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What do you want from me?

So so so, just got back from an orchestra trip.

How was it, you say?

Meh. Okay. It's a really weird trip, as timeline goes.
We left after school on Friday, drove all the way down to Oregon, stopping for dinner, then went to the hotel, spent the night there, then got up in the morning, went to this orchestra competition thing for most of the day, then left after dinner for home, got here about 1:30 AM, this morning, I guess...

And orchestra's fine, you know, I have nothing against string music.

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Stop (last quick update)

I just realized that...
My last baby tooth is finally loose. And getting looser and looser.

I don't know why I've kept it so freakishly long... But I've decided I'm going to do my absolute best to try to keep it in my head until my birthday in 2 and a half weeks, just so I can say I still had it at my 16th birthday...

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One of my Turns

My God, I just realized, isn't Hitler like the man most associated with one thing, more than anyone else ever?

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Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

Fucking brilliant. Probably my favorite Barrett tune there ever was, that and Jugband Blues...

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Bike, I've got a Bike

Really, really important.

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Goodbye, Blue Sky

One of the saddest videos about anything I've ever seen. When I saw this in the actual movie, I actually cried.

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The Grand Vizier's Garden Party

This song sounds about as organized as my thoughts feel right now.

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Waiting for the Worms

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Party Sequence

This is one uncomfortable video to watch:

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Jugband Blues

I remember watching news reports about the fall of Enron, but I don't remember 9/11, even though that was only like 2 months before...

That is weird... I guess I can't control my memory...

Anyway, I'm reading a book about that scandal thing now, and it keeps getting weirder and weirder.
I mean, first they started legitimate, then got a little sleazy, then layered on the sleaze more and more until finally it became illegal at some point, they're not really sure where.
The problem at that point was they didn't know when their business practices went from sleazy to illegal.

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The Happiest Days of our Lives

I'll talk about that vid in a sec.

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Young Lust

Such a calming song...

I think I need to find a purpose in life soon. Perhaps I just haven't been hedonist enough.

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Cluster One

Fuck it. I can't fucking concentrate.

I don't know what to do...

I had so many nightmares recently, my first in a while. I forgot how terrible those are, how terrified they leave you, how you can't fucking get to sleep anymore, how everything around you just terrifies you.

Seriously, I can't do fucking anything right now, I'm out of my mind.

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Let there be more light

Hehe, facebook thinks, because I satirize conservatives and Mormons and religious people so much that the ads I'd appreciate would be for Rick Perry's Day of public Prayer, and the 22 month old preacher, and "Living Scriptures".

The Economist always talks about how good facebooks advertising aiming is, but it has a bit of a hard time when I always say the opposite of what I like, as sarcastic satire.

Although, maybe it works in a sense, because they are interesting definitely, even if I don't agree with them, being a liberal atheist.

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