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To sum up how boring my life is...

To sum up how boring my life is, today, I went to school, swam, taught adorable 4 year olds to swim, homework, then bed. Yesterday, school, swimming, homework, bed. Tommorow, school, swimming, homework, bed. It's not that it's INCREDIBLY boring, but it is repititious.

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Well, I'm going to tell like everyone I know. But do I just go to the front of the classroom and just say "I'm not straight. At all. Or even close."? Do I tell everyone one on one? That's boring! What should I do to spread this?

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Is it a problem if I have blood between my teeth?

Well, I've been obsesively picking at my teeth with a toothpick, and then I find blood on the end. Is that a problem? :D

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Where's the G in BLT?

I've decided that LGBT is a BLT, but what do you think the G is? (I didn't want to clog the forum with this trivial question.)

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Oh no!

Today, my 3 1/2 foot tall Lego Eiffel Tower fell off my dresser. It was pretty epic to watch, actually, as I was jumping out of the way. This thing is MASSIVE, like 3500 pieces. my whole room is a big mess of Eiffel Tower pieces. It flipped in the air so that it landed with the top pointing towards the dresser, so ALMOST a full flip. I've never seen an Eiffel Tower do that before, personally.

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I've finally came out to a guy! It's always harder with them because the chicks can identify with liking guys. I'm real close to coming out to the world.

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I have fun...

Today, I got up at 6 so I could ride for an hour to a swim meet at 6:45. My mom got up late though. so I ended up being half an hour late... I had to almost physically pull myself away from looking at the guys tooooooo conspicuously.

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Today was fun, but I'm in a rut. I need something to do with my youthfulness. Someone once said "youth is wasted on the young". Very clever. I hope that's not me though.

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hehe... Today we got assigned new seats in Geometry, and I sit right next to my crush! We work together, and I have a great time with him. Yay!

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Sometimes I wonder if perhaps I'm more straight then gay, then I just go to a swim meet and watch all the guys in tight shorts swim.........(drool).......

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Today, we took the pilot version of the new Measurement of Student Progress (MSP) that will replace Washington's WASL sometime soon, maybe this year. I HATED IT! I always hate the writing part! Oh well, and my crush got his hair cut today... I'm not very happy about it, it was soooo much better before...

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Sometimes I think I need something to do, like a hobby. All I care about is dropping time when I swim, piano, soccer, Boy Scouts, and some school stuff... Does anyone else feel this way, or is it just me?

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