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Guzmán 2013

I just wrote this on Facebook:

So, Kony 2012. Who remembers that?
It certainly seems to have died down.
And now that it has, I can evaluate it better.

The first time I saw their video I instantly supported it and posted it on my FB wall, something I wish I'd waited to do. I wish I'd actually really looked at the issue and the charity, rather than taking what they say wholesale.
I know now that Joseph Kony's glory days are long past, his lieutenants are being captured, and he himself is running around the jungle with a militia of about 500, and also no longer in Uganda.

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You know, it's odd...

This is pretty cool...

Anyway, it was odd, I never figured how hard it is to jack off when your lip is all stitched up, ya know.
I mean, you can't grimace like you're used to? It actually makes it surprisingly difficult. Not that I can't manage.

Um, not much else to say. Goodbye.

EDIT: oh and shit, Roger was really incredibly resentful about the band's continued success without him: http://www.rogerwaters.org/concert1.html

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Hey You, asshole

Fucking damn, really. So, so, so, guys, earlier today I was sitting around and doing basically nothing.

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Gorgeousness and gorgeousity

This is pretty hot

It really makes the fucking insanity of the piece shine out. Beethoven was a madman.

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Mean Mr. Mustard...


So Dharun Ravi was sentenced today. 30 days in prison, 3 years of probation, counseling, and $10,000 towards a hate crime program.

And I think that's probably about right. I was legitimately fearing that he would get 10 years. That would be fucking awful.

He wasn't charged in Clementi's death, and I don't think his death was Ravi's fault. Everything I know about Ravi seems to imply that he's a total fucking asshole, but we don't put people in prison for being assholes.

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Colonial Wasters of Life and Limb

Well, I have a confession to make:
I thought for a couple seconds that I could spread sanity among conservatives.

Needless to say, it didn't happen. That group I recently mentioned Veterans against Occupy Wall Street, blocked me, but then I thought, "maybe if I go on some other conservative page and respectfully debate, I can even spread a little sanity among them".

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All this machinery, making modern music

See, Jeff, I can have a title from a song that's not Pink Floyd!

Worms are my new favorite animal.
There are many reasons for this, but one is most important:

I mean, look at like an animal or something, a deer, a turtle, or anything else. A conventional animal. It's too boring, I look at it, and I'm like that should be able to move and live, when it does, I'm not at all surprised, it has eyes and a mouth and an asshole, you know, all the essentials.

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Veterans Against Occupy Wall Street


Hehe, my brother and a few of his friends posted on this thing this guy said complaining about gay marriage, and in response they flipped out, and as my brother is currently in Scotland, studying abroad, they blocked the whole United Kingdom.

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Big Dumb Sex

I think this song is fucking hilarious, cause it's such a stereotypically obnoxious rock song.

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I just wrote this on Facebook:
Something that, as I think about it, I've been less and less able to respect is patriotism.

Patriotism is, basically, the belief that the place you live, the geographical region around you, is somehow just the BEST, for really no other reason than that you live there.
Really, it's unfortunate that it seems to be such a basic human trait.

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Revolution 9

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Several Small Species of Small Furry Animals Gathering in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict

So I wanted to make a journal about Vanitas Vanitatum, Omnia Vanitas, a phrase which means "vanity of vanities, all is vanity".

Because it's true, it really is. People, see, all have different ways of viewing the world and how people should act and how things should be, yet, somehow, everyone considers their way the best.

Of course, I'm probably uniquely suited to think this, because I'm in high school, the fucking cesspool of vanity, except I don't think vanity is really the word for it, it's very similar but I think a better phrase would be fucking douchefaggery.

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Push that Rock, Sisyphus

I thought it was cool...

Wait a second...

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Two Suns in the Sunset

I saw a facebook post that I thought was clever, and that doesn't happen all the time.
She said I only drink on two occasions, when it's my birthday, and when it's not.

I dunno, I thought it was clever, at least.

I saw something like that on the national news recently, like they're saying something that we've been told is bad for us, a new study finds, is actually good for us.
Like WOAH, fucking REALLY? Swearing reduces stress...
Really, I just did it cause I'm a fucking bastard...

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Lost for Words

Oh my fucking God, I just got a Pink Floyd box set of all their studio albums.

I'm fucking obsessed...

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