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Oh bliss! Bliss and heaven!

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What a sad song...

So anyway, it's late and I'm tired, so I'll hold off the philosophizing tonight.

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Rationality win!

So, not much happened today. EXCEPT...

First, background, this was last year, in Chemistry, I was talking to one of my "one year, one class" friends. Do you know those? Like people you really like, and have for one class, one year, but they don't actually get into your inner circle of regularly contacted friends, and so when the class ends you fall out with them?

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I spent like an hour writing a journal refuting something, then got really depressed and decided it was stupid.
What a great time.


Uh, not much. At all. Happening. I wore an excellent hat today. Excellence.
And then school shit...

Uh... I have nothing to talk about. How depressing. G'night guys.

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That skanky bitch, she fucking cut off all my hair

Well well well, my friends.

I've been in Idaho for the past however many days. It's kinda depressing there, really. We were visiting my aunt, and her 7 year old son, and my grandparents. They're a bit of a mess, really...

I won't go too much more into it.

But, we did, in Idaho, visit a hair place to cut my hair. About my hair, I of course swim a lot, so however much I use swimmer's shampoos and conditioners and the like, it gets dry, and gets really poofy and wavy and blonde.

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HAHA porn sites are such self-parodies :P

See, just look at this, Ron Jeremy's (the most famous male porn star ever) personal page:

Hehe you can be him for Halloween. But look at the porns on the side Tailspin 2- Deliveries In The Rear.
Hehe, it seems like every porno site is practically satirizing themselves.
Like, most of the porn sites I visit there's always some description generically about how people are fucking and blasting hot cum and the shit.

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Ah, I'm a wreck

Just watched Pink Floyd The Wall today, for the first time.
If you don't know, basically it's about this guy named Pink who's like a rock star, and it has very little dialogue, most of the movie is told through the cinematics and music, it tells of how Pink's father died in I think it was WW2, and then lived with his overprotective mother, and then he went to a terrible boarding school, and then grew up and became a rock star and other shit happened.

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Fuck computer time restrictions

I was going to write a journal, but of course no, my computer shuts off at fucking 11.
And so, I have 7 minutes, which is really not enough time to write a journal, so I'll just link a cool video and do a journal tomorrow :P

Embedding disabled >.<

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I swear

my parents, my God.

You know, the Bible says disobedient children should be stoned to death, and I always resent that, because it assumes that the parents are always right.
Like what always pisses me off is that if my mom makes a mistake, usually her only punishment is being mad at herself, while if I make a mistake usually I'm pissed at myself, but then she's also pissed at me, and she punishes me, and I have that.
It's like, my mom makes a lot of the same sort of mistakes I do, but she can afford to laugh them off because she doesn't have a parent to yell at her for them.

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I actually don't like break

It's depressing being cooped up here in the house all day, just me and my parents, and they always complain about me being so morose.
It was at least nicer when my brother was around, now I'm basically just an only child, it's depressing.

Even though school is really a hassle in some ways, and it's just soul-crushing in others, I get to see my friends all the time, like Shelby. Oh, and I also get to see CAG, too. Maybe that's part of the reason I'm depressed.

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Musical counting

I was looking at music with unusual time signatures, and I was wondering if you guys could find the beat in these weird songs.

It started yesterday when one of my friends, we were talking about something about Pink Floyd, and the song Money which is in 7/4 time, and I was like, woah, that's weird.

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Hm, I'm quite sure I have an admirer, now

Well, first, CAG, you know, Cute Asian Guy, came to sit next to me in the lunch room. The exact circumstances are hard to explain, you kinda need to be me, but this kid who has no particular reason for even knowing me, intentionally searched me out during lunch, to sit next to me.
I would write down all the evidence I have for suspecting he's gay, but there's a lot and I've said it before. This is just the most obvious.
I don't think there can be hardly any doubt now, he's almost certainly interested.

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So cute

Don't have much time, but today, at a swim meet Shelby was at, she told me she saw this guy trying to hold hands with this other guy and I was like *GASM*.
Because I know that guy, he's on my bus, and starting at the beginning of the year, the first time I saw him, I thought he was probably gay. Just something, I dunno. Maybe it was his fluorescent colored skinny jeans.

But he's also pretty fucking cute. So yeah, that was awesome, that made me happy.

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