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Unreasonable mom

I just left the bag of tortilla chips open, which my mom had told me not to do, and so she took all my money, and smacked me in the head a few times.
70$, or somesuch.

She does this too often.

Well congratulations, mom, now you've taken my money.
Well what am I going to use it for? Candy on road trips?

The only thing that worries me is that if she does this when I get a car, I will be severely hampered.

I don't think unreasonable mom is a good canidate for coming out to.

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We're much more than just a swim team...

We're a family!

Not really, but still.

We had a swim team late-Christmas-party today, with White Elephant gifts!

The first thing I did was listen to a suggestion by a friend and steal from someone a huge bag of candy and energy drinks, only to have that bag stolen by that friend later :D

After the bag was stolen, I took another gift, which I chose simply because of the Winnie the Pooh gift wrap on it, and it turned out to be a girls t-shirt that said "Don't text me, I'm right next 2 u", which I put on.

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So I went to Mt. Baker to ski for the past few days. We skiied 2 days, one day cross-country, and one day downhill. A few things I did:

I came out to my brother.

We watched the entire first season of 6 feet under. I was very impressed at how fearless they were with their gay character and what they showed him doing, such as having sex and watching porn.

I baked cookies.

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So, what did you all get?

Today, I got a replica of the leg lamp depicted in "A Christmas Story", a travel size version of the game Apples to Apples, a comfy pair of slippers to match the robe I always wear anyway, a new laptop, and lots of love and family.

I gave an awesome hat, a wine bottle holder, a card or two, and lots of love.

How was your Christmas?

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I need something better to do...

It seems like the past few days have been just sitting around all day waiting for swimming so I can be doing something.
That waiting includes eating, playing piano, watching tv, and then coming on my computer.
The only positive is that I'm learning Rhapsody in Blue on the piano.

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A tough spot

A couple weeks ago, I was at my aunt's house for my cousin's birthday. He had brought a few friends and we came too. Then, there was a man there. I don't know why he was there, or when he got there, nor even what his name was.
We called him Boston because that was where he lived. Why would he be way over here in Washington?
Anywho, my aunt was talking about her swim training for a triathalon she was doing. She wanted to come over to where we lived so that I could give her tips for distance swimming.

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Well hello Mike...

Have you decided to come here, this is your brother Chad, and yes, I am gay.
Please talk to me.

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Is there a graceful way to be outed?

A few days ago, in one of my classes, there is this one guy I'll call T widely rumored to be gay. He just has a LOOK about him, and not just in his clothes. Just his features. And his actions. And, I may just have the tiniest bit of a crush on him :P

Anyway, here is a conversation with him after he received a star dreamcatcher gift from someone for Christmas:

T: It's (the gift) so shiny! I'll hang it over my bed and my mom will say I'm gay because it's shiny!

Me: Oh, that happens to me ALL THE TIME.

T: I bet. Are you gay? (that dreaded three word question)

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Are a lot of fun!
I'm now typing out a letter to my grandparents, and I'm writing this letter with a machine probably older than they are. I'm surprised at how good of condition this thing is, as I haven't really used it since I got it at a garage sale (20$) 3 years ago. The P key sticks, and it probably needs a clean, but it works well.

And there's just a majesty to hearing all the clicks of the thing, then the little bell as the carriage hits the end of the track.

What a marvelous machine...

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Hegemonic Stability Theory

I don't know why I wanted to post this.

According to the philosophy of realism, there is a theory called Hegemonic Stability Theory, where it describes unipolar systems and how they rise and fall.
When one country becomes much more powerful than the others in it's arena, then it becomes known as a hegemon. A hegemon is supposed to last for 100 years, before it's power declines and we digress back to a bipolar or multipolar system.
There are 4 distinct phases in a hegemon's rule:
1. World war

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Why must my ideals and my emotions clash?

Ok, if I get very rational about what I believe, I think that anything that does not affect me, I should not care about.
That's why I am for the legalization of drugs. I don't think I would ever do them, and it does not affect me if someone else does. That's why I shall fight for their right to use it.

AND, if I get even more rational, then I would think that homophobes have every right to hate us. As long as they're not creating a big disturbance in my life, and they're not trying to hurt me, why should I care what they think? They're just idiots.

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Some people say they're extremely easy and pointless, like half-ass sit ups. THAT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT DOING THEM RIGHT! You have to NOT have your hands behind your head, you have to lift your shoulderblades off the ground, and you MOST DEFINITELY need to lift your legs up.

I can do 100 pushups in one go, with little difficulty. But 50 crunches is harder than that! After I'm done with only 50, all I can do is lie down, and have about 10 seconds of intense searing pain. Pushups have NOTHING on crunches! It depends on how high you lift your legs, the fewer inches off the floor, the better.

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HA! My ex said she was a lesbian!

I think it's actually kind of funny. SHE thinks now that she's a lesbian. Well, what a unique couple we made. The gay boy and the lesbian.
I'll try to help her out with her feelings and everything.

In other news, I think I shall write a short book "the etiquette of the lanes" etiquette of the swimming pool. Such as when I'm at meets and there is someone ahead of me doing a slow breaststroke, and someone behind me mowing me down with backstroke, pretending he doesn't notice, because it IS backstroke and he can make that excuse.

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I am so sore today...

A couple days ago, I realized I need to stop whining. I'd been whining because I started swimming in 5th grade, when most of those guys getting the 22's on their 50 free probably started around age 4. I've been whining about that.
Instead, I should be THANKFUL that the scoliosis I got (and don't have anymore :P) got me started swimming THEN, and that I have even the oppurtunity to swim.
Additionally, if I want to get a Sectionals or any other incredibly fast time, I must bust my ass every day, and stop worrying about what's already happened.

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This is an amazing song from the bob and tom show:


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