that in a lot of places, gays are still not accepted. We seem to be the last large minority (oxymoron, I know) to be fully accepted.

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Tricks, and the Equilibrium

Whenever I first get in the water and start going at swimming, I always go through three stages in the water.

The first lasts just minutes, and it is just my muscles not being prepared to work, and still getting warmed up, thus the aptly named "warm up". This one is a little tough, but I know it won't last long.

Stage the second is the glucose stage. This is where your muscles start using sugars they have stored up to create more energy for you to move. This stage is more stable than the first stage, as you feel stronger, and move better than the first stage.

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Human comprehension seems to be painfully limited most of the time.

I've been thinking now, you know how we divide time? This seems rather arbitrary. Time does not come bundled up into little packets, so the only thing we have to compare time to is our units of time.
Mathematicians think of time as a fourth dimension, one that we always move along, but not always at the same speed. If you move in a space ship at near the speed of light, then you fly to a star and back in 20 years, you may have only aged 2 years compared to your friend on Earth whom aged 20.

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Relationship milestones

When was the first time you kissed someone?
Held hands?
Made out?
Had sex?

For me, the first time I really held hands was with girlfriend #2. The only thing I could think about the whole time was how it felt like a limp starfish...

I lost my Kissing Virginity 2 years ago to a girl I never knew well, around a campfire in a game of spin the bottle. Novel experience. Not overly pleasant though. This girl had a huge crush on me...

Made out, trying to save THAT one for a boy at least. I've already given out 2 too many of these to girls.

I still have my virginity, thank you.

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Why does gayness exist?

LGBT just seems unnecesary and stupid.

Before you freak out, I'm saying NOTHING about gay people. Just the concept of gayness.

They have said genes are a contributing factor, but where do these genes come from? These days at least, being gay is often a sure ending of your genes right here and now.
There does not seem to be any reason for why gayness has to exist.

However, had I thought about it, I would think that there has to be at least a FEW people that are attracted to their own gender, or both, or are physically one gender and mentally the other.

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Weird things

Imagine there's a man with a lamp. A MAGICAL man. With a magical lamp. Or woman. Whatever you prefer. Anyway, he turns his lamp on. A minute later, he turns his lamp off. At 1:30, he turns it back on. At 1:45, he turns it back off. At 1:52.5, he turns it back on.
You get it? He halfs the time every switch.
What state will the lamp be in at 2 minutes?

Zeno once said, "at any given time, a moving object is actually at rest. Therefore, motion is impossible."
That means that at any given time, you are actually not moving, therefore, how can you move?

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Well intentioned ignorant people.

A while ago, I was passing notes with my girl-friend. (I shall say girl-friend, and guy-friend. I only mean relationships when I say boyfriend.)
And one of the papers that we wrote on many times, I put in my notebook, only to have it fall out today. And on it was me complaining about being called queer or gay and all that good stuff.
And, my teacher apparently walked by, picked it up, read it, and recognized my handwriting.
I was okay with that, except that she felt the need to mention it.

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Would it be better if everyone had their sexuality on their forehead?

Today, me and Uber Christian played leapfrog. I've never really talked to him about what he thinks about my gayness before, and so it's a relief that he's not like this one guy who today just said "GAY!" as I walked by then ran away.

We're supposed to go to Mcdonald's tomorrow for a school orchestra thing. I really don't wanna go, because it's long, I'll miss swimming, which seriously causes me extreme emotional distress (I wish I could always be swimming. I'm always so happy there), and I'll have to eat nasty fatty Mcdonald's food. Bad and bad for you.

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