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Fun times.

Today, while at the swim meet I've been raving at, I played a prank on some guy. I saw I was swimming next to him on the 50 free, and he didn't know who I was, so I went up to him and said
"hey, how's it going? What swims you doing? 50 free? What lane and heat? Oh, the guy swimming next to you is like a total doofus. He's such a spaz. You should totally smash him."
Then the race comes along, and as we're standing on the blocks, we look at each other and I wave and say "Sup man". Then we swim and I crush him.

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Why do we do things?

(No idea why I wanted to post this. It was just going through my head)
I just realized, while in my thinking about going to PNS champs is why do I do this? Why do I compete? There will always be one guy ahead of me. If I beat him, there's a hundred more behind him. If I beat those hundred, there will be a thousand more swimmers that will make me feel inferior AGAIN.
So why? What's the point? Why does anyone do anything? I think it's because when I beat that one guy ahead of me, I feel just a little bit better. Those hundred behind him don't matter. I've beaten that one guy.

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Update on nothing.

In Washington here, we've been having a pretty bad cold snap. It's been like in the teens for degrees I'm pretty sure, if not colder.
Today I finally caved and had my brother drive me to swimming, (which is weird, because I scootered yesterday when it was even colder) which is like the first time in ever. I scootered back though :D
And the pool was BALMY. We were freakin HOT! The temperature outside goes down, the pool starts climbing to the boiling point. What gives?

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I've never been that good at dancing...

But, isn't this the awesomest dance scene EVER!?


It's just AMAZING! And it's so funny that all the monsters are about to attack michael and his gf, then they all just start dancing. HILARIOUS.

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Lesbian action

I suppose you could actually come out to someone with this vid...

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The allure of the breast.

I saw this HILARIOUS experiment on a show called Penn and Teller Bullshit. (Anyone seen it?)
Anywho, this episode was about boobs, and the power of them, uncensored! They gave this moderately attractive woman (not attractive to me, of course) an unflattering top and a boring survey, and they told her to try to pretend to survey a bunch of guys walking by and see how many responded.
None did.

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Has this ever happened to you?

Ok, I never said this, but on Friday last week, I was being annoyed at swimming by this 12 year old guy. He is like the team annoying guy. I guess there's one on every team :D
Anywho, he kept annoying me by he kept saying "I hate you...You want to know why?... It's because you're GAY" He didn't really hate me, and I didn't really care, but he kept doing it and it annoyed me so much that he was just doing this without purpose, so finally I told him "there's three options here, you stop saying words, you stop saying bad words, or I make you say good words."

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So... This weekend.

Yesterday I went to the house of my two cousins. It was my younger cousins' birthday. We had a lot of fun.

And, apparently my aunt shall be coming next weekend to learn swimming technique from me. She's training for doing a triathalon relay group. She's doing the swimming portion.
That's also the same weekend I have to go to PNS champs. Next weekend shall be full of swimming.

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Just call me Mr. Procrastination

So... I probably should have stayed home from school today. But I didn't. I had some end of trimester huge projects that were sort of due last wednesday. Before you lose all respect for me, they WERE hard. A lot of people didn't turn them in on time. And me, I have swimming. I usually don't even have a chance to start working until after swimming, dinner, and shower. Sometimes, I can't even start till well after 8, when I'm already tired from an already long day, started from when I woke up 14 hours ago.

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A frank look at Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack chopped down what was the world's last beanstalk, adding murder and ecological terror to the theft, enticement, and trespass charges, already mentioned, and all the giant's children didn't have a daddy anymore. But, he got away with it, and lived happily ever after, without so much as a guilty twinge to what he had done. Which proves that you can be a hero for just about anything, because no one asks inconvenient questions."

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Fabulous... I want to cry now.

Have any of you ever been on www.godhatesfags.com? If not, don't. For one, they is very convincing in his argument that god does hate fags, although there ARE arguments against them. And also, it is also depressing that they are that hateful and put that much energy and effort into a site condemning just another community of human beings.

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I was gone all Thanksgiving weekend, first going to my great uncle butch's then to mount hood to ski. The party at butch's was good. He has a pool :D And there was all of my family there. Even some I don't know.
Afterwards, we went to mount hood to ski. The skiing definitely wasn't bad. Especially for this time of year. The runs were fun, although incredibly easy. They had no double black diamond runs, and the even the black diamonds were suspiciously blue square-ish.

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I might have gotten asked out. Or not.

This is just an update on nothing.
Today, in orchestra, I was totally hitting on a straight guy and the girls were FREAKING. He didn't care though. He can be pretty cool sometimes...

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Blessings in disguise

Well, since I see I have never posted this story before, I shall call it blessings in disguise. Tell me if I should put it in a forum.

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This journal is only for me, as I'll throw out some completely uncomprehensionable numbers. Today, I got a champs time at the swim meet. Which is good. Champs is better than gold, which is better than silver, which is better than bronze. If any of you has any kind of context for this, I got a 27.30 on my 50 free. Which, for you non swimmers, is swimming 50 yards in 27.3 seconds, if that means anything to you. YAY!

Oh, and my new icon is the rainbow piano armband I always wear. However, despite this, some people do not believe that I'm gay still...

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