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Ups and downs

The clock turned to 10. Things were winding down. My brother was in the bathroom brushing his teeth. However, I still had excess energy.
I grabbed one of our sleds I called a Crotch Rocket (it has a handle the right place and size to look like a huge dick) and asked my brother if he wanted to go sledding.
Well, no matter. I went outside the hotel myself, and when I walked through the yard to the ski slope, I stopped for a second.
The snow softly falling down, and no one else around.
I ran up the slope about 200 yards.
I sat on the sled, and started down.

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So. What does it mean to be gay?

Some of us, I'm sure, remember when Tophat talked about the three types of love. If you don't remember this, it essentially goes:
There are three types of love.
Sexual attraction. Just as it sounds. Sexually attracted to someone.
Romantic attraction. You just love this person as a person, and you want to spend time with them.
Aesthetic beauty. You're not attracted to this person, but you realize that they are a great and maybe beautiful person, but you have no lust for them.

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Is religion why people hate?

I really don't hate religion. It gives people something to believe in larger than themselves.

I really don't hate religion. My main problem with it is that I don't want to go someplace and have some other guy tell me what to believe.
I may have been religious if Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism didn't exist. I think religion is something you should contemplate on your own, and get your own ideas about it.
I DON'T like how people go places to have other people's ideas fill their head. That's not the point, in my opinion.

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The tyranny of the majority

In case you haven't noticed, the United States is not a true democracy. That is because a true democracy SUCKS ASS.

For example, take California. They use propositions to vote on EVERYTHING. Someone once said "In California, chicken coops gained valuable rights on the same day the gays lost them"

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Rhapsody in Blue, among other things

Rhapsody in Blue is probably the hardest song I've ever played on the piano. It's a well known piece by our friend Gershwin. The hardest part is where you're playing triplets with your left hand and eighth notes with your right.
It's hard to mix those. Anyone ever done Rhapsody in Blue?

And, we have this new guy in orchestra to help clean up the room, and apparently one of my friends whom is like best friends with him told him I was gay, and he didn't believe her!
I just want to laugh at that for some reason.

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A friend in need

As Shelby is here, I shall refrain from ever refering to this person as anything, as he told me to tell no one. And Shelby, if you figure it out, tell NOBODY!!!

On the bus, a guy told me he needed to talk. We went to the back, and then he said that he thought he was either gay or bi. He knew he'd always been bi, but he said he didn't know that it was THIS gay. He was freaking out about this.
It was hard on him. He was crying, and could barely talk. He kept saying how much it sucked, and had the Why Me? attitude.
He asked me how I had dealt with it.

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Do gay guys have to be chivalrous?

Me and my project partner, named Kayla, for a huge project, all went to the University of Washington to research things today.

We were reasearching Walt Disney. We found a couple very large books, and I was carrying them while she led. Kayla is the take-charge sort of chick. I was basically the pack mule the whole time.

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A suggestion...

Today, at my bus stop, the kids were there again and they were also using the "that's so gay", "he's so gay" kinda stuff. What made me even sadder was that the elementary school kids were using it too on the bus.
ELEMENTARY schoolers!

It's hopeless to stop this.

SO, I suggest that we just let the insensitives just HAVE the word gay, and come up with a new one.
I'd prefer something having to do with rainbows. Like the "rainbow people".

Other than that, I went clothes shopping today but could not get the stuff I REALLY wanted (rainbow stuff) because my mom was there.

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This morning...

This morning, I was riding the bus like always.

And, like always, we always stopped at the stops and then people with huge bags under their eyes are slowly stumbling towards the doors, and I'm thinking about how much they look like something out of Night of the Living Dead.

And then, something weird happened.

The bus picked up all the people at the stop, and started moving again. But, a girl had left behind whom was now pursuing the bus.
Someone yelled to stop, and so it did.
She walked up to the door, and while it opened she gave a meek smile.

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I'm such a weirdo

Today in class, we had an awesome sub in orchestra.
Then we started tuning, and he got on the piano, and played an A for us to tune to. Since with our regular teacher we tune by 5ths, all to the A, I started doing that. With a GUSTO.
Actually, we were tuning one string at a time, and then he chewed me out in front of the entire class, and for some reason that crushed me.

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An overly dramatic and only partially serious tribute

I lost my rainbow piano wristband yesterday, and it was like losing a friend.

I found it about the time when I was just starting to get comfortable with myself, and starting to come out. I thought about how weird it was that someone had managed to drop this wristband in the middle of the hall, especially because no one in the group ahead of me noticed it.
I was still uncomfortable with myself, yet I put it on anyway, like it was my duty.

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Pet peeve

I just really hate the term homosexual.

It just grates on a nerve I can't even understand.

It's probably because you don't often call straight people heterosexuals, you call them straight.

But still, I just hate it. Gay is fine, it's actually quite a lovely word. I like queer too. Even fag is just fine.

I would rather someone say "oh, he's a fag", rather than "oh, he's a homosexual"
It just kills me.
Pet peeve.

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Good day, with a few downs

Today was a FABULOLOUS day! I was just feeling great, and I was really enjoying the day. A lot of good things. AND, at school, we were making connections and responses to a quote the teacher put up, and I was able to make a reference to the prophet of truth, Halo 3:"Your ancestors wisely set aside their compassions, STEELED themselves for what needed to be done... I see now why they left you behind"
Ooh, and I got 100% on the Biology quiz we got back. In our class there was I think my 100%, 2 other A's, 1 B, 7 C's, 10 D's, and 5 F's.
It was a hard quiz.

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Big dumb sex

Best song ever! By Soundgarden.

The title is one of the things that makes it awesome.

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What's the rule for white boys dancing in public?

Only if you're gay! Woot! :D

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